kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 38

thanks guys for more comments .and it’s a request from me ,I want sowmiya to continue her ff as I am waiting for her .so plse ma start….

in the morning,
pragya ,bulbul ,purab came to see aliya in mm. Abhi greets them ,pragya sked where is aliya .he says she is in room .Pragya says I will go nd knocks the door. she didn’t open. all comes there nd knocks the door but she didn’t. Abhi says let’s break the door nd purab nd abhi breaks it, and all goes in. they were shocked to see aliya lying on the floor. pragya goes near her nd asked bulbul to get water nd abhi calls the doctor

the doctor comes nd checks aliya nd says she is pregnant… all were shocked nd asked them to take care of her. pragya sits near her nd aliya wakes up. pragya asked how is she now? aliya hugs her crying …. bhabhi … I can’t live without amit nd I want my child to hav a father.plse do somethg bhabhi… Abhi, dadi and all leaves from there.
pragya says she will do somethg nd asked her to read nd calls bulbul to take care of her.
pragya sees abhi in anger nd goes near him. when she kept her hands on his shoulders ,he turns towards her .. his eyes r red… he hugs her tightly nd says wat I hav to do now…. I want to accept amit .. . one side my sister… one side you.. whom I hav to choose……

pragya says ur sister nd abhi brokes her hug. he asked are u mad?, pragya says we hav to sacrifice for aliya.. she says go nd speak to amit nd I m leaving. Abhi asked her not to leave him.. but pragya runs with tears asking him to accept the truth.
Abhi wents to see amit nd says he had accepted to marry ritika nd amit hugs him saying tmrw Diwali naaa. let’s hav the engagement.
Abhi leaves… ritika hugs amit saying ,u r my best brother. amit says ,RITHIKA he didn’t accepted u long back years ago for tat pragya. .. but now he has no choice… so get ready for ur engagement…
Abhi asked not to invite pragya for engagement but aliya decides to get her for engagement.

next day ,at mm.
aliya pairs up with amit nd ritika with abhi…. pragya comes there nd it’s only for aliya bcoz she insisted her… and both abhi – pragya’s eyes locks. ..
pragya was frst to broke it bcoz purab ,bulbul comes there .. amit asked abhi to put ring in ritika ‘s fingers .when he was abt to put …aliya says bhai… one minute… I want to introduce one person…. no two persons to u all ….
and sees amit saying ,he is amit BHATIYA who is the father of my unborn child nd tats ritika his sister. both want to mess our lives …so they took advantage of me… u pple know why they want revenge???,
bcoz his beloved sister loved my brother in college says but my bro loved pragya… so to seperate them these two used me nd slaps amit….
tis is for u cheated me…
another slap…
tis is for separating bhai… nd pragya. ..
amit asked her to stop it..
aliya goes near pragya nd gets her to centre nd says sorry bhabhi for inconvinence. . tis is to spill the truth of them before everybody. . so I did it.. pragya ask her wat she is dng? aliya says I am capable for upbringing her child… nd says I know u nd bhai will upbring my child.. pragya hugs her… aliya goes to abhi nd says I don’t want him to marry… so no need to accept ritika nd asked them to leave.. amit says I Will take revenge for this. aliya asked him to do wat he want

Abhi shouts pragya…. but she didn’t listen to him

I don’t want to drag so I finished in two episodes…
leave ur comments

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  1. Divya chandru

    Good and great

  2. Oh my god……… really a superb twist yr…. you described Aaliya’s character better now……. Pls make us happy to the extent to happiness like this only it was superb Naveena…..


  3. and yes thanks for supporting to bring Somiya back to the field….

  4. Nice plot

  5. Ohhh naveena grt grt grt grt job..really superb naveena u made the twist n a happy way with just a grt thought… I dint even expected tz… Really superb… Then I really loved aliya in today’s episode…

  6. superb yar….. i really really loved it… wat a twist… keep going…

  7. Great 😉

  8. Goood..keep going naveena

  9. Superb naveena

  10. I loved this episode a lot

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar……..Its Awesome……. Aliyah Rocked……… & somiya….plz continue ur ff yaar……

  12. Nice naveena it’s superb keep going yaar and upload the next part soon

  13. no,please don’t finish this…please continue…

  14. naveena really yaar i need to say u always ………….. ROCKZ …….. AND MY DEAR FRND sowmiya pls it’s a request from me and all go ahead with ur creative story

  15. i like todays 🙂

  16. Naveena, super twist…
    Great! Aliyas charakter is suuperb

  17. thanks guys

  18. Wow naveena.. Great episode.. And thanks for boosting me up……

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