kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 42

thanks a lot guys for much supports … keep supporting… tisha awesome yaar. .. nd sowmiya… wat a plot…. surbhi and all…. mind blowing…no words to express…

I think I Don’t want more to explain abt sangeet ,haldi bcoz I think tisha made well but I Wil touch lightly and there is a suprise for u and too pragya. .. keep reading. …

as per dadi ,the next day will be sangeet and followed by haldi and evening grand wedding. .. they don’t want to do sangeet function grandly bcoz for aliya and abhigya too agress.
the day of sangeet….

abhi was breathlessly searching for pragya, but could nt find ,sees purab flirting with bulbul and goes near them..
abhi: bulbul, where is pragya. ..
bulbul says she is getting ready… and wait. .. r u missing di ?
abhi says no I don’t miss her… afterall she is gng to be my wife … y i hav to miss her?
purab and bulbul laughs
abhi asked y u both are laughing. ..
bulbul asked him to see back nd he was suprised to see pragya… he could not take his eyes from her…. she is wearing a dashing white Saree which aliya gifted to her…
pragya says so Mr. abhishek prem mehra … u don’t miss me?
abhi says not lyk tat ,pragya says shut up… and leaves towards dadi..
purab and bulbul gives hifi…abhi ask now you both are happy? and heads to pragya.
pragya didn’t pay attention to him finally he drags her side and says sorry pragya. but she pretends not wish to listen… abhi says arey… are u angry on me… pragya nods yes… abhi says acha … and tickles her.. pragya laughs and says enough…. enough. ..
abhi holds pragya’s hand and says I was searching for you for more than 4hrs. .. and dadi comes there and takes pragya with her…

the sangeet function gets over. pragya nd her family leaves..

pragya was tired nd went to sleep… bulbul too hugs her and says tis is te last day I can sleep with u…tmrw u will go there… pragya hugs her and they both slept…

it was 11:50 pm, pragya’s phone rings.. she sees and smiles..
pragya: hello… wat hapnd ,y u called me?
abhi says say where am I?
pragya says ofcourse you will be in ur room…abhi says no… pragya asked then where… abhi says near a shop opposite to ur home.. pragya saw abhi standing outside and asked wat u want? Abhi askd her to come out… pragya frst resist but agrees… and jumped out of window without making any noise…
she came near the shop and finds nobody.. suddenly she could feel a familiar hands on her eyes…she says Abhi… abhi turns her and says 5…4…3…2….1….and happy anniversary. .. pragya says but tday evening is our wedding( as it is 12)
abhi says arey… pragya. .. u didn’t remember tis day.. one year before we confessed our feelings for each other… happy love anniversary and gives bouque to her. .. she says thanks …. and abhi says only thanks…pragya asked then wat? Abhi was abt to hug pragya but she stops him saying after our marriage. ..
abhi says ok but let’s go for a drive…
pragya says okay…and they left in car….

meanwhile abhi says wat a lucky couple we are… the day we began to love is the day of marriage. ..
pragya gets sad.. abhi asked y? pragya says I am getting frightened about our marriage.
abhi puts his hands around her nd says dont let any thing bad in ur mind… it’s our life… just you and me… I will BE on ur side always ,it’s a promise nd kissed her forehead. pragya hugs him and says thank u .
abhi says let’s go as it’s 3 am…. u hav to be there for 5 a.m. na…. pragya nods yes… abhi says don’t worry after marriage we will spend our life together don’t worry.
nd drops pragya. ….

next morning,
pragya’s haldi function gets over and abhi ask bulbul to take selfies with pragya and asked to send to him… when he calls pragya, bulbul Nd purvi takes the phone and trades him and says tat pragya is busy and cuts the call.

in evening,
panditji asked to bring groom’s….purab, ranveer comes with abhi and amit… and abhi was wearing orange with white mixed suit and amit was wearing blue mixed with white suit
.and panditji asked to bring bride… bulbul ,purvi, ishani brings aliya Nd pragya… pragya was wearing orange mixed white lehenga and aliya blue mixed white lehenga. .
both couples complete 7 rounds and abhi puts mangalsutra around pragya’s neck followed by amit….and abhi fills pragya ‘s maang nd amit did it also….
they got blessings from all elders and smiles. ..

in abhi ‘s room…
abhi comes inside and sees pragya sitting on bed and goes near her. he asked her to take veil but no reply…. he said if u don’t then i will kiss u…. suddenly he heard a voice.. purab takes the veil and says come on kiss me and teases abhi… abhi says you…how… where is pragya? bulbul and pragya comes out laughing. .. abhi says so it’s ur plan and gets angry and leaves to balcony…

pragya says to bulbul and purb tat i will take care… nd they leaves..

hope u all enjoyed…. comments plse…

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