kumkum bhagya- abhigya one shots


Hi guys…..its a one shots…..time…so let’s get free from stress and all..and it’s my try..don’t think it will be as my previous ff..I thought this and wrote.
So holitime for my ff. .don’t worry I will update my two ff’s by today. ..

Shot 1

Pragya was pacing from left to right in the hall of the fully furnished pent-house…The clock struck 1:00 at night … Sleep far away from her… she was waiting for her husband to be back home… It was not the first time he was this late…he was really busy nowa days…as working on a big project… Nor it was like he didn’t informed her that he will be late… He told her about his meeting when she binding up all the work was about to leave from the office to home…She knew that he had important work… Matter was just that… today she wanted to spend some time with him… or rather she wanted to inform him something…Anxiously… She was looking again n again toward the main door… In a hope he will enter soon…Getting tired of her walking… She settled herself on the couch… Closing her eyes to take some rest… as she was already tired..
The main door clicked open… And entered abhi… in his three-piece-suite… Looking completely tired.Hearing the screeching sound of the door… pragya stood up… only to find her husband Standing near the door shutting it.He turned and found pragya standing infront of him.
Abhi asked why are you still awake jaan??’ he asked with care.pragya , i wasn’t feeling sleepy’ she hugged him resting her head on his chest…After a hectic and tiring day… Being in in eachothers arms was the only thing that gave both on them peace.Breaking the hug pragya kissed his cheek… and he gave a light peck on her forehead.
PRAGYA says come let’s go
‘They went inside their beadroom…pragya carefully removed his coat and removed his tie… Keeping them in place… she returned back… To find him sitting on the couch with his head in his hands
Pragya -coffee??’He simply nodded in no.she sat beside him… lifting his face up… she took his hands in hers.
Pragya-kya hua??’ she asked concerned… She could see that he was really tensed.
Abhi-nothing… Just tired’ he gave a lame excuse
PRAGYA shouts abhi!!’ she gave a stern look.And her one stern look was enough for him to let out his problems
Abhi – pragya I am thinking that I will get this contract or not…Many more automobile companies r behind this project… I don’t think we have a chanceS-Jaan!’ she cupped his face delicately
PRAGYA – you have done your best for this project n.a….if doesnt works it’s ok we will work harder the next time na..we will do our bestest next time …not a big deal… Humaari company per koi affect nahi hoga… ok?’ she spoke explaining him everything.
Abhi just said hmm’ he hummed… his mood still low
PRAGYA – mood abhi bhi kharab hai???’He said nothing… Just kept looking at her
Pragya-I know how to repair your mood as akadu’s are will always be sad na
Abhi – shut up!’ he made a face while she smiled at him
He lied down on the couch… making her lap his pillow…
Abhi – aaj mera mood koi theekh nahi ker sakta’ he said in a low voice yet again
Pragya – challenge??’
Abhi- challenge!’ he confirmed
PRAGYA – utho!… utho’ she lifted his head from her lap
Abhi- kya hai??’ he made a face at loosing the warmth and comfort of his pillow she went to her cupboard and took a file out and went back to him
Abhi: kya hai yeh??’ he asked confused
Pragya- first see rockstar.’ she finally decided to spill the beans… Handling him the file she sat beside him.

He carful opened those files .They were some medical reports… abhi looked at her… who has wrapped her arms around his muscles and was staring the floor…He opened the file… and 2 words in bold caught his attention…..Pregnancy Report’He gasped reading it… It was pragya’s pregnancy reports..
His heart was beating faster..He read further…… POSITIVE’…he was too numb to react…After some minutes of silence
Abhi- pragya… he chipped lost
Pragya- hmm !’ she lifted her lashes
Abhi-pinch me!’pragya-hmm??’ she looked at him with a confuse face
Abhi -pinch me!’ he repeated this time looking in her eyes.she pined him… feeling a little pain… He again looked at the report then at pragya
PRAGYA – abhi…why are you m looking like this ..what are you thinking.. Darr lagraha hai mujhe’
Abhi-yeh sach hai??’ he asked in a lost voice… indicating towards the reports
Pragya- then what do u think… I m joking’ she asked clearly irritated
Abhi -this means… we r gonna become parents… *he said nervously* mai papa… n u mumma* he said and a small smile spread on his lips… he looked at pragya who was yet again staring at the floor with a pink hue on adoring her cheeks… His smile grew wider and suddenly her up in his arms… With her arms resting on his shoulder for support…as he encircled his arms around her knees… And swirled her around…pragya was shocked at his sudden action
Abhi-I Love u… I Love u…love u!!!!! hooo!!!’ he shouted his happiness… Still swirling her..
PRAGYA – abhi!… kya ker rahe ho??? Put me down… abhi im feeling dizzy’And he immediately put her down
Pragya-pagal ho kya??’ she asked holding her head in her palms.
Abhi-sorry!… excitement control nahi hui’ he said with a puppy face.And she smiled at him.He took her in his warm embrace
Abhi – love u Jaan!!!’ thanku for this gift… it is the best day ever… thx a lot jaan… I luv u the most’ his grip became tighter
Pragya – I love u too abhi..’ she hid her face in his chest
Pragya- by the way… Mr. ABHISHEK MEHRA … U lost again’ breaking the hug… she gave a broad smile
Abhi-lost??’ he asked confused
Pragya – abhi you challenged me n.a…. nothing can lit up ur mood… See… haar gaye tum’ she winked
Abhi-I don’t care’ he again wrapped her in his arm
Abhi-I just love u’ he softly pecked her lips and hugged her again

Both kept standing their… In eachother’s arms… feeling the heavenly bliss…

Don’t know how is it….tried my first shot…hope all will be happy..

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