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@Abhi’s home
Abhi sleeping peacefully at his room
Bulbul:bhai get up fast we are going to shopping
A:for what
B:i will tell u get ready fast
Both abhi and bulbul reached a mall
B:bhai we came here to buy a gift for pragya.
A:ohh she only helped u na
B:yes bhai…she is in my college 3rd year
A:nice to hear. You got bestie
B:so i thought to buy a gift for her but don’t know what to buy
A:(thinks about pragya who helped in exam and say)bangles
B:nice idea bhai
Bulbul get confused. .so abhi select one thinking of pragya

At that time he gets a call from his senior purab
A:yeh ..whats the matter
Pu:since this is my final year and exams are over …i thought of seeing u
A:vo i am in mall near ur house
Pu:i reach shortly and cuts the call

Purab reach the venue and sees abhi
Pu:what r u doing her
A:came with my sister
Pu:aliya here but she will not come to this kind of place na
A:not aliya my younger sister bulbul (pointing towards her)
Pu:tum…u r abhi’s sister
A:do u know her
Pu:yes i met her yesterday in xyz college
When i went to pick my sister
A:ur sister ..but tanu is in my class na..???
Pu:no my choti pragya
A:pragya? ur sister ….
A:vo she helped my sister thanks alot
Pu:not needed between friends

Abhi gets call from dadi saying him to come to the magic restaurant urgently and cuts
Pu:what happen
A:dadi called me urgently. ..can u drop bulbul in home
Pu:yes my pleasure
Abhi left
then purab and bulbul went in bike chatting with each other feeling comfortable
@Magic restaurant
A meeting was going on between mehra and arora groups regarding business
Dadi:come beta.. this is ragini our co-partner
A:namesthey anuty
R:gud day beta
A:dadi why did u call me
D:vo ragini’s daughter came her to attend the meeting. .since it will take time u be with her
A:(with hesitation )ji dadi
R:thank u beta…she is out side in the balcony……her name is pragya
A:pragya……ok i will take care …i am leaving anuty
R:ok beta
A:bye dadi
Abhi leaves to see pragya….❤
Screen freezes on abhi searching fr pragya…

Hope u all enjoy it…
Plz…comment. i am sorry for short epi because i am used of mobile…so forgive me for short episodes. .sorry again
I know this is boring but next epi is fully of ABHIGYA scene. …

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  6. hi your story is really good and I love reading it. But you should not end it on the best part aw I was screaming wen it was finished but it’s ok I’ll wait until next episode. It’s not boring it’s good

  7. Superb n excited for next part

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