kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 8


thanks guys fr ur comments.
frst i am sry i thought its necessary fr my story and kkk i wl change. and its happens when abhi comes to pragya’s hostel and pragya proposes him and he too. after this

after proposing, abhi takes vows of keeping her happy fr her rest of life and says i love u. pragya gets tears of his concern and ask him to leave as its late to go to home

purab sees abhi getting happy and ask him wats the matter. abhi tells him tat he proposes to pragya and tats on her bday and hugs him. purab says ,i know one day u will propose her and ask wat she said. abhi says good she accepted and ask him to sleep.
purab calls bulbul and says the news.bulbul tells to aliya and when pragya was abt to sleep ,bulbul, aliya comes and ask her wats between her and abhi. pragya refuses to say bt they teases her. pragya blushes and asked how do they know? bulbul says purab informed her and aliya,bulbul hugs her. bulbul says we r happy fr u both and aliya says then u r bhabhi fr me and smiles. pragya ask them to sleep.

next day
tanu,aliya,purab,bulbul, pragya waits fr abhi bt he says he will not come to clge
pragya gets sad as this is her frst day after her proposal day and she wants to see abhi and bulbul says offff di, cme on he will cme tmrw. pragya calls him bt switched off pragya gets angry fr nt informing her and the day fr her goes like many years without him
all tries to change her bt failed.

in nyt,pragya calls abhi, he ask her to cme to near by caf and they meets .pragya hugs him saying “i missed u soo much” and cries snd asked y he didnt cme and y he didnt inftm her. abhi says wait and tells its an important day fr him as he went to recording studio .pragya asked did he got selected. abhi nods no ,pragya saya its k no problem, they didnt know abt u and u will get a better offer than tis and smiles.abhi asked this means u missed me soo much ryt. pragya tries to change topic bt abhi holds her hand and says sorry fr nt informing u and promises from next tym he will infrm. and abhi dtops pragya.

till one month, they couldnt go out or speak bcoz they r busy wirh their exams and at the last day, abhi didnt cme to clge. pragya gets panic and all calls him after the exams bcoz all want to see him as their holidays began and pragya bulbul,tanu, purab to go to their respective home bt he didnt attend.
abhi meets them, pragya says y u didnt cme and u missed ur exam and u will hav arrear and feels for him

abhi says he went to studio and pragya ask is this imp tan ur exams,abhi shouts yes i want to becme a rockstar, i didnt need to study as i dont hav interest and says if u hav fear that i will not keep u happy after marriage bcoz i didnt bcme a rockstar and u can leave me and marry someone all gets shocked. pragya runs from there crying, aliya bulbul goes behind her.
purab says y u showed ur anger of nt getting offer to pragya and scolds him
abhi thinks he is ryt and he hurts her and leaves

pragya was crying hard on seeing abhi cmg ,bulbul, aliya leaves from there
abhi comes there and says i am sorry i shdnt say tat word. i am really sorry and wipes her tears.
pragya hugs him and cries hard. he ask her nt to cry and she says how can he say that word and she will be with him till her last breath….

guys i know ur confused fr u to clear. in lazt epi abhi comes to pragya’s hostel and proposes her. after ts tis epi continues. sry fr the last bad epi.

plse comment guys if i get feedbacks i will update if nt i will nt update, i will end up .

Credit to: naveena

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  1. nice… its gud that u changed the last episode now its looking gud.. keep going like this,….

  2. Can’t understand what’s happening

  3. Why is bulbul name in this

  4. Chandan Singh

    Kab take is serial mein alia aur tanu ka bhed chupayega jald ise same laye kyunki ab bardasht nahin ho raha hai. aisa lagta hai ki ye serial khali alia aur tanu ke liye hi banaya gaya hai kyunki sab much usi ke favour mein dikhya jata hai. Abhi aur pragya ke favour mein nahin aur aisa lagata hai ki serial sirf ek hi point ke liye bani hai. Aur bhi serial hain Jo jald hi koi bhi point ho use jald khatam kar dete hain lekin ye serial mein sirf ek hi point ko lekar 6 mahine ya saal bhar lagta hai us point ko khatam karne mein. Main aasha karta hoon ki aagle 5 – 6 episode mein tanu aur alia ka sach samne aa jayega aur kahani dusre story pe bhi jayegi. Thank you. Happy New Year

  5. yae its gud yaar..naveena dont stop updating..its going gud..u hav replaced tat episode..Gud job..naveena this is my suggestion..i think so everything is going fyn..but there is no villain role in ua fan fiction..so,we need some masalas and twists added..ua continue ua ff lyk abi’s 1st song has been succesfully launced..and he gets a gud name and popularty frm dat..he gained more money lyk dat..and now include tanu as a villian..coz tanu is always greedy of money and popularty..since abi had becum a bit popular producrs are requesting abi to set a model fa s 2nd song launch ..so tanu cums and requests abi too add her as a modl in s 2nd song launch..and by the way abi cant regrt amd accpts and by thn she gets chancs coz of abi..now she calculats in her mind lyk abi would bi perfect fa hm..coz he s rockstar and has more mony..now she plays hidden villian role she s tryn to brk abigyas rltnshp ..buy keepng abi busy (in audio launchs etc..)in btw praghya gets teary and she thnks abi had falln fa tanu..so it bcms an advantage fa her..to separate thm..abi gets soo distrubd..and too add on more spice am saying ths in an song launch..producer had askd tanu to be abi’s pair..she accpts..while thyr ramp walk..everyne says lyk thy r made fa each othr..perfect pair etc..by ths words abi gets irked and leaves her frm der..tanu gets more intrstd in abi frm now thn..its my view yaar..extend the story line..am expecting more than 100 episodes frm u..naveena..don mistake mi..its just an idea fa yu..u cant contnue..don stop ua ff..luv yu..waitinf fa next update

  6. now its good liked it.. pls continue

  7. I liked the first one that one is boring if u continued the other its gonna be much better

  8. I lyk yua ff naveena
    Don stop it ever pls

  9. Where is tanu

  10. Nice… Thanks for changing the storyline… Plz continue ur ff I really loved it n enjoyed a lotttt…eagerly waiting for next episode…

  11. do’t stop pls continue

  12. Nice that u changed the story… Continue with ur ff really its just awesome

  13. nys episode

  14. Awesome. I’m happy u changed ur last episode and replaced it.

  15. on saturday & sunday u r updating ff
    if u not updating plz updates for kkb fans b’coz your story is fantastic ,awesome there is no word to express for your ff
    this much i love your ff

  16. oh god abhinaya ,thanks frst fr ur suggestion and am really happy fr u and i think u hav nice stories. happy fr u ma

  17. Thank you praveena your episode is so good i wait for u next episode

  18. arewww yar pls change the story its too boring yar pls

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