kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 40

sorry guys for late updates….

PRAGYA rushes in and Abhi shouts pragya…. not to go…. but she didn’t listen… pragya goes in but all sides ,the fire is catched. .. she thinks wat to do….anyhow want to save aliya and sees one way is clear..she rans and get into aliya’s room… she was lying unconscious on the floor. pragya takes her and put one of her arm around her shoulders and begins to move… aliya gains conciousness and says bhabhi… pragya says nothing beta we hav reached and almost trying to get out. but soon she saw all areas were spread with fire she ask aliya to go fast as she will come now.. aliya says I will not leave you bhabhi alone… but pragya pushes her.. aliya gets outside and falls on the ground. . all rushes to her. akash ,purab gives water and Abhi asked where is pragya, she says bhabhi didn’t come with me…

pragya inside could not breath and sees all areas were firing and says I have done my responsible works
… now I am happy if I die too..and falls down…..

5 hours later……

abhi was walking across the operation theatre he prays to God to save pragya. aliya comes and says it’s bcoz of me … abhi says it’s k and hugs her….

the doctor comes out and says nothing to worry she is fyn only bcoz of sudden shock, she had fainted… but she have to be under observation for two days. then you can take her to home.. abhi asked can I see her now? doctor says oh sure …..and leaves.
abhi goes in and sees pragya lying on the bed pale… he cries and goes near her. he looks at pragya and sits beside her holding her hand.. pragya opens her eyes and looked at him and smiles… abhi asked why are you smiling ? you planned to leave me na? I will not talk to you and fake to be anger. pragya says I am sorry, i didn’t think I will survive … and how did I ? and says wait….. wats there in ur forehead.. a bandage … how is it?
abhi says when I heard you didn’t come out ,I came in and sees u fainted … i picked u when was coming out it just happened. pragya tries to get up and Abhi helps her and she sits holding his chin… i am really sorry for hurting you.. abhi says hey… it’s my duty to save you and also selfish… without you how can I live? and hugs her….

at the time all the family members enters ,abhi thinks they will come in correctly but at wrong time and gets up. Sarla comes in and hugs pragya and kisses in her forehead. abhi says i will come and leaves with purab. dadi asked how is she now? she nods yes…

abhi comes out nd purab asked who had did this abhi? Abhi says I had called the commissioner. purab says I thought it’s an accident nd now it clearly says it’s pre planned. abhi asked bunty and bubli to come near him and asked did they put crackers … bunty says no…. one man came and he says he Wil fire the rocket .. he aims at aliya bua’s room and suddenly the fire catches…

abhi ,purab leaves to mm. they went near balcony and all the police ,have been arrived ,,they were searching.. when abhi goes near balcony and touches the floor and keeps his hand and smells it ,he calls purab and says someone planned and see when the rocket hits here ,the oil is also poured on the floor. commissioner orders all the police to search anythg tat the murderer left here. mean while ,abhi calls pragya and asked ,did u put the tablets ? its tym na .. before pragya could say bulbul gets the phone nd says jiju … moreover di is going to come to ur house… so please now give us some time to spend with her… abhi says ok madam I am sorry and cuts the call.
he sees a locket on the floor and opens it and shocked…..
abhi says to purab it’s just an accident… leave it… I think it’s not pre planned…
purab says but abhi… before he could… abhi says i am teling na its just an accident and pragya is also fyn now and leaves. purab thinks what hapnd to him? ??

purab comes to hospital and finds nowhere abhi…. he goes to see pragya. .. PRAGYA asked where is abhi?
he says whole incident… PRAGYA says I too don’t know why he reacted lyk tat and gets worried for abhi. aliya says don’t worry bhabhi .. everythg will be fine and hugs her…

dadi says in our home ,two marriages are going to happen…. dadi says haaa di. ….

guess who’s marriage…
aliya: amit
abhi: pragya

comment guys if you like or not

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  1. Superb story I thk aliya n amit coz amit vl act tat he changed and he vl try to create a problem in abhi n pragya marriage life… I guess… Today’s episode s superb…

  2. What a twist yr…. great and this episode was just awesome yr….. continue it I think Abhi pragya and the second one is purab and Bulbul

  3. great 😉

  4. Nice
    ..i tink purab bulbul n aliya amit

  5. naveena !!!!!!!! u always rock !!!! two marriages r going to happen i think abhigya and rabul

  6. Totally amazing and congrats its ur 40th episode

  7. Very nice episode

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb episode yaar……&What is the reason behind Abhi’s sudden change ?????I think Abhi – Pragya &Purab – Bulbul were getting married soon……..And Anyway CONGRATS for the completion of 40 episodes……..

  9. Superrrr its really amazing whatever it may be but do d marriage between abhigya nd i miss their knockjak fight plzzzzz nd also congrats 4 ur 40th episode…….keep goingggggggg………☺??

  10. U r great writer naveena

  11. U r a great writter naveena i read all episode they are simply amazing i loved it and plzzz update next episode soon and congrats for reaching 40 episodes

  12. And plzzz do marriage for abhigya soon

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