kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 37

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Pragya asked aliya wats his name. aliya says AMIT BHATIYA. pragya says ,u don’t cry I will speak to abhi nd goes to him.Abhi was speaking to bulbul when he sees pragya tensed he goes near to her. Abhi asked wat hapnd? pragya says aliya loves amit and Abhi was shocked nd says k let me think. pragya says u can love nd marry as per ur wish but ur sister? she can’t…
Abhi says k baba I will meet his parents tmrw with u nd dadi . pragya asked not to say to dadi bcoz she may get angry on aliya so for her it’s ur arrangement k. Abhi nods …

Next day abhi somehow convinces dadi nd dadi,pragya, abhi, aliya left to amit ‘s house.
when abhi knocks the door a sweet young girl in black dress opens the door. Abhi nd pragya says together You….. RITHIKA ….. she asked them to come in . she says I am amit’s sister. Abhi says it’s good.

A man in dark room speaks to himself…. welcome mr. abhishek prem mehra to the hell. you hav to reply for my questions …. nd u hav to pay for wat u hav done before 5 yrs . nd I will pay back to u…. so plse don’t worry nd switches on the light when he heard a sound… amit…. come … aliya with her parents hav came.

Amit comes down nd abhigya sitting in hands together nd gets angry but he didn’t show. he comes down welcomes everybody nd hugs abhi. amit sits down nd abhi starts to introduce pragya, dadi ,nd amit says I hav only my sister ,she is… Abhi says I know she is out classmate nd she is RITHIKA .. dadi asked amit ,wat u r dng beta.. he says I am owner of RAB company. dadi asked r u sure u want to marry aliya. .. amit says but one condition. all looked at him…. he says I WILL MARRY HER ONLY WHEN HER BROTHER MARRIES MY SISTER……
all were shocked .Abhi says sooo u hav planned all this . amit says it’s not planed I want my sister to be happy nd it’s also my parents wish. we hav to marry the same family people.
pragya was not out from shock.. Abhi asked all to come nd they all leaves. ritika asked i told naa abhi Wil not marry me nd our plan floped they r gng . amit says they wil surely come nd abhi must accept U once aliya opens her mouth.

in mm
Abhi was at peak of his angry nd looks at pragya. Abhi says seee… way had hapnd? we went for aliya’s marriage bt he is asking me to marry.. pragya was thinking about tat incident.. Abhi shooks her and asked did u listen to me.. pragya says leave it.. Abhi says how can I? Pragya asked him to leave it nd take care of aliya.

aliya faints the doctor informs she is pregnant. … Abhi was tended…

guys it’s new track …I thought in kkb aliya used to separate Abhigya by hurting them. here too but in indirect way. .. will abhi accept ritika… and pragya will leave abhi. . keep reading

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  1. superb twist naveena really super ur ff is very nice

  2. awsume

  3. superb twist naveena really super ur ff is very nice

  4. Achacho very bad .. No .. No another one to pair wit either abhi or pragya .. Sorry .. To say .. Make them turn gud I mean Amit n ritika

  5. what a twist yaar…. eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt episode….

  6. Super twist,…, nice epi

  7. super twist

  8. Super twist… Enjoyed… Update next epi soon…

  9. super twist, nice epi…… waiting for next epi

  10. super twiest….interesting pa very super…./

  11. Wow I like the twist so much

  12. Nyc twist naveena

  13. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb Twist……………..

  14. nice twist keep going and don’t bring abhigya nearer I like it.

  15. what a twist naveena !!!!!! but who is amit wat revenge he is speaking eagerly waiting for your nxt part

  16. Solid twist naveena no match …………
    means guys just stop watching the original one watch this this is the serial yrrr this is called story……..

  17. nice twist yaar noce waiting fr next episode with much eager…

  18. Wow nice twist

  19. Superb twist… Really grt bt plzzzz don’t seperate abhigya plzzzzz

  20. thanks a lot guys

  21. Suprb..going..its very intrestinggg..nice naveeena….

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