Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 11)


The episode starts with abhi and pragya in the car ,pragya is looking out the window of the car to hide her tears . the drive is very silent .then abhi realizes that she is crying and tries to divert her attention

a;wow some got possessive today(no reply ) i did not know u consider me as yours (still no responds )

then he stops the car and goes down open her door yet she still do not say any thing and even turn to the opposite side ton avoid facing him the he holds her and turns her to face him but now she looks down he lifted up her head and said ; i am your husband now u can share ur pain with me

pragya takes a deep breath and ask calmly;what pain i am perfectly fine

a; stop acting strong,u do not need to always be strong in front of every one i know u did not cry in front of your mom because u did not want her worry for u. listen i can understand it is easy for no one to live her family for an unknown guy and his family but i want u to know that u can count on me

after hearing that pragya just hugged him and cried and hes caressing her back until she calmed down and the usual pragya was back.

p; can u drive the car now i need to sleep and this dress is very heavy i do not expect u to understand as u are not the one wearing it

a; oh my pragya is back

p;hoy who said i was yours

a; so you can call me yours and not me
p;when did i say that ,any just drive home your mom will worry that what is taking us so long

a; we talk about who belongs to who once in our room.
pragya just ignored him and the drove home were the did the remaining rituals and pragya was taken to abhi’s room by aliya.When abhi came into the room pragya was in the changing room when she came out abhi stood numb without saying anything this was realise by pragya

p; u did not expect me to be sitting on the bed with that heavy dress waiting for u like every sweat wife will do huh
a; nothing like that , is that how u will sleep looking at pragya who was wearing a very very short sky blue silk short whit a top of the same color and texture with string like handles all topped by a light transparent silk blouse that is just below her knees

p; uhh nope i am going to take of this blouse(says that taking of the blouse which makes her leg and laps that were already visible more visible)
a; what if some one comes in here
p; they have to nock what gives me the time to wear my blouse(she says all this still at the door of the changing room)

then she comes towards the bed in fashion walking style pass abhi and then jumps on the bed

a; thats my favorite spot of the bed so switch side

p;u should be thankful i even left space for u at first i thought not to share my bed with u so either u sleep where i left or u sleep on the couch or on the floor your choice

a; your bed ? this house is the MM not the arora house so this is my bed

p; oh really ?can u remind me of my name from today that every one will call me(stays quiet for some time like thinking then bursts out )oh pragya abhishek mehra now tell me this is not my house and thus my bed

hearing this abhi was so happy that he said nothing more and went to the changing room when he came back she was already sleeping he laid on the bed facing her and was admiring her when all of a sudden she came close him and wrapped her arms round his abdomen and snug her head close to his chest abhi was feeling her breath and was enjoying the closeness then she turned again now with her back facing his chest she touched around then got his hand and she place it on her waist then literally went into him . Abhi hugged her tight and fell asleep. the screen freeze on abhi smiling sleeping face

precap; pragya gets on the top of the stairs see’s abhi talking to aliya and purab then she shouts so that they can hear her; abhi come and help me zip up my blouse every body just looks at abhi who is having a shocked expression on his face

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