Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 20)

sorry for the late update and i am happy to be back . HAPPY NEW YEAR .even though i am late

so story

pragya had once more a mood swing and went and finally took a shower alone ,then abhi also took his after that robbin brought their bf they had it and robbin took the dishes down while they stayed in bed talking about random stuff and mostly just cuddling when all of a sudden they heard bulbul shouting

B; di ,jjiju ….di where are u

pragya got up from the bed with a jerk as bulbul was insisting she went out of the room followed by abhi to the hall where every one was looking excited and happy and bulbul was having a wide smile which made pragya irked and she shouted

P;what the hell is going on here and u bulbul whats with that stupid smile on ur face
Abhi in scolding manner shouted; pragya stop being mean
P;what pragya is it a lie ?that smile is ridiculous
B; let her speak like that jiju she is always like that and she is right i am crazy but of happiness ‘
P; what makes u that happy
B;i am getting married and that very soon
P;OMG i am so happy for u.How did it happen
B; it was a surprise that purab made . he came to home yesterday with his parents to talk to maa and she agreed for the marriage
p; that easily she did not want to choose your husband ?
B;nop i am not like u i already had a boyfriend (says in teasing tone)
P; u know very well i did not have time for such craps any way when exactly do we start the celebrations
B;from next weeks thursday
P; thats soon and whats the program
B;u make my dresses and u have a special dance performance with jiju
A;sorry bulbul bu she can not dance
B; but why
A; look at her state
P; what state am i sick
A; no u are pregnant and i do not want u shacking my child all around
P;but …
A;i do not want to argue about this

pragya pouted like a kid and went upstairs to her room abhi followed her while bulbul kept distributing the activities to the people in the hall
In the room pragya and abhi where talking

P; u will not even allow me to enjoy my only sister’s wedding ?
A; pragya u can not take any risk with our child’s life
P;i am just 3 months pregnant it not even visible yet .
A;i is because u can not see it that its not there .
P;i want to dance at my sister’s wedding and not u or any one else can stop me .i want to dance and i will dance
A; if u do any thing that put my baby’s life in danger and i will not forgive u and if by any of ur silly actions my child get hurt i will kick u out of my house
saying this he left the room and banged the door and pragya stood numb due to shock. Tanu who heard this had an evil smile on her face she left from where she was eve dropping and went and stood at the top of the stairs waiting for pragya to come out of the room . when she came out tanu started going down the stairs slowly like waiting for pragya to catch up to her .Even though she was going slowly pragya never seemed to catch up as she was lost in though and the words abhi said to her were echoing in her head tanu kept slowing down till at about six stairs left pragya caught up and tanu place her leg on her way and since pragya was not in her senses ,she had not noticed tanu so her leg got caught and she fell from there till the floor where she fell and had already rolled her self in a ball to protect her tummy (even though she said it was not vissible the fact is it was already really visible for every one that saw her new she was pregnant ) as soon as she fell every ones attention went towards her and they rushed to her but she was already unconscious and every one was talking at the same time trying to wake her up and this act made abhi who was just standing out taking some fresh air and kind of regretting what he just said to pragya go back inside and the sight in front of him made him really shock . Evry body was asking pragya to open her eyes but she did not abhi came and ask them to give her some space he put her head on his lab and was asking her to open her eyes and since he did not he carried her and asked akash to drive immediately to the hospital in the hospital the doctor asked them to wait in the waiting area why she checked pragya .All the other family members came and abhi asked them to tell him what happened to her .Nobody knew tanu was the one who caused it so they all said it was an accident . the doctor checked her and she was still unconscious so she injected her some medicines and told abhi every thing was okay and that nothing happened to the baby and that pragya only have some bruises nothing serious and that she just got really scared .when pragya woke up she started crying

P; my … my .. my baby …my baby …how is my baby do not tell me i lost my baby please

the doctor tried to calm her down saying every thing was alright but she did not seem to listen and since abhi was not in there she thought he got mad at her and was now asking the doctor; where is my husband . where is heeeeeee. he thinks i did it intentionally na .call him i want to talk to him
she kept talking and did not give time to the doctor to even say any thing and so the doctor went to call abhi to come and talk to her while pragya folded her sdelf on her knees and was crying

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  9. Emotional one dear…pragya’s expressions are really superb… hats off to her motherly bond….hope abhi will not scold her…just hate tanu’s character… want to see abhigya scenes….

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