Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 14)


guys i am very sorry for the late update the thing is that i have to share the computer with my brother and he keeps watching this dum cartoon that never seems to end hope i make up for the missing days.

so now back to the story

The episode starts with abhi crying in his room divya do not get what is happening since she did not read the letter she goes up to talk to abhi but find the door of his room already closed she sits infront of it and starts the convo

D;Abhi beta what is going on why are u cry(no responds)is it a big contract at the office that u did not get(no responds)if it is that , then u will get a better one
A; mom she does not want me back
D; Who are u talking about?
A; Pragyaaaaaaaaaaa mom
D; what are u talking about she said she will be back soon (now that i think of it ,it has been like one month since she left)
A; she ask for a divorce
D;what? why?what is the problem
A;its all my fault.
D; then get up and go fix it (in bossy tone)

abhi gets up looking determined and drives to pragya’s house once there he ring the calling bell and it is pragya who opens it as every one else is out of the house she looks at him then ask
P; what do u want
A;pragya we need to talk
P;Wow look wants to talk .sorry i do not want to listen
A;pragya please do not do this to me i can understand that u are angry but please give me a chance to explain myself
P; oh i think there is one thing u do not get .THE PAPERS I SENT U ARE DIVORCE PAPERS so do me a favor sign them and get out of my life i just started enjoying being single again ,i actually did not realize what i was passing by
A; pragya please just listen we can solve our problems
P; listen! the only problem i have now is seeing u and i know how to solve it(saying this she got in and banged the door at his nose)

Abhi left immediately to go and see his lawyer who advised him to bring the case to court so that they will determine weather they will divorce or not.

now on the day to go to the court pragya was looking gorgeous in a black just above knee level and red high heels with her hair tied in pony tail and she seemed very happy ,while abhi was dressed in a simple with shirt and dark blue pants he was looking pale and like he had cried all week long.Since the judge was not in the judge was not yet there abhi went to pragya who when seeing come towards her turned her back on him

A;listen i know u are angry and i can understand, sine we may live this place as divorcee there is one thing i need u to know and it is that i love u and no matter what happens today it will not change what i feel for u i will not stop trying to get u back in my life

on hearing this a little smile appeared on her face which was not noticed by abhi but was noticed by the judge who was secretly watching them and thought (they love eo it is like a classic case of misunderstanding i will give them the second chance they need) . Pragya turned to face him wipping that little smile and said
P; what ever u say now i have already made my mind i want a divorce and nothing can change that.

now the judge came in and started

J; so if i get it right u guys have been married for two months,mrs mehra wants to divorce but mr mehra do not.
J;so ms mehra why do u want to divorce
P;I determined that i am not happy in this marriage and that he is not the right guy for me
J; and how did u come to those conclusions ?
P; well we had been married for two weeks when he just stopped talking to me .when ever i asked him what was the issue he will say the problem was me and then will get back to ignoring me , I took that for two more weeks hopping he will get back to the man i married but it did not happen .
J; did u stay together all the two months ur wedding lasted

J; sorry mr mehra i will like to hear from ms please. so u were saying no ,how did those two months go
P; we had those pb on the first month and i left to go to my house to get a break from all that and once there i did no feel like going back there and one week ago i asked for the divorce
J; so u basically have been together for one month and do u think that is enoough to know eo
P; in his case,yes it was
J; ok guys i have made my decision .
A;but u have not asked me my side of the story
J; i already heard what i needed from u so now , since u have been together just for one month and u need at least six month to know eo right so u will leave together only the two of u and then come back after those five months and tell me if u still want to divorce

saying that she left the hall. Pragya looked at abhi angrily then she walked towards the door. abhi’s face had lighten up his cunning smile was back he ran behind her saying ;pragya pragya let go and tell my mom wath the judge said then i will go help u pack our stuff we are going to the house i bought on the day of our marriage

Pu do what u want but i go no were with u.
A;u do not want me to give a lift
P; I do not even want u to talk to me talk less of a lift just send me that address by text
saying this she left to her car and drove off she went back home and told her mom every thing then went to pack her stuff after sometime she was wondering why abhi had not yet sent her the address when she heard sarla say; pragya hurry up our husband has come to pick u up
P; i am done and u i told u i did not want a lift from huh
s; pragya he is your husband give him some respect and i am the one who called him

they took pragya’s stuff to the car and pragya stood at the door while abhi was still in the house and said; ma see u in five months once i am done with this crap marriage
saying she left to tha car followed by abhi after taking sarla’s blessings they left the place to abhi’s new house that was huge for only two people . they arranged the stuff then abhi forced pragya to eat food that he ordered from out then they went to sleep when pragya came out from the changing room and saw abhi preparing to sleep on the bed

P;i thought u preferred the couch
A; Iam not making the same mistake twice from now on where ever u go i go there too
pragya think; atleast i will have my comfort back thinking this she went on the bed and laid down to sleep followed by abhi who laid beside her . in no time she was already sleeping, abhi was just watching her sleep when in her sleep she started moving closer to him and wrapped her hands around him he was so happy and just cuddled her closer to him and finally fell asleep. days passed and they were not back to normal pragya was still not listening to abhi ,till one day pragya came back from work looking very week she just went to the room freshened up and slept abhi thought she was tired due to a heavy day as her fashion show was on that day and she had very big responsibilities but when he went to sleep he realized that she had fever ,he panicked and called the doctor wo came and said that i was a cold and that she was also tired and very streesed that she needed a lot of care and rest .

the doctor gave some medicines that she had to take and he left abhi spent the whole night taking care of pragya in the morning he called at his office to take the week off saying he was going to send purab to do his important jobs . when he got back into the room he did not see pragya on the bed then she came out of the changing room all dressed for work abhi looked on shocked and the screen freeze on his face

precap; Go to bed it is not a request its a command

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