kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 9

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All atlast packed their stuffs as their exams are over and now holidays. all r happy to return to their respective homes except two…. abhi, pragya. abhi droped bulbul and pragya in railway stat and bulbul went to buy some snacks fr them. abhi says to pragya tat he will miss her a lot and ask her to miss him

pragya says ofcourse i too miss u and ask to tc of him and to spend tym with dadi. as bulbul infrms, the train is to leave in 5 mins, pragya gets on and abhi ask her to tc as she belongs to him. pragya nods and train leaves. abhi stands fr some tym, he feels tat his heart is seperated frm his body.

abhi goes back to delhi and hugs dadi ,dadi blesses him and ask him abt his exams, he didnr tell rar he didnt went to last exam, he hides tat frm her and dadi asked him to fresh up.

at the tym,
pragya, bulbul reaches kolkata, sarla ma welcmes them and they had their breakfast. after breakfast, sarla maa ask pragya to sit with her as her dadi wants to say somethg?
dadi: pragya, we hav one imp thng to say? u shd nt resist
pragya,bulbul looks on
sarla ma says there is 6 months fr ur completion of degree, so wat we thought is to find a man to marry u and we selected one person. they are comming tday
pragya was shocked, she says ma i hav to work after my degree, dadi says u can and his family agreed fr tat

pragya says no ma i cant and was abt to leave, sarla ma faints. bulbul shouts dii….ma.

pragya looks back and goes near her and asked bulbul to get water and bulbul brings on. and she wakes her. sarla ma says fr my sake plse marry him
pragya nods sss with teary eyes,and pain in heart.

in nyt,
pragya thinks abt abhi how they bcome frnds, how they proposed each other and also abt her older days how her mother suffered fr up bringing 2 daughters and closef her eyes and says sorry abhishek and cries.
bulbul calls abhi and says evrythg. abhi was shocked and later he gets permission from dadi tat he is gng to purabs house and leaves

in midnyt he calls pragya, pragya gets nervous and attends the call. he ask her to cme out as he is out of her house.pragya looks through her windows. bulbul ask her to go and says she can manage and pragya leaves.

pragya comes and abhi makes her to sit in car and leaves from there.
pragya asked where they are gng and ask him to stop.
abhi stops the car aside in highway,far away frm her hme and gets down. pragya too gets down.

after a few mins silent, abhi spokes out. so finally ms.pragya arora is gng to get marry,congrats …
pragya ask him to stop as she is nt in a mood to speak and starts to walk through the road. few drunked mens came near her and ask her to get in car as they will drop her safely.abhi gets angry and beats them..they left saying we will give this beats to u later and leaves.pragya looks on abhi who waz seeing away from her and again starts to walk. abhi holds her shoulder and shouts, how can she do tis to him as he thinks her as his world ,how can she cheat, him like tis and cries.pragya slowly opens her mouth. she says bcoz of my mother. she takes care of me and bulbul and now she ask me to return wat she sacrificed fr her and cries. abhi says i will talk to ur mother bt pragya stops him saying ,u know i wanr to complete my degree and my aim is to bcme a professur and says if u really want to see me happy go away frm here and cries.

pragya ask the groom to eat samossa and laddu and happily smiles at him ,she sits with him and laughs

there is a twist ,dont get panic of, the precap.

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