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Abhi wakes and fresh ups…then after an hour abhi with dadi enters the temple

Abhi wearing blue t-shirt and black pencil outfit..he does not belive god but came for sake of dadi.
Pragya enters the mandir ..she was wearing a dark blue long top .
While praying pragya was next to abhi but did not see each other.Then abhi went because of a call. Pragya and dadi met each other and become close.
Abhi and pragya’s college is affiliated under a same university so had to write exam in same college.the settings were different ,both nears a window nearby classroom.
Exam starts..Abhi did not know any answers because he was practicing for a international competition. When he turned towards left he saw a beautiful hand of a girl with blue bangles who was write all the answers. It is non other than our pragya .
He tried to call her by making a sound.
P: what
A:can you please help me i did not prepared
A:because i was practicing for a international competition
P: ok
She ketp her paper near the window .Abhi copied the answers. Both completed the exam in 1hr and went out.
Abhi was searching for the girl but be could not because she went to shopping.
While pragya was buying say few boys misbehaving with a girl. She went and rescued her with help of police.
P:are ok
Girl:thank u
P:its ok.what is ur name
G:i am bulbul
P:nice name .ok say ur mothers no i will inform her
B:can please inform my brother
Pragya called abhi
P:hello sir
A:(thinks nice voice )who is this
P:sir in qwe mall ur sisters has fainted..can please come
A:(with lot of love )please take care of her i will reach soon
Call ends
P thinks i have heard this voice but not remember. Then she took care of bulbul.
Purab called pragya
Pu:hello choti come home soon
P:but bhai
Call ends
Pragya writes a note and give it bulbul saying give it to ur brother
Pragya left. .opposite abhi entered but not see her.
Abhi went to bulbul and asked her what happened. She explained everything and gave the letter.
Abhi reads it
Sorry for leaving ur sister alone and take care of her.i can feel ur concern in ur voice.so i belive u will take csre of her .
Its ur friend pragya
A smile appeared when he saw her name
Then abhi took bulbul home and made her rest.

@Abhi’s home
A:what dinner
Dadi:ur fav alu parota
D:were is bulbul?
A:she slept due to tiredness. (To divert)i feel u are so happy today
D:yes i met a girl in temple.I wish to have a bahu like her. she was traditional.
Dadi was continously taking about her and mentioned about her blue dress and bangles.
A:blue bangles
A:nothing dadi.i feel tired bye dadi
Abhi left to his room.
@pragya’s home
P:what happened bhai why u called to come
Pu:nothing to irritate u
P (with anger ):do u know what happened to bulbul ..because of u i left her and came
Hearing the name bulbul..purab felt a feel
Pu:i can not understand
Pragya explains everthing.purab feels bad and says soory.
Pragya went to her room in anger.
@Abhi’s room
Abhi was thinking about 3 girls…
1.who helped exam
2.helped bulbul
3.who dadi was saying(unknowingly all 3 was pragya)he slept
@pragya’s room
She saw books remember the boy who asked help …she took the book and started reading thinking may be he will be practicing now.i should help him.

I wish u all are not bored of it.even sold me if something is wrong. I am sorry for any wrong. ….let this day be happy for u all

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