Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 21)

sorry again for the late update and i answered to all the previous comments and to the author of man mayal ur ff is like the highlight of my day every time u post and cutevarsha i also answered the messages u sent me long ago sorry i did not tell u before

so now story

the episode starts with abhi going into the room and saw pragya with her head down rolled on her knees .It seemed like she was crying and when she heard foot steps in the room she lifted her head to see who it was her eyes fell on abhi and he’s too fell on her he was shocked by how his fashion queen was now looking .that pragya who alwas like her hair well brushed how had crazy hair and her make up had washed away with tears and even though he wanted to shout at her for being careless on the stairs ,he could not as it will make her feel worst and he did not want that .As for pragya all this time that abhi was looking at her she thought he was mad at her that is why she was not saying any thing and more tears where flowing from her eyes then she started talking to to him because the silence was really getting her

P;abhi listen i…i…i did not ………(she could not finish as she started crying again)

on seeing this abhi really felt bad for even thinking of scolding her ,,so he went and stood beside her and hugged her and was rubbing her bag shushing her

p; …..i ….am so sorry ……i did not mean to….. fall from the stairs ……i do not even know what happened….she was there i was there and next thing i know i was on the flour every thing happened so fast i am so sorry

A;shhhhhhh don’t cry every thing is fine .i am not at all mad at u

she pulled away from him and looked to his face and asked childishly ; really
and abhi just smiled at her and hugged her again and they stayed like that for few minutes till pragya pulled again away but this time abruptly with a worried face and then she looked down asking
P;abhi the baby did i hurt my baby
he held her and lifted her then looke straight into her eye saying; everything is fine u protected our baby and now every thing is fine but
but what pragya asked looking worried
A; But the doctor said that u have rest a lot an to not do activities like dancing ,running ,dancing workout and did i say dancing

pragya knew exactly what he wanted to say and so she said it;OK u can stop i will not dance at the wedding

A; really are u sure (pretending with a smirk)

P;oh please u can stop pretending as i know this is what u wanted to hear
A; no
A;oh you cheated?
P; maybe .or i am just too smart
A;really?u do not look very smart now
P;what rubbish i always look smart
A; oh really do that look smart to u(say this turning her to face the mirror)
she got scared of the image of her that she saw ( puffy eyes ,washed mascara,her messed up hair). so she hugged abhi real tight and buried her head in his chest shouting ; what was that
ABhi trying to control his laughter said ;it was u
P;no way

so abhi took her there and showed her as soon as she realised it was really her she freaked out even more and was shouting;noooooooooooo nooooo noooo
all the other got panicked and got in just to find abhi almost dead of laughter and pragya crying while turning her back to the him and thus the door

B; di wats going on

she turned and hugged bulbul saying;bubul my savior where is your emergency kit
B;what emergency ……oh i see its in my bag wait let me go and get it

no mehra understood what was going on till when bulbul came back and handed pragya a make up bag , a hair brush and shades
P;u are the best
B; and u are a mess
P;i know that
B;where is yours
p;some one had the smart idea of taking me out of the house without my purse

say this looking at abhi. the she sits on the bed and redo her make up ,a really light one like usually and then she puts on the shade and bread in relief every on was just looking at her shocked because her face was not actually that scary for normal people . no one could say anything and they left to thier home as soon as the doctor said they could

precap;tanu out ,crazy labour pain and delivery

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    Ha ha ha I loved that emergency kit one..

  11. Nice update… emotional as well as funny….abhigya scenes are very cute…. precap seeme to be good and funny…waiting for the next one….

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