kumkum bhagya abhigya forever season 2 Episode 7


the episode starts with tanu comes ro know that pragya and aaradhya are in mm.so she decides to meet them.

in mm….
pragya wakes aaradhya …aaradhya says mumma….two minutes…pragya says it’s not fine…already it’s ten baby and kisses her forehead.aaradhya asked where is pappa.pragya says I don’t know.that time abhi comes in saying …good morning my little princess…aaradhya says morning pappa and runs to him…abhi takes her in his arms saying so wats the plan today.pragya says tanu is coming.she wants TO meet aaradhya.aaradhya asked who…pragya says my friend and leaves from there.

tanu comes calling pragya …pragya comes and both hugs.tanu says I heard everythg…why you left without informing us.pragya says I will tell later and calls aaradhya
.aaradhya comes and tanu greets her.she smiles. tanu says she id looking like her father..pragya says come let’s go.and asked aaradhya to go and be with abhi.

tanu and pragya comes to guest room.tanu says tell me the truth..pragya shares with her.tanu says don’t worry and hugs her…

aaradhya was playing with abhi.both runs …behind one another. it’s aaradhya’s turn to catch abhi.she runs behind him…at one stage …she faints and falls on the floor.abhi sees it and runs towards her. he calls pragya,dadi and others.pragya rushed by his anger.abhi takes aaradhya to room.and asked akash to call doctor.he sits beside her.pragya runs and gets tablet and ask abhi to move and sits beside her.she gives tablet…abhi asked what hapnd…is she have any problem.that tym doctor comes…he checks aaradhya and asked is she is in medical observation.pragya says yes and gives all the files.all were confused.the doctor asked them to take care and leaves.abhi asked her to answer his question.pragya asked did she run.abhi says yes we were playing.pragya says let’s go down..she asked aliya to be with her.pragya says she has a hole in heart.so sometimes it will happen like this.abhi says operation can be done na.pragya says she is small and it’s dangerous…abhi says come on…pragya..you are going to leave this.this may create many problems..I will speak to doctor tomorrow. .
pragya cries dadi pacifies her.

tanu thinks that her plan is working …

what might be the tanu’s plan..why she want to take revenge. ..it will be revealed in next episode

Credit to: naveena

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  1. Divya chandru

    Lovely yaar, I think the person priest said to pragya must be tanu s plan, not sure ,just my thought, wonderful ma ., keep rocking , and more pragya should have at least told abhi about daughter medical issues right.

  2. hey..pls don’t separate abhigya again….

  3. Superb yar…

  4. awesome naveena but one complaint episode was short.. 😀
    but you rocked as always

  5. Naveena you are really a good writer I am your big fan

  6. Nice yaar…..

  7. Superb yaar… Bt tz sudden twist s really interesting n increasing my excitement a lottttttt…

  8. Pls update ur ff daily

  9. Its Superb…… But Plzzzzz update it regularly………..

  10. nice episode but short

  11. muah muah muah awesome hats off to you surbhi

  12. naveena u rock ….but one thing the episode is short….pls upload the next episode soon………

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