kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 44

thanks guys for comments… and i m not getting more comments… so l m gng to end with epi 50…..

abhi is shocked of pragya’s talks and left from there…. later an hour ,pragya gets up … abhi comes with breakfast and greets her. pragya smiles and asked him to sit near her. abhi starts to feed her and asked abt her … why did u said lyk tat? pragya asked wat i said? Abhi says the whole thing… pragya remains silent….. and starts to cry..

abhi asked what happened?….
pragya sobs ,abhi asked her to say. .. pragya says Suresh. …..

fb starts…

first year in college, pragya enters with many dreams … first day of her college. she gets many friends . she was introduced to Suresh by her friend. pragya begins to speak to Suresh as he is also a topper in school days …
after few days ,Suresh proposed to pragya but she rejects it.. so Suresh decides to get pragya at any cost. so on the farewell of first year, he calls pragya through her friend to dark class room and forced her and thinks to abuse her. pragya tried to escape but he was strong and drunken.. later she pushed him with all her strength and leaves from there. she informs to all and Sarla slaps him..

fb ends….
pragya says so I continued my second year in our college.. then i met you… I loved you..now I married you…and so may be I said lyk tat…
abhi hugs her and says sorry pragya. .. here after I will not drink and it’s my promise… but I drank the juice only. . pragya says leave it. . and gets ready….

purab and bulbul comes and greets abhi,pragya, dadi,aliya ,amit.. purab says I brought a suprise to u bhai and bhabhi and gives the tickets.. and says aliya and amit can also join…aliya says no i want to go for checkup’s but bhai and bhabi can go and purab asked them to pack soon as they want to go tmrw. abhi and pragya smiles. bulbul says di i, I will help u.

in nyt ,
pragya was sitting in balcony ,abhi comes there and ask wat are you doing here? pragya says reading book! Abhi says arey, if you have tym for me … pragya says why are u asking lyk this .. ofcourse…
abhi says so tmrw we are going .. are you ready? pragya says yes…. abhi says so tmrw mr and Mrs abhishek prem mehra are leaving to Paris…
and takes pragya in his hand and takes to bed. when abhi was abt to kiss ,pragya looks on. abhi asked are you ready? pragya says no …I need some time.. abhi says it’s k… and sleeps next to her ..
in the morning,
abhi ,pragya gets blessings from dadi, Sarla,dasi and waves bye to all and goes to airport.
abhi ,pragya boarded the flight and it take off. . soon pragya sleeps in abhi’s shoulder, he protected her by surrounding his hands around her.. they reached paris and they met the guide and left to hotel…

the guide asked them to be ready in evening as they planned to go to mall… abhi ,pragya gets a short sleep of tired and both were ready for shopping…

as they entered the mall,abhi holds pragya’s hand as it’s crowded… but pragya says I am not a kid and takes her hand… soon in crowd both missed each other… abhi turns to see pragya was no where and same pragya didn’t find abhi. they both searches… abhi was scared now, she had no where to go. . She controlled herself from freaking out and went ahead trying to find Abhi. He triedlooking for her but it was nearly impossible for him to search the crowd. He ran back,trying to find Pragya. He was near to freaking out, just then someone hugged him from behind. He turned around and to his relief it was Pragya. He quickly hugged her and Pragya started crying.”I thought I lost you.” Pragya cried. She was still hugging Abhi and Abhi also seemed to be in no mood to let go. “I was so scared.””It’s okay.” Abhi consoled cupping her face. “You’re okay. I’m right here.” Hearing his words Pragya hugged him, knowing that Abhi cared deeply for her. He felt relieved and at ease after seeing Pragya, for a moment he had thought he would never see Pragya again. After some moments Pragya letgo.
he said let’s go…

abhi pragya ‘s romance …

hope u all moved it…

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  1. Please don’t end its really nice and ur ff .and there many silent readers too

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