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After a month
They all did not meet after that but chat….abhigya’s chat
A:hi sweety
P:why did you not message from morning
A:r u my wife
P:no just simply
A:u know i am so happy…tomorrow i am going London for my competition
P:all the best…when will u return
A:after a month
P:ohh k
A:i will miss u ..since..i am not be able to chat
P:ok bye…she goes offline
Abhi feels bad
Pragya sleep while crying
Next day abhi go to London. .aliya and tanu goes to world tour….for a month

Ragini goes to temple
R:namestha pandith ji
Pa:god bless u
R:i have to ask about my pragya future
Pa:their is a problem. .she should be married with in 2 days are else she will die
Ragini goes home and inform every one…pragya goes to her room running
…she tries to inform him but..was not able to.

Next day
Dadi comes to pragya’s house with a man adhu he is abhi’s cousin living in abhi’s home
Ragini welcomes them…pragya bring coffee
R:namestha didi
R:do like her beta
D:say beta
A:like her very much
D:u both speak separately

They go to the the terrace
A:are interested in marriage
P:for my mother
They take for some time..then adhu ranus away to dadi and say ok…pragya thinks about abhi

Mehandi function
Every one celebrating. ..purab and bulbul dance performance. ..followed by dadi…ragini..
They put Mehandi in pragya’s hand and ask for the letter…she says A thinking abhi…they complete. ..and show to dadi
D:beta come see ur wife’s Mehandi
The boy not willing to see her…also she was not interested to see his reaction…
B:nice dadi…i have work…he leaves

Then after some time pragya goes to dadi’s room to see her …but she saw only that boy…showing his back ..she went to talk..suddenly current went ..so she sleped
She feel on that boy..while that time she kissed him…both had a strange feeling.. pragya run out from ròom
Both slept thinking about the incident. …with sweet dreams

Boy…white curtha ….cover his face…girl…red…lehanga….covering her face
The completed by doing all the rituals….the boy tie the all his future with her….

At night
The room was decorated for a perfect suvagrathu……when pragya entered she saw him sleeping showing his back towards pragya. ..she went and slept in couch thinking about informing abhi about her marriage and then see her Mehandi. ..and letter A…..

Sorry for this short update…and my mistakes…please comment

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