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Early morning pragya wakes up and thinks how i here …and remembers that she was drunk..and feels i must have made him die..i should ask him sorry
Abhi wakes and feels bad….for yesterday. ..and think i like her but should not meet her again
@coffee shop
Aliya and tanu plan to go to beach
A:its going to be awesome
T:can we call abhi…it will be romantic
T:purab also …
A:this is the best idea u ever said
They call abhi and purab and say they should come …by ordering way..abhi-purab don’t know they both r coming

After some time they reach at entrance
Abhi with bulbul and purab
Pu:tum both here
A:u bhai …tanu called
B:hii ..then its going to be awesome. .did di come
A:wait who is she
Pu:my choti
A:who helped bulbul..i want to see her
Pu:she will come lets go
Rabul go in ..abhi feels some sense and smile and turn …he sees pragya
P:hey..u here ..
A:sorry….i did not mean to do it but
P:what…thank u for living me in home..from praty
A:(thinks to say it to pragya)sorry because. ..but cuts when he sees purab
Pu:choti u came
P:yes bhai…why u called me her
A:this is ur choti
Pu:yes ..my lovable (pragya smile)
A:by the way thank u for helping my sister
P:who …why…
A:vo ..i am bulbul’s brother…
P:kkk…she is my friend. .nothing between friends
They go in
Aliya:why so late pragya
P:traffic sry
T:u always trouble me
Pu:stop it tanu
A:kk leave it lets go

Every one reach beach in abhi’s car
They all play while rabul in oneside ..pragya was about to fall when abhi holds her..she huged him…and share a eye lock
Ali:drop the plan of movie. ..because this is a best romantic movie
They both move away. .every one smile
Then they go to near by icecream shop…and buy icecream
While moving abhi’s icecream falls so ..pragya gives her to him…abhi hesitate but take in her instead. ..they both share eyelock…
Aliya gets calk about some meetings…she inform them and aliya-tanu go in abhi s car
Rabul and abhigya left with out vehicle. .so talk and wake to few distance and see bike shop..
They get 2 bike for 1day…
Abhi wish he want to be with pragya…
Pu:lets go choti
P:but no stand in this…i will not sit in this
B:kk u sit with bhai
Pragya sees purab ..he nods as ok.she goes with abhi
P:plz go fast
They chat while going. ..pragya’s home come he puts break…she moves front and her hair falls on him..hugging him from back.
Then she leaves saying bye ..abhi stare her…and he goes
Both families have dinner in their homes sharing what happened today…to dadi…ragini
Rabul start chatting …in their rooms…
Then in pragya s room
pragya think about abhi seeing the moon through balcony. …while a star twinkles she get a message
Sweet heart have a sweet dream..
Pragya smiles and reply rocking dreams rockstar
They dose by chatting with each other…

Forgive for my mistakes…comments u give me says how u all imagine .. abhigya. ..abhigya always rockzzz

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