Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 17)


so the episode starts with prabul and purbhi convo’s they talk but pragya is constantly lost some where this noticed by bulbul
b; whats the matter di
b; that is the only thing u have been saying ever since i came in what is wrong
Pragya came back to her senses and managed like a pro
P;its that i am worried about my company i have not been there since the fashion show and i know many people already want the new collection and there is no one to cor-donate the activities
B; but shanaya is there na

P;i know and i trust her but i think it would have been better if i was there
B; oh control freak just calm down every thing will be fine u only have three days left then u can go and do your work

They have a random chat same as abhirap then bulbul says its late and she has to go home she leave pragya in the room and heads down . Pragya think how she is going to face abhi after what just happened ,she then decides to pretend to sleep when he comes in and then tomorrow pretend like it never happened .She runs into the changing room then come back a few minutes later all dressed up in sleeping dresses she goes to the door from where she can see abhi saying bye to purbul and the closing the door . She run back to the room and lays on the bed and stars pretending to be sleeping without knowing abhi saw her run from the door . he get into the room and sees her pretending he just smile and get into the changing room.

When she hears the door of the changing room closing , she slightly opens her eyes to see if he is around,when she sees no one she takes a deep breath of relief then all of a sudden the door opens and abhi comes out all changed in sleeping dresses to and pragya close her eyes real fast before he could notice . He comes and lies beside her looking at her faking to sleep,she could feel his gaze on her and she finally really fell asleep and so did abhi and they cuddled all night .Next morning pragya was the first to wake up ,she slowly moved away from abhi and went to freshen up .

she came back in a pink modern kurti with white pants she was drying her hair abhi had already woken up but was still in bed just admiring her while her she was trying not to make eye contact with him, abhi realized this and smiled thinking ;(how cute she is shy now.) then a naughty idea came to his mind all this time pragya was standing infront of the mirror drying her hair when abhi got from the bed and started going towards her , she saw him throught the mirror winking at her and she tough(what do i do now) she just pretended not to see him and continued her hair drying when all of a sudden he came behind her and held her by her waist and started nuzzling her neck she panicked and barely could say anything but she managed to say

P;W..w..what are u doing
A;shh sweetheart just finishing what we started last night

pragya as per her plan behaved like she did not know what he was talking about by saying

P; What did we start last night that u are talking about

abhi who was still holding her , turned her to make her face him and said softly
A; i will rather show u instead of telling u
hearing this she pushed him away saying ; i have to go
abhi raising his eye brows said; go to where
P; Iam going to see the judge
A;why(in tensed tone )
P; calm down i am just going to withdraw my demand
A; but must u do it no u still have to rest for two days before u can go any where
P; i am already fine and besides after this two day i will have so little time that i might just forget to go and withdraw it
A; but your lawyer can do it

P; but i want to do it myself ( more like i do not want to stay with u here all day)
A; ok i am coming along
P; but why
A; i know u and i am sure u will use this as an excuse to go to work and get all stressed up and come back more sick
P; OK come

he goes in and get ready he comes down to fin d that pragya made breakfast and was waiting for him

P;what took u so long
A; it takes time to look this good
P;oh really
A; pardon us who are not like u who wakes up already looking that gorgeous
pragya blushed and tried to divert the convo

P;come fast and have breakfast we will be late
they had breakfast and left . in the car pragya was thinking (i hope the judge says we can go back to our home with every body only his mom can save me now ). the got there and as per her wish the judge said they could go back to the normal home abhi was sad as he knew that with his mom around and aliya too he could not behave any naughty while the same idea made pragya very happy as she will be the one being all naughty again.they got home she ran in and took her suitcase and started packing and dancing in excitement abhi who was sad was walking very slowly he got in and saw her packing he also went in and started packing some time later they both drove off to the mm on the way abhi was very silent this made pragya kind of relief as she was going to feel embarrassed by any thing .

They got to the mm and a servant opened the door the went in but could see no one he asked robin the servant who said that they all left two days ago and will come back tomorrow a smile grew on abhi’s face while pragya in her head was asking god why he did this to her and she went to their room followed by abhi . they spent the whole afternoon unpacking and talking and then they had dinner prepared by the servant who left to their respective homes after their work was done . abhi and pragya went back to their room and they changed in thier sleeping dresses . now pragya was trying to remove her mangalsutra but she could not so she asked abhi to help her . as usual she wears a long blouse abouve her sleeping dresses so to help abhi see where to open the neck lace , she broought the shoulders of the blouse down abhi removed the neck lace and gave her when his eyes fell on her bare skin he tried to resist but could not he started caressing her shoulder sensually . pragya got tensed so she turned to ask abhi

the words died in her mouth as abhi captured her lips for a passionate kiss to which she replied with same intensity . they kissed and kissed till they ran out of oxygen which cause them to break the kiss .then they went into another one that was followed by abhi carrying pragya to their bed . he took her shirt off and threw on the floor to which she responded by doing the same to him and started moving her hands on his bare back and the game of taking eo clothes of continued till abhi covered them withem with the blanket and they took their marriage to the next step.

in the morning the sun rises in thier room that is a complete mess with cloths every on the floor on the couch every where then the screen moves slowly to the bed it starts by showing four feet out of the blanket intertwined then it moves upward to see two bodies covered in the blanket and it got to the top to see abhi’s bare chest with topless pragya on it but only her back was visible as the rest was on and also one of her hands was on his chest on which a love bite at the level of the shoulder could be seen and they were still sleeping .

the screen freeze on their beautiful couple view

precap; thier reactions

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