Kumkum Bhagya — Abhigya OS

A child who is still not able to accept the fact that his mom n dad is no more …n how can he accept this fact as it was greatest shock he would have ever got. Days passed… Weeks.passed …n slowly a month n a year. But he is not able to over come he still remembers the date (20 March 1998.)


It had almost been many year but still I remember that day coz that day change my life…
So u guys wanna know what happened that day that change my life. So lets get into the flashback
2nd August 2015… most u have guess this day…friendship day. I was in a party with my one n only frnd purab who always helped me from childhood till now. Actually i was not at all interested to come but what to do my frnd purab he starts to blackmail me so i came. As i said i was not interested i start to use my mobile this was time a girl came n gave me juice i guess it was orange juice. U guys must thinking how sweet this girl is but i wont say coz she didnt gave me the juice but she pour the glass full of juice on me . She started to apologize me for her mistake as soon as i looked at her she just stopped as someone has click themute of her. I started to scold her but she was just standing n staring at me as if i was an alien i didnt notice this thing at that time as i was bzy scolding her. Just then purab came n made me calm i changed my dress n i was coming downstairs i heard someone announcing my name n requesting me to perfrom. For a while i thought that this definitely change my mood but as i reach the stage i was the same girl i was about to go but again purab he asked me to perform. I hold the mike n said ” this song is for u purab im dedicating this song to you n i started to sing
Mere dil ki yeh dua hai, kabhi door tu naa jaye
Tere bina ho jeena, woh din kabhi naa aaye ) -2
Yaara teri yaari ko maine toh khuda mana
Yaad karegi duniya tera meraa afsaana
Tere jaisa yaar kahan, kaha aisa yaaraana
Yaad karegi duniya, teraa meraa afsaana
(Meri zindagi sawaari, Mujhko gale lagaake
Baitha diya falak pe, Mujhe khak se uthaake )-2
Yaara teri yaari ko maine toh khuda mana
Yaad karegi duniya tera meraa afsaana
Tere jaisa yaar kahan, kaha aisa yaaraana
Yaad karegi duniya, teraa meraa afsaana”
As i ended the song purab came running on the stage n gave me a tight hug everybody started to clap n i saw that girl who gave me juice bath she was clapping hard.
The performance got over i was about to leave when that girl came n said sry to me holdingher ears she made such a cute face that i forgave her. Then again she said sry. I asked her, for what?? She again said sry…now i was totally confuse that what this girl is saying i asked her n she said, 1st sry that i didnt know u r rockstar abhi n 2nd sry is for that i made u bath with orange juice… for a second i was like how come she said exactly what i said. The next moment the thought tht came in my mind was if she knows how read ones mind… She shook me n said, sir were r u lost? I didnt reply for her question but i asked her if she know-howto read mind?? WHATT??? she said n to divert her mind i asked her name
Girl: pragya arora
Me: nice name
N we started to talk n for the first time i spoke for 1 hr with a girl. our conversation would’ve gone long but purab…so i went home back but now i can talk with her i have her number. Dont know whybut that day i slept peacefully.

Days passed we started to meet regularly become bestfriend i share everything with her. Pragya n i were best friend but purab use to say that we r not just friends but we share a relation that is beyond friendship. I didn’t listen to him i went to meet her n said the same to her she to replied me same way i replied to purab but wht i say it was smthng different n what she said was different not in words but the way she said. After replying she just left from there. I was confuse that why she left? ? I saidthis to purab but he again started with the same n i was about to leave when he asked me not to go n listen to himonce.
Purab: dekh bhai tu maan ya na maan u love her n thats the fact.
I was about to leave but he stopped me
Purab: listen to me yarr ok i wont say that but listen to me when u met her for the 1st time u talk with her for an hour n on next day u said that u slept peacefully after yrs this means that she is different from other n someone who is special to u am i right abhi?
Me: yes u r but u cant say i love her
Purab: when u said so?
Me: its over or smthng else is left
Purab: after uncle aunty ‘s death u were just in there thought for years but as she came into ur life u over come that situation, u r regularly meeting her, sharing things with her, if something happens to her u r the first one to see her ( purab started to covienve him in the sameway as he haddone few days back in kkb)
Purab: close ur eyes n recall all ur moment with her
I open my eyes with a smile on my face . Purab looked at me n was reliefed that he had conceive me but i asked him a question
Me: but purab say me onething why pragya left the placewithout informing me that day n she left with a sad face
Purab : this is bcoz she too loves u
Me: is that so?
Purab: yes my dear frnd jst go n propose her
The very next moment i call pragya n ask her to meet on xyz place she asking me several question n i jst said her, just come ones.
Pragya: as i reach there i saw the place was decorated beautifully( as shown in pic). I called out abhis name but no response when suddenly i left someone is behind i turned n saw abhi onhis knees he just proposed me n i was not able to say anything n i just nodded my head in yes.
This was how i met with my love n fall for her. After that day everything changed in my life even i changed n as always credit goes to purab.


I dont know what I’ve written some random thoughts came n thought of posting it. Im really missing all ur ffs im not able to read n comment coz of exams. I’ll surely read n comment after my exams get over. I hope i didnt waste ur time in my os. Advance sry for mistakes n plzzz comment if u like it.

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