kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 7


thanks guys fr ur comments. i know telly is updating more late so plse dont mistak me.

pragya goes inside her room and aliya, bulbul started to sleep as they hav college tmrw and pragya was awake and thinking abt wat hapnd betwn her and abhi.
on the time she gets a call
pragya: hello, abhi! u reached home safe
abhi : no but plse open ur window
pragya asked y and opens suddenly abhi comes inside.
pragya says y did u cme here, if anyone sees ….. go away plse and pushes him
abhi says i want my answer.
pragya says i will not say. abhi says fyn and was abt to wake bulbul bt pragya stops.
pragya says wat u r dng? plse go…
abhi says if u say i will leave and holds her hand.
pragya gets a breath and begans to say

I dont know abhishek…i dontknow who you are to me. I dontknow what this is..this thing happening between us. I never allowed any guy to comeso close to me. Never have i had a guy in my bedroom and that to through the window, i never lied to myparents or bhai about anything. But, now i have changed i dont know if its right or wrong but i feel its beautiful,You are important for me abhishek. i knowthat. You are now a big part of my life and you mean a lot to me.I never liked you beforeand i know it was same for you also and today i like everything about you. your i am cool attitude, your smile, your fear for horror movies, everything about you and want to be therefor you always. Idont know abhishek, it might happen someday we might forget all this and move ahead in life buti dont think anyone ever willbe able to replace you in my life..

and after silence she says I LOVE UUU… and hugs him. abhi was sooo happy tat he want to hear this and hugs her tightly
she feels good in his hands and still stays in his hands. abhi says i love u tooo……
pragya says, k u got the answer na now so plse leave from here.
abhi kisses her in lips and ask her to remember him forever. pragya blushes and abhi goes out saying gd nyt

next mrng,in clge.
abhi,pragya,purab,bulbul,aliya,tanu assembles in canteen. like normal days, tday pragya blushes more seeing abhi and he too.
aliya ask is everythg k bt purab says tat pragya,abhi are in love… both abhi,pragya gets shocked. pragy ask how he knows and looked angrily at abhi and leaves. abhi says how u came to know ,purab sayz u hav been pampering whole nyt abt tis, so i came to know. abhi says ohhh shit. now how am i gng to face pragya…
aliya says bhai, wats there to hide from us?
abhi says no pragya wants us to be silent till our marriage so tat it will look lik perfect arrange marriage. bt i spoiled it and walks to see pragya.

pragya was standing in the ground, abhi comes and says sorry. pragya says how could u and thinks its tough to speak with him
abhi says, pragya ; wat can i do? u r nt allowing me to sleep,u r disturbing me and gets sad. pragya gets smile of his answer and abhi sees it and hugs her.
and they comes. aliya says pragya bhabhi.. ohh i am so happy fr u and bulbul says jiju and teases him

as all things were gng smooth with abhi,pragya for almost a month, abhi decides to take pragya to his farm house. frst pragya rejected later she was convinced by all and they left to farm house. it is big house with swimming pool

pragya gets changed to her comfortable drezz nd abhi comes there and hugs her from behind.
pragya pushes him bt he tightened his grip.
he gets her in arms to the bedroom and places in the bed.

abhi gets near her, bt pragya gets up and abhi holds her and continues,wat hapnd? u dont trust me? pragya says but … abhi says dont worry i will not leave u till my last breath. pragya gets tears and lies on bed. abhi goes near her and covers them with deuvet and switch off the lights

next mrng,
pragya wakes up and can feel tat she was tightened she turns to see abhi ‘s faces near her neck and thinks abt their their past nyt. she gets up without disturbing him and goes to washroom.
she sees his fingerprnts in her neck,hands and smiles. she comes out and sees abhi sitting there.

precap : pragya asked y he is so irresponsible and how she can trust him and abhi says my interest is on music. its takes tym if u want me wait or just go ……..pragya gets shocked

hop u love tis epi.wanna cntnue plse comment

Credit to: naveena

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  1. ohhhh….no…. Abhi…..??

  2. Nice1

  3. Precap is not a sms movie dialogue na..

  4. U spell some lines wrong its like fingerprint on her neck and u put in her neck wow????????

  5. I think his words ll like vallavan dialogue??

  6. Naveena first like your ff but i don’t like this episode . because i like verymuch pragya only for the character.But u so discusting your story. pragya never cross the limits but u please change your story.

    1. I agree with u it wnt looking good for pragya character, whatever how could they think like this

  7. A little disappointed with ur ff I’m very sry to say tz.. Really I dint expect tz twist… N more r less I too go with the sweety cmt coz both abhi n pragya s damn sure not to cross their limits b4 marriage…ok may b tz twist hpn for a good reason lets hope for the best…bt really I love ur ff that clg love idea everythg Waiting for nxt episode

  8. Yua too fast .. N abhi is so responsible n pragya is a gem .. Such a gud girl BT y did lyk this in yua ff

  9. oh.naveena yu ff was so good yar..but u ruined it..praghya never cross her limits with anyone. in kkb na it tuk months fa her to undrstd abi and fall fa him..yu could have extended te stry line lyk praghya gets to knoe abt abi’s character bit by bit.even abi takes tym na..first of all abi is soo modern and he hates praghya’s behaviour at startng episodes.change the stry line yaar

  10. oh no abhi y u r doing this to pragya pragya will stay in her limit this is upseide down

  11. Abhigya would never crossed their limit before their marraige

  12. I also agree with abinaya’s comments.

  13. waiting 4 ur nxt update…

  14. waiting for next updating

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