Thank u for ur comments. I am really very happy ..i can not express me ..thank for reading this.I would try my best to give a long episode

Pragya in white saree and silver bangles with free hair.
Abhi in black t-shirt ..ash over coat and black genes in rockstar style(as in cover)
Heavy rain…
Pragya’s back side towards abhi..she enjoying the rain..
A:hiii pragya i am abhi
Pragya while turning did not see water done and sliped.abhi hold her in her arms..both share an eyelock…it continues for a long.they come to sense her the sound of wind chain…dancing due to heavy wind
P:(hesitating)hello….by the way who r u
A:vo i am dadi’s grand son
P:ooo…sorry ma u will come
P:by the way i am pragya arora …and forwarded her hand
A:i am abhishek prem mehra
Both shake hands with a eyelock…broke by pragya
A:hmm…can we go down and have breakfast. .i am hungry
P:ok…even me
Both go towards the lift and reach the down floor
Waiter:welcome sir
W:sir ur both are perfect couple
A:vooo….pragya holds his hand
P:thanks. ..where is our table
Both go and set their
A:what would you like to have
Abhi orders food and they both eat and have coffee…while that abhi sees her hand with bangles and smiles
A:u where the one who helped me in the exams right????
P:then….u r that boy
A:u know i was search u but was not able to find u because. ..
P:why u search me??
A:for thank u …
P:its okk…how is ur practice
A:its good next month is the competition
P:all the best
A:u should attend it
P:i will try with a smile
A:its boring her can we go out
P:but where
A:movie …..something new
P:ok …but where
They go to the theatre and go inside

A:have a set i will come
A:i will come
After some time he comes with a popcorn …that was a horror movie….actually both are afraid of ghost
Movie starts
When ghost appeared she held his hand tight…she felt protected. .
Abhi felt her touch and field happy
The movie was more scary. ..so abhi huged her hidding his face in her hair…hug was broke when movie got over
A:come fast we will go out
Abhi dragged her and run to the nearby park

P:wait.. r u also scared of ghost
A:noo i am a future rockstar
P:then y u… (stops feeling what she was up to)
A:sorry! !!!!
P:its ok
A:then…which collage r u
They both share their details …likes and dislikes…and understand about both
P:i fell like going to temple
A:but i don’t believe god
P:its ok….for me
A:ok…seeing her cuteness
They went to temple
saw the arthi
Pragya kept kumkum in abhi’s head..in return he also applied kumkum in her head below the binde…then blew hair..
She felt his hot air and smile appeared in her face

Dadi called abhi and said u have dinner and drop her in her home and cuts the call.he informed it to pragya
A:can we go for dinner
P:but today i have to go to my friends party
A:where is the party..i will give company if u wish
P:then ok

They both reach the party venue
P:hai shivanya
S:hiiii missed u yaar …they both hug
S:who is this (pointing abhi)
P:my friend
S: okkk ur boyfriend by the u both look complete together
A:voò nahi
S:u both have dinner i will come
Shivanya goes..abhigya simle looking each other….and went to dinner
It is a candle light dinner
The table was totally decorated and with candle and rose petals
They both have dinner pragya drank drugs unknowingly
Everyone were dancing. .seeing it she started to dance….
Abhi to control her dance with her for sanam re…song
They both dance to close and romantically …abhi his one hand on her shoulder and other on her waist ..and pragya both the hands around her neck
…and share a eyelock
After some time she felt unbalanced. .so both went to car and started to move towards her home
They reached their home
A:now u go ur home has come
P:no plzzz
P:can u take me to a long drive..i am not feeling like leaving u
A:okk …feeling the same
They go for a drive..it starts raining. .so he stops the car.pragya gets down start to enjoy the rain…Abhi also comes near her..A:plz come
She hold him strat to dance…under the rays of street light
They stop dancing and have eyelock
Abhi cups her face and comes close to her…and sees her lips wet…then they share an passionate liplock…
Screen shifts to car at pragya’s home
Pragya sleeping…and admiring her.he thinks not to disturb her.so he lift her and go to her home …there were no one except tanu….tanu shocked
A:tanu were his her room
Tanu shows him the way
Abhi goes and place her on the bed..and adjust her hair .then put bedsheet and turns ….but she holds her hand. .he removed her hand smiling and went to his home.
He went to his bed ….but did not sleep thinking about shivanya’s words and their happy moments.

Screen freeze on abhi smiling…Pragya sleeping. .tanu fuming

I wish you all will like this…..please comment. ..

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