Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 15)


Abhi was shocked to see pragya all dressed up for her work

P; what are u looking at have u never seen me dressed up to go to work
A; But u are sick and u can not go to work u need to rest
P; i have every important stuff to do ,so i do not have time to fight with u
A; u are going no where and this is not a request but a command
P; what do u thing u are no one to give me orders ! i said i am going so that is what i will do

saying this she tries to passe by abhi towards the door when abhi grabs her hand and forcefully take her to the bed and covers her till the neck with a blanket and say; u will stay on this bed willingly or not even if i have to glue u on it got that.

after that he went out murmuring spoiled brat.after some time he came back with break fast that he forced pragya to have while pragya was thinking; once he goes to his job i will also go to mine yupi
A; sorry sweat heart i took the week of so u are stuck with me all week long
P;how did u know what i was thinking
A; it is a secret my love

P;u are just using my sickness as a pretext to spend time with me
A;i want to help u get better spending time with u is just the bonus
P;listen abhishek i am not talking to u all week so get ready
A;but pragya please u have to give me a chance e to explain myself . i know i was wrong but please give me a chance
P; listen u have been trying for the last month i did not give up and i will not give up now .I WANT TO DIVORCE GOT THAT.
the screen freeze on abhi’s sad face

precap ; forgiveness and……….

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