Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 10)

guys i am going to bring her back right now i do not like ever lasting drama so now story

The scene starts with pragya waking up in a place she sees three guys looking at her she looks down and see her legs tied and realize that even her hands are tied she smiles broadly thinking;this girl is so dumb she really think that this is how she will get ride of me and marry abhi wow stupide
then she talks to the guy who looks at her in surprise that she is not afraid

p;hello my name is pragya arora and may i know who yo guys are.
G1; do you take us for fulls that will tell u thier names
G2; we kidnap u and u ask us our names
p;u kidnaped me. I tough it was for fun
G3 ;do we look like jokers to u
p; not like that any way can i know who your boss is
G1; we will not tell u
p ; i know its tanushree metha
G3; how did u know
p; i did not know you just confirmed it
G1;u played us
p; yep gat u.any way i am her boss so u have to free me
G2 ;what about our pay

p ;how much did she promise u
G3;3 thousand rupies
p ; that little i give the double if u release me now and drop me now at my wedding and make sure i am not late
G2 ;sure

saying that they went to untie her and the scene shifted to tanu going towards the mandap when passing infront of aliya .aliya then steped on part of her veil that was touching the ground causing to fall and every body just gasp in shock

t; surprise
a; what are u doing there where is pragya what did u do to her
t; abhi to many questions to answer

a ; listen i do not have time for ur stupide jokes where is she
t; who said i was joking . abhi i love u and i can not let her marry u so i came to take my abhi back
a; what rubish u atre like a junior sister to me i never loved that way
t ; now u will have to learn and marry me now if not i will…
the word die in her mouth as the hear from the door ; if not what
tanu no realiusing it is pragya said turning; if not i will kill her
p; kil l me huh

t; pragya tum
p;ha me
sarla came there;pragya are u ok ,did they hurt u
p; no mom i am fine abhi sorry i am late wait let me go and change
t ;u are going no where
p ; and who will stop me .u lol

t; i will not let u marry my abhi
p; your abhi wow let me check something who is he engaged to (looks at her engagement ring the say ) oh ya me of course,on whose hand is his name written ( takes tanus hand to compaire with hers then say) surprise me again now do you get to who he belong and if u permit now i will go change MY FIANCE is waiting for me

abhi on hearing pragya say that he belong to her was super happy

pragya was already going towards the stairs whentanu grabed her hand saying ;u will not marry my abhi
pragya lost her cool and held tanu by her two hand and looked at her straight in the eyes and said; if u dare try to delay my wedding by on second again i assure u i will not let u live this place with ur face still looking like that i hope u get that (and then pulled her self awayfrom tanu)

when she was turning to go to dress up she came back and gave i tight slap to tanu saying; this is for making me be late at my wedding (and she went upstairs mumbling bullshit) every was just watching the seen without saying any thing the media was super happy as they had scoop on tanu . saome time later pragya came back in the perfect red wedding dress with matching jewelry she was looking breath taking sarla said ; now thats a dress worth waiting for. by this time tanu had already ran away in shame

she came down straight to abhi at the mandap and the wedding took place when abhi put the mangalsutra round her neck she closed her eyes in typical pragya style andhe also put the sindoor on her forehead and now they were married they took blessings from the elders then left every one in the arora house was crying .in the car pragya was also crying but tried to hide it from abhi who was driving the car .

precap;abhi; is that what u wear to sleep

pragya ; uhh no i am going to take off this blouse(says that while removing the blouse)

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  4. superb episode Sriti awesome twist loved pragya’s attitude

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      more sassy attitude on the way

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  6. I love this Pragya… What an attitude… Really superb… Nice slap also..

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    Seriously its awesome i jst love tis pragz lovely????

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