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It starts with pragya entering the and bump with a car..and a boys out…
P:have u lost…can’t u see and drive
He was mesmerised by her ….
P:oohh hello….idiot
She bend and takes her books..he helps her….she went from their to class..

That boy enters pragya’s class and set near pragya
She did not talk to him..then bell ring..she goes to canteen…that boy cames and sets with her….and starts to talk..
B:hii beautiful
P:be in ur limits mr..
B:ohh my name is mohan
P:i didn’t ask u
M:ur sweet name darling
P:i am pragya…just call by my name
M:okk ..i fill u as my friend. .will u be
P:kk baba dont disturb
He started saying jokes. .she was laughing. .

Abhi enters the college(abhi stopped going college..he is just going to write the exams)
The principle welcomes him….and shows the college..then reach the canteen. ..he saw pragya and mesmerised. .she was wearing a black jean and white top..then notice her laughing. .and saw pragya and the mohan together
Abhi…who the hell is he with my….he stops goes from their….
Pragya feels his presence and turns but she did not see him…

In the evening abhi saw pragya waiting for auto since her vehicle did not start ….
Abhi came to give her lift..but mohan came and asked her can he drop…
Abhi saw pragya and mohan going…

In the night
Abhi was thinks who the hell his he …..and was she with him…abhi was about to call pragya ….
But he got a call from a unknown number
A:hello who is this
G:hey handsome. …how r u
A:who are u
G:hey sweet heart ..i am missing u..
Want to see u….
A:don’t u have sense..idiot
While shouting he hit his hand..oach…
G:abhi r u ok..what happen…did u hit ur hand…please take ice pack in the corner and keep it…is it paining..
P:sorry abhi i was bored so i thought of irritating u….sorry again..
A:its okk …but u are naughty. ..
P:ohh really. ..
A:woo….thought of asking about the boy..but stops
P:i wish to talk with u…r u free…
A:no we can…by the way u were beautiful today in gean..
P:..in shy…how to do know
A:i came u college
P:but why
Abhi expains about the contract. ..
Then continue to chit chat…and sleep while the chat

Next morning
Aliya and tanu come back home
T:hii every one
Pragya hug her and welcomed her..
Pu:u know our pragya and abhi got..
Pragya stops him…
P:di abhi as a contract in my college
T:ohh really
R:sorry ..i decided one thing. …here after u study in pragya’s college. ..
T:okk…since she can see abhi…
Pragya and tanu goes to college

Aliya entered the home..everyone hugged her…
Abhi:ok its time i will go to work
Al:even i have to move to office
B:bhai even i want to work ..i am not interested in studying please
A:ok…but u have to attend the exams
Al:then u come with me..u me purab adhu..will work in same office
B:with u di
Al:no since adhu is their…u have to be under purab
B:okk di..
Aliya ..bulbul..adhu moves and reach the office. ..Aliya say about bulbul to purab..he accepted
Purab helped bulbul in her work…

Pragya tanu and mohan were chit chating…principle entered the class with abhi..and called pragya
Abhigya were seeing each other..both in white dress…
Pri:u r the best student of the college so u should be with abhi till this concert. .u can take any 2 of ur friends also
P:ok sir…i will call tanu and mohan
Abhi got angry hearing mohan’s name
Principle goes

All the three go to auditorium and starts discussing about the concert….
Pragya was setting btn abhi and mohan..
While talking something feel on abhi’s eye…he started rubbing it
P:what happen r u ok
A:something fell in my eyes..
Pragya took his hand away and blowed in his eye…abhi felt her concern and smiled. ….then she realised ..she was cupping his face…they share a eye lock….she close to him…both felt the hotness of there breath. .
Mohan saw love in both ….and made a sound
They come to sense. Pragya moves by saying something. ..

Pragya:i will bring coffee. …and she goes
Mohan follows her…
Tanu came and hugged abhi…pragya came and saw this..and her smile vanished. ..abhi sees this and hug tanu back…
M:r u feeling jealous
P:no she is my sister..
They came to near them
T:choti u know i was missing him a lot
Abhi and tanu start talking…
Pragya. ..thinks why am i feelings restless…when i see this…..
M:this is love
M:nothing. …u continue
They again start to talk…she they both met after a long time…pragya feels bad…

Other side
Aliya and adhu went for a meeting. ..and
Purab and bulbul have coffee in the canteen. .

Screen freeze on rabul smiling face and pragya’s sad face…

I know it is boring…sorry …please comment. …to develop the further story…

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