Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 13)

sorry guys for the late update i was in lack of inspiration i have been writing this on papers then thinking it was too much drama and changing the story even now i am not sure u will like so please if u have any thing u want me to change or put please suggest it to me .So enough of bakbak story

abhi gets into the room and sees a boiling pragya from her back and she was trying to zip her dress ,abhi came in and went to help her she tried to jerk him but he held her firmly forcing her to stay still and he zipped her dress then pragya move away and sat on the bed saying nothing

A; what now
P;because of you i will not cook today i am sure your mom has already done all the cooking without me
A; is that all
P;so for u it is not important that i get to do what i want to do
A; nothing like that. I already told my mom not to cook that u will do it so now u can do what u want
P; oh really you are the best (hold his face and kiss his forehead) you are the best(kiss his cheek) you are the best(when trying to kiss his other cheek she kiss his mouth but she do not realize it and she runs out of the room in excitement living a surprise happy abhi)

on her way down she met purbul and aliya who did not talk to her as the thought she was still angry she went down and made the break fast and called for every on to come and get thier breakfast evry one praised her cooking they just love it days passed by real quick and thing went on smoothly . pragya was always bothering abhi but when it was his turn to do something he will be caught all went well till on day abhi just started ignoring pragya from when he got into the room she first thought that he had a bad day then it turne into a weak pragya was pretending not to care but from inside it was killing her and on night after they had dinner they went to thier room , pragya first went to the changing room when she came back abhi had made the sofa in their room as his bed ,she was hurt but did not show it , she went to a drawer and took out a buch of files and started working to try to forget how bad she felt .Being very messy she spread those files all over the bed so when abhi came back from the changing room and saw all the stuff on the bed he thought that she was even happier now that he left the bed.Pragya worked all night and finally got to sleep at 3 am while abhi had just slept an hour ago as he was secretly looking at her.When abhi’s mom did not see them down at 8am she went to thier room to see if they were still sleeping she did not know they had issues so she was shocked to see that they where not on the same bed and that pragya was sleeping in a lot of files she knows that a woman will stay on her work late when she is worried about some thing so she knew that there was a pb with abhi she shouted

D; abhi what is this

and they both woke up . on waking up as a reflex for pragya she looked at the watch to see that it was already 8;15 she jumped out of the bed saying good morning while rushing into the washroom
D; abhi we need to talk
A;mom not now i am already late saying this he went to the changing room grabed some cloths and went to the guest room

after some time pragya came back in casual dresses i.e a withe t-shirt a pair of pant and low shoes with no make up she did not have time to style her hair so she just tied it in a pony tail and since she was in a hurry she did not put her contact lenses she just grabed her eye glasses and her bag quickly picked up the filles on the bed ,her car keys and she left the room forgetting her mangalsutra that she removes every night befor sleeping on the table beside the bed. abhi got in and say the mangalsutra and said
A;she do not even care enough to wear this picking up the mangalsutra then he put it back and he took of his wedding ring and placed it beside the necklace and he too left

in pragya’s office she got in running and went straight to the conference room as she had an important meeting her employees started gossiping
E1; was that mam or her junoir sister bulbul
E2; it was her
E3; she was dresses casually and had no make up what happened
E1(boy); but she even looks even prettier
p.a; guys stop gossiping and get back to your work

on the other side abhi got in and every one was quite and looking scared to even talk
when pragya was back from the meeting shanaya her pa and best friend came into her office
s; some one romanced all night and forgot to wake up
p;what romance i was working all night
s;and ur husband let u do that
p;he do not even care
s; what do u mean
p;nothing (looks on sad)
s;come lets go and have lunch and u will tell what is wrong i can see u are worried

they went to the nearby restaurand and abhi was there with purab who do not see pragya but abhi see’s her then pragya’s ex-pa,sayide come in the same restaurant
even though abhi saw pragya he pretended like he did not know her and pragya had not yet seen him so sayide on seeing pragya as they where very good freinds shouted
sayide;pragya darling
p; omg sayide my love u are here

she stood up and hugged him hearing this abhi looked on shocked and thinks (so this is him)
sayide;hi shanaya how are copping with my baby
sha; i am doing good and she is an angel she bearly gives me work to do i literally need to beg her to give me stuff to
sayi; that is like my sweet girl(pinching pragya’s cheek) seeing this abhi was boiling of jealousy
pragya made sayide to sit down and she sat beside him and held his hand and also put her head on his shoulder and started talking to him
p; so baby when did u come back
say;i just came and tried to surprise u i went to ur office but they told me that u were out for lunch and knowing u i just came here
p; i needed u this days to talk ,hang out ,hug i really missed u my married life is horrible i do not know why my mom made me marry why u not there
hearing abhi tought pragya wanted to marry sayide so he got angry and left without saying to purab
p; u should have checked if he was the right guy for me i told mom to wait till u were back but she did not listen
say; baby wat is wrong why are u crying
p; it has been like two weeks he is not even talking to me . u remember that night that u called and was fooling around with me from then he started acting wierd and yesteday he left the bed for the couch
say; oh baby calm down let me tell u he is not worth u crying over him and u should take some time for urself so that u can know if u really want to continue this crap wedding and if i see that full any where he will pay for every drop of tear u cried
p; i think u r right i will go to my moms house today to stay there till i figure things out i do not think i will keep on crying over a wedding lost after a month . thank god he showed me his real face early enough

saying that they finished thier lunch and pragya went to her office to grab bag and go home once home she was packing her things when abhi’s mom came in the room
D;pragya where are u going
P; i am going to visit my mom
D;and just to visite your mom u pack all this things
P; i will be there for some days but i will be back soon
D; so u r not leaving the house definitely
P;nooooo what not at all just going to visite my mom
D; did u tell abhi
P;hmmm yes yes i told him
D;why were u first hesitating
P; nothing like that mom i have to go bye

saying this she left living divya unconvinced . when she reached her house sarla opened the door
sar; pragya
P;yes mom
Sar;come in
p;wait i have to take my lugages out of the car
SAR; lugages what happened why did u come with bags is every thing fine
P;mom do not worry i just came here for some time every thing is fine

she took her things to her room that was still as she left it she put the music in closed the door and stated dancing. bulbul came from her job and say pragya’s car got happy and ran in calling di di di sarla signaled her that she was in her room she ran up just opened the door and hugged pragya
b;di i missed u so much what i wrong
p;what makes u think some thing is wrong
b ;u were dancing all alone i know u always do that when u r worried and have nothing to do to divert your attention .
p; nothing like that i am just happy i am back home
b;if u say so .how is jiju
P;he is fine
they had a chitchat that diverted pragya’s attention from her pbs on the other side abhi came back home and went to his room and did not find pragya and her stuff so he thought she had changed room and did not look futher at dinner time abhi was at the table with his family he was looking around thinking why is pragya not at the dinning table this was noticed by dadi who spoke
dadi; are u looking for something
abhi; why is pragya not eating
divya; she is not here u know
a; and where is she if i may ask
divya; she told u she had to go visit her mom and spend some time there na
abhi;visit her mom
di;she told me that she told u
a; oh yes she told me i may have forgotten

at the arora house

sa; pragya when are u going back
p; i just came in and u r already asking when i am going back
sa; nothing like that i saw u with so many bags that it seemed like u took all you came here to stay
p; and is it a bad thing if i stay here
sa; but u are married u have to stay with ur husband
p; what ever saying this she left the dinning table to her room
time passed and days became weeks and weeks to months every body did understand what was going on ,pragya had not yet return to the mera house she already behaving again like an unmarried lady ,going out partying hanging out with her friend and doing her work very well . she was still friend with aliya but when ever aliya will try to bring up abhi as a subject she will smartly change the topic

one day shanaya was with sayide walking and talking about how pragya had moved on when they say abhi in the park doing some exercise shanaya told sayide that was pragya’s husband and he got angry and went towards him very angry got him and punched him in the face
sa;this is for almost breaking my di
a; what di are u talking about
he punched him again saying your wife ,your wife they were about to get real physical when shanaya intervained shouting
sh; sayide stop pragya will be very angry if she comes to know what u just did .
A; so its u her lover
SA;what none sense i am married and pragya is like a sister to me she is even one of my wife’s best friend what are u talking about
a; oh that is why she did not want to marry me and that is why u baby eo
sa; she was so happy when she married u she could not stop talking about u
A; oh ya that is why she was proposing to u on the phone that time
sa; what time
now sayide remembers and start telling the full story to abhi.
story ; pragya called him as she was happy and mad at him for not being at her wedding and happy because she really like abhi she wanted to propose to him but was nervous as for her this time it was not a flirt it was about telling how she feels about him so to calm her down sayide made her practice on him and when she was practicing abhi saw this and left not listening to all the conversation as sayide was making fun of pragya saying; eww girl marriage really break u down now say sentimental stuff where is my fearless pragya and they talked about sayides wife who is pregnant end of story

abhi realise he was wrong and now neaded to say sorry to pragya but he was happy as now he knew that pragya loved him two on the other side pragya did not know the reason behind abhi’s behaviour and did not really want to know any more she even called her lawyer to ask for the divorce and when abhi got home and his mom quietly handed the divorce papers to him his joy was crushed in anger he tore the divorce papers and went to his room sat there and was crying

the screen freeze on a crying abhi

precap; pragya listen to me please

look who wants to talk to me now sorry i do not want to listen

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