Thank u all for ur valuable comments?..I really didn’t expect someone will read my ff..Even thanks for silent readers…
Lets move to the story..
Recap:Special connection between Abhigya…

Abhi wakes up and get to know tat he has exam today…
Abhi:Omg Even today i didn’t study for exam, and how can i ask her help again today.

Then he goes to college and sits in exam hall….he was tensed while seeing question paper. Suddenly fr his surprise the girls kept her answer paper near the window for him to copy…
This continued for all exams?

In the last Exam hall…
Pragya pink chudidhar with pink bangles
Abhi light pink shirt sandal pant with is favourite wrist watch..
They go to exam hall and they complete there exam in 1 hr?
Abhi:(felt he wants to thank her) Thank u
Pragya: No mention. Hw is ur practise
Abhi: (Supriseingly) Good
Pragya: Best of luck fr ur competition
Abhi: Ur welcome
Pragya: Actually……..
Abhi: Wat actually
Pragya: Whats ur name..?
Abhi: I’m Abhi❤ wats ur name
Pragya: I’m pragya..❤
Abhi:(with a smile) Nice name?
Abhi thinks he knew this name…At tat time bell rings
Both goes out. Even today they both don’t see each other…because students were running here there because of last exam.
@xyz college
Pragya goes to library. There she sees Bulbul
Pragya: Wat ur doing here
Bulbul: di u..I’m studing 2nd yr here…
Pragya: Ohh Nice ..?
Purab comes to pick up pragya. Purab comes to library
There he sees pragya with bulbul.
Purab is fully mesmerised by seeing bulbul..
Pragya asks him Y u came here bhai
Purab comes to sense says i came to pick up u
Pragya: Ohh k
Purab: Who is this
Pragya: This is my frnd bulbul
Purab: Bulbul the girl u said yesterday..
Pragya: S bhai
Bulbul:(with shy) Hi
Purab: Hello ( totally out of sense)
They all talk fr some time..
Then praba and pragya drops ands goes to home.
@pragya’s home
P:yes ma
R:tomorrow we have an important meeting .
P:yes ma ..when
R:morning 10am
P:ok ma good n8
R:sweet dreams
She goes and sleeps
Other side abhi feels ooo i did not see that girl. Imagining about her bangles and sleeps.
Screen freezes on both of them sleeping face….??

If there is any mistake forgive me .sry of late update

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