kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 35

Thanks guys for lots of comments. On seeing less comments, I thought nobody lykes it nd haa tisha u r ryt nd thanks fr ur suggestion.

Bulbul leaves the room. Abhi comes nd sits beside pragya. Nd says u hav done more things tday fr me. Nd I now able to know how much my pragya loves me nd keeps his hand on her forehead . Then pragya murmers tat I love u abhi nd hugs him. Abhi smiles on her childness nd kisses on her forehead nd they both slept.

Next day morning.
pragya gets up with heavy head ache and calls ma. Bt then she knows tat she is in abhi’s home ,his room nd sees tat she is wearing abhi’s shirt.
She begans to worry nd thinks to discuss with him
Abhi comes in nd sees her ,pragya calls him nd make him to sit near her. Abhi says good morning nd asked u got up so soon? Pragya says good morning ….. Abhi sits near her nd keeps her hand in her cheeks ,he came to kiss her .pragya moved back with fear . Abhi fought to not laugh before her .he continues chashmish u didn’t fear yesterday but now y r u moving nd holds her . Pragya says I know u r lying to me nd say me it’s all jokes. Abhi says acha then y u r in my room, y u r wearing my shirt say…..
Abhi says afterall it’s gng to happen after our marriage so wats the problem.

Pragya begans to cry nd says now how I will face all ,they will call me character less nd cries.
Abhi laughs loudly ,pragya sys seeing my state is happy fr u. Bcoz of u I m in tis state.Abhi says nthg haopend yesterday ,I just make fun on u
pragya says no then y am I wearing ur shirt.
Abhi says u spilled the drinks in ur dress so I asked bulbul to change ur dress. i swear I didn’t see anythg nd I waited outside.
pragya says really nd beats him saying u don’t know in which things to make fun. I was shocked seeing my condition. Abhi says from now nobody will kiss me, hug me . Pragya asked y? He says everythg tat hapnd in the party nd both laughs. Bulbul comes nd asked shall we go nd pragya hugs abhi saying bye

She waves bye to dadi,Neil,ragini

It’s a question which I want to clear. U want abhigya to marry or to continue as they . Tell ur opinions plse

Credit to: naveena


  1. Surbhi

    First of all Naveena it was just awesome I not able to stop because while reading that I am laughing hardly yr can’t stop laughing u recreated that DDLJ moment yr it was good. and now coming to the point let them marry yr and yes start their after marriage nok jhok because we are missing it in the original one.

    😉 😀

  2. Nivethitha

    It’s ur wish dr. U just continue with ur storyline. I know whatever u do it will be nice because u r a good writer. So just continue in ur way and I liked today’s episode. It was cute and funny. Keep going and upload the next part soon

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Plzz get them married na……….Its also become more interesting ….after their marriage…………..

  4. razia

    Before marriage .. I mean don get them married .. It’s jus my wish .. Cuz if they gets married problems may arise by means of their family .. So better they lovers fa a long

  5. durga

    Yeah even I too don’t want abhigya to marry soon coz if they married then family problem vl arise so I vl missing their b4 marriage cute love.. So its my opinion to continue as they 4 few more episodes… Bt I hope even they got married also u won’t disappoint us so u go with ur ff as ur wish n in which side u can give ur best nu u felt take that side n continue ur ff naveena… Then today’s episode s really soooooooo cute n awesome… Then plzzzzz don’t even thk abt to end ur ff its my request…

  6. Star

    Love a bit more with nok jhoks and get then get them married with a twist… Story will be more interesting with lots of ups and downs..
    Sorry if u dun like the suggestion!

  7. Kirthy

    I love it….I love it…..I love it!
    It is your decision, naveena! I suggest to keep them as lovers and if you end your ff to get them married. Or if you have a interesting story line after marriage, then let them marriage! 🙂
    I support you in every choice 😉
    All the best!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.