Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 12)


The episode starts with pragya talking in her sleep while still cuddling with abhi saying;oh my this bed is a whole new level of comfort it is warm and squishy but firm too . she says this while wrapping herself such that she almost form a ball abhi too fold to create a sort of recipient for our pragya ball then pulls her in and holds her tighter which make pragya wake up she see’s the situation and just smile the try to get out of his grip without waking him up as it is 4;30 am . she tries for like 5 minutes then finally she succeed . she went to get ready then came out from the changing room in jogging dresses she tip toe towards the door trying not to any noise to avoid waking him upwhen she was about to open the door she heard his voice and she froze on the spot

A;what do you think u are doing
A; oh so you are not sneaking out of the room at 5 am like u were running from something. what are u running from
p; from nothing . i just did not want to wake u up
A; oh such a caring wife
P; oh please, i did not just want u to stick on me like last night
A; oh really ,for your kind info u were the one sticking on me all night
P;ya that’s why i was the one all squized up and had to sneak out of bed at 4;30am
A; i was just reciprocating what u started
P;any way we will talk about this later it is getting late
A;what?late?at 5 am? where are u going to dressed like that?
P; im am going for a jogging inspector
A; at five

A; but why
P; because i have to come back and make breakfast and still not be late for my 8;30 meeting
A; you know u do not have to do this stuff my mom love cooking
P; but i am not stopping her i just also want to cook .at my mom do not let me cook i always have to plan when she is not there to cook what i saw her cooking that’s not fair
A; ok u cook but i am going with u
P; where

A;do you think i will let my wife go out there on her at 5 am
P;i can defend myself
A; yep thats why you got kidnapped on our wedding day . stay there and wait for me if u dare try to go without me no more cooking for u

pragya pouts and sits with force on the couch in thier room some time later abhi came and they went fo jogging an hour later they came back racing for who will get thier rooms bathroom and abhi almost won but on the stairs pragya pretended to have fallen and was acting to be in pain abhi came and carried her to thier and headed to go get some ice for pragya from the bed he heard noise when he turned he saw pragya hurrying to the washroom he stood in shock then she turned and said ; thank babe u are the best then threw some clothes out for him
go get ready in the guest room said pragya from the washroom

after some time pragya was dressing up she could not hook her bra so she went out of the changing room to look for abhi. he was not there she took her phone and called him
P;abhi are u done getting ready
A; yep
P; can u come to the room now its urgent
abhi hearing that tought tanu was back so he hurried into the room he did not see her he shouted ; pragya where are u
P;in the changing room i need u to help me hook my bra
p;come fast i do not have time

abhi went in while closing his eyes
P; what are u doing open your stupid eye and hook that bra
A; u are shameless
P; what shameless u r my husband and i am not even facing u .u can see only my back what’s the bigy
P; NO but shush and hook that thing
he does it in a haste and rushed out
P; stick around i will need u to zip my dress
without listening he went down stairs where purab was there with bulbul and aliya talking he was red shy

AA; bhai what happened
A; nothing
they continued thier chat and the screen shifted to pragya still in the dressing shout abhi come and zip this dress thinking he is still in the room . she comme out of the trying room with a piece of clothe to cover the back of her dress that is not zipped the she sees the door opened and gets out she see’s him down talking with other she stands on the balcony and shouts in anger; abhi get up here and zip my dress
he looks in shock still not believing she said that out loud
like it was not enough embarrassing for abhi ,pragya still in anger shouted; after you hooked my bra i asked to stick around that i will need ur help na . but u never listen

abhi is now red tomatoes and every body is standing there with a smirk waiting for pragya to go so that they can tease abhi none of them can tease her now as she is very pissed off she gets back into the room in anger then seats on the bed while abhi get teased by the trio
B;Hooking bra huh
pu; zipping dresses wow
AA; NO Wonder u woke up early this morning u always said morning romance is always the best
they keep teasing him till he goes to the room pushed by bulbul who say pragya might get more angry if he do not go not

the screen freeze on abhi’s red shy face

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    Poor Abhi!! I like this Pragya a lot!!

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    I like this kind of pragya only …. Super

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