kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 41

thanks guys and i completed my 40 episodes bcoz of u guys nd thanks to surubi,sowmiya,durga,sana ….etc…
the pple who don’t understand y amit wants to destroy abhi… I hav posted again. ..

the episodes starts with abhi leaving to amit’s house. he goes and calls amit…. amit and ritika comes there and amit asked why you are shouting man… abhi says haa you dont understand na… and shows the locket..amit was tensed… abhi says so you did all this. … amit says yes… bcoz of u , my sister worried and so I hurt ur sister … it’s tit for tat…. abhi says i …. harmed ur sister…. when… amit says yes during college days my sister loved you…. But …. U loved tat cheap girl… who isn’t worth… abhi says shut up…. u hav no rights to speak abt her… and you know one thing … I am not a born money man like you. .. now my wealth is I am earned. ..nd not lyk u who is living in father’s wealth….
abhi says now I am a rockstar bcoz of her. haa if ur sister loved me then she would have proposed na… y not.. amit was silent…

then abhi says i am here not to hurt you.. and i can give this proof to police but I didn’t… so don’t even think to harm my sister or family. and turns to leave…

amit calls him Abhi….. stop and goes near him. ..
I am sorry yaar I didn’t mean to hurt aliya… I love her…. But bcoz of my sister’s life I did lyk tat…. I want to marry her…. abhi says i can’t force her… if she accepts you u then i will not say anythg and … amit says I am sorry… abhi says it’s k and leaves. ..
amit says I am too coming with you…

amit and Abhi reaches mm. aliya sees amit and was about to leave but amit calls …aliya… aliya stops. amit goes near her and says i am sorry … aliya says y r u sorry? amit says hey aliya…. I understood my mistake ,plse forgive me… I want to live with my child and you… plse nd kneels down with his hands on his ears… I am sorry…
aliya says I will marry you for my child but tis doesn’t mean I forgive u… and leaves..

dadi says haa finally my two children’s are gng to marry and dasi says yes it’s good news and dadi calls Sarla and says tat abhi: pragya’s, amit :aliya’s marriage is gng to happen on same day…. Sarla says then my ball will be helpfull for us. dadi says ok and cuts the call…

abhi says k I will arrange and amit asked okay now can I leave… dadi says beta u better come here tday after marriage u can take aliya to ur home.. amit says good idea but my sister… ritika will be alone… dasi says being her …. amit sees abhi… abhi says no problem.and says dadi I have to call pragya…

pragya in her room taking rest nd getting scolding from sarla for not completing her lunch medicine,not taking care of her…. abhi calls her and pragya picks up…
abhi says hello
pragya says haaa. .. it’s me..
abhi says ohh I think my princess is in sad mood
pragya says nothing lyk tat
abhi asked wat hapnd? PRAGYA was abt to say but abhi says oh … I don’t have time to listen to you… he says our wedding has been fixed… pragya says really …. and was silent…
abhi says hello… are you there. … pragya says hmmm and says this time you will not hurt me na… abhi was shocked of her reply… pragya says if tis tym our wedding doesn’t happen I will die… abhi says pragya. .. don’t say like tat….I can’t live without you… and pragya says k I am really feeling sleepy. .. abhi says k good nyt take care….

next morning, dadi calls abhi and aliya and says k the date has been fixed… day after tomorrow is ur wedding. .. abhi says y so soon… I mean… dasi says Abhi. .. u don’t want to marry… wait I will say to pragya. .. abhi says dasi..dadi says Abhi I called Sarla and said and there is an important thing.. u and pragya should not meet for these two days… abhi says dadi …

dadi says it’s all our culture beta…
aliya says ohh so sad bhai… dadi says it’s also for u too…abhi smirks at her…
abhi calls pragya and says she laughs… abhi asked y u are laughing
.. pragya says I am free from ur nonsense talk for two days… abhi laughs… pragya asked why u r laughing. .. abhi says after two days u hav to live with me pragya. .. she says fyn. ..

i think it’s short but plse forgive me… next epi will be long….

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  1. Waiting 4abhigya s weddinggggg….plz update d nxt part soon yaarrrrr plzzzzzzzz

  2. nice… 😉
    waiting for their wedding 😀

  3. It’s OK for tat… Bt plzzzzz unite abhigya now plzzzzz don’t cancel the wedding tz time also n try to give some other twist.

  4. Then today episode s nice n sweet

  5. Best episode….

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar………Waiting for ABHIGYA’s Marriage………….

  7. Y pragya ignores abi by saying tat she is free frm his nonsense talk idont like tat wat wbt purab bulbul….we luv to see them…..

  8. awesome… waiting 4 their marriage…eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt update..

  9. u r great & your ff awesome

  10. Super duper hit episode and yup no need to regret as I think something big will happen in next episode that’s why this one was short 😉

  11. I need to really appreciate naveena for ur effort and with ur creative u have done 40 episodes great job!! ! And this episode was really great and I loved it

  12. nice yaar . pls change or redunce the obstacle in abhigya’s life

  13. Eager….to see purab bulbul…..i love them so much

  14. Nice episode naveena
    Go on with this
    I am waiting for abhigyas wedding
    I’m so excited
    Plz update the next episode

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