Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 19)


The episode starts with every one still teasing abhi , then pragya stops feeling like vomiting so she takes her head off abhi’s chest and looks at every one like nothing happened .she eats her dinner not caring of all the teasing thus abhi get every one on his back .Once they are done every one just goes to his or her room and purbul leave .In abhigyas room pragya get in fist followed by abhi who is hot on her heels saying something( lets listen)

A;( in scolding manner)what was that ? i told u to wait till we were in the room na?
pragya ignores him and goes to the changing room ,making abhi’s anger to grow. After some time she came back in sleeping dress .She walk pass abhi straight to the bed without saying a word , she sit on her side of the bed and is removing her jewelry quietly and this just makes abhi furious .He goes and grab her hand turning her to face him and he shouted at her saying;

A;I am talking damn it

he was still holding her arm when he felt a warm drop of water fall on his hand and when he lifted pragya’s head he saw her eyes full of tears then he remembered the doctor telling him that pregnant women are very emotionally sensitive and then he realized that he was scolding her just now and he started going towards pragya to hug her saying

A;I am so so sorry i should not have done that.
before he could hug her she jerked him and looked away folding her hands across her chest
A; pragya please do not be angry i will give u ice cream but please do not stay angry

on hearing that a smile appeared on her face and she turned to him saying like a kid really

A; yes i will buy it when i come back from work tomorrow
P;(says like a kid with childish pout) no i want it now
A;but there is none home and its late to go get it

she turned again away and started making her face like she was going to cry abhi could not just resist that puppy and he said

A;OK baba i will go get it saying this he left the room with his car key and pragya was just smiling.
some time later he came back and found pragya still siting the way he left her . while coming up he took a spoon as soon as he got into the room pragya got up and grabbed the stuff from his hands and sat on the couch and started having the ice cream abhi sat opposite her and was watching the way her eyes were shining and the was she was smiling when all of a sudden he realised that she was putting it all over her face ,he just smile , took the spoon from her hands, cleaned what she had on her face and started feeding her . all the time she was looking at her lovingly after feeding her they went to bed the next morning they followed their routine ,till one day ,pragya was already three months pregnant and her little baby bump was already visible . That day pragya came back from work she came to her room( notice that from the third month hormones are really very active in pregnant women) she saw abhi sitting on the bed watching TV so she kept her bag on the couch then looked at abhi who was basically paying very little attention to her.

she was wearing a lose dress to avoid pressing her tummy . she went and sat beside him but he did seam to have noticed her and really she did not care at first until her hormone did so she went and started touching his neck seductively,abhi was shocked but decided to no react willing to see how far she will go . since one button of his shirt was opened she slowly snug her hand in his shirt and was touching his bare chest very sensually abhi was really turned on he just could not resist any more so he pulled her to his laps and and kissed her passionately to which she reciprocated but suddenly she was not more in the mood so she break the intense liplock and got down from the bed straight to the wash room where she went to take a shower living our abhi very confused on what just happened till he remembered that this day she had really huge mood swings he did not know what was going on so he called on of his friends that was doctor and asked him if it is normal for a pregnant woman to have mood swings it was not a surprise to him when his friend said it was normal so he understood what was going on as his friend really took time to explain to him how the hormones made her do certain stuff .

after ending the call he shook his head in disbelief thinking on what to with her mood swing because it affected him too.after that pragya came out and was behaving all normal ,the went out and had their dinner and came back to sleep.In the morning pragya opened her eyes and saw abhi still sleeping facing her ,she smiled and wrapped her legs on his and held one of his arms with her two arms and was looking at him sleeping. Abhi woke up and and his eyes fell on hers ,they had an eyelock broken by abhi as he tried to get out of bed to get ready for the office but he soon realized he could not move and he said still trying to free himself

A;pragya what are u doing now ? i will be late and i really need to go now
P;no office today .u will stay in bed with ur wife and child
A; but u will never want to miss ur work what is going on with u
P;but today i want to miss it and stay home just in my soft comfortable bed
A;but pragya i………
he was cut off
P;no but u will stay with that is it

saying that she tightened her grip on him and some time later let go of his arm and ordered
P;now hug us(her and the baby)

which he did without futher argument because he did not want to make her angry .After some time divya who did not see them at the table for break fast went to their room with dadi .they knocked the door and pragya asked them to come in . seeing the situation the understood it was one of pragya’s idea and they just smiled as abhi was having a help me face while pragya had a crazy smile .trying not to laugh dadi said

Dadi; why are u two still in bed
divya;are u not going to work today

befor abhi could say anything pragya answered with a lot of joy

P; nop no office we are taking the day off
Davya;why (in chorus)
P;abhi just wanted to spend some time with us so we are spending day in bed
dadi; beti us ?u and who
P; of course me and him (using abhi’s hand to rub her tummy and winking at dadi who giggles seeing her antics)
Divya;so u will not get up even to take a shower
P;of course we will take a shower but together hai na abhi (says this winking at divya this time)
on hearing her statement abhi gasp in shock and she looks up to him and ask in crying voice and innocently

P;u do not want to take a shower with me?
abhi do not say any thing as he do not know what to say and tears start brimming from her eyes . As soon as divya see this she goes and sits next to pragya and says

di;nothing like that .he will come
P; but he do not want to ,do not force him( almost sobbing )
DI; we are not forcing him ,he want to hai na abhi(looking at him with eyes that say u know u do not have to make her angry)
pragya takes up her head and looks at abhi with eyes full of hope . abhi who is to to shy to say a word just nodes in a yes and pragya’s face just brighten up .dadi and divya who do not want to make it more embarrassing for abhi try to avoid laugh and heads out and at the door divya says she will send robin to bring their breakfast soon .once out of the room they laugh and laugh aliya comes and ask what is going on and they tell her every thing and she feels pitty for her brother but still plan to tease him . while in the room pragya hugs abhi tight and place her head on his chest and abhi just cares her head head thinking of how cute and innocent she looks

the screen freeze on their lovely little family

precap;purbul wedding annoucement and tanu’s try to kill pragya’s baby

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