kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 31


Thanks guys for all ur support. Nd I want to thank all for encouraging me by ur comments

Pragya thinks wat to do nd ask for help from surrounding. One man helped her nd takes abhi in his car to hospital.on the way pragya cries and begs abhi to open his eyes

They reaches the hospital nd admits abhi. She thanks the man fr helping nd he leaves.
Pragya cals Neil nd ragini nd they came. Pragya hugs Neil saying tat bcause of her he is in ot
Neil asked her to control nd says he will look nd not to worry nd enters the operation theatre

After 2 hrs Neil nd other doctors came out. Pragya asked he is fyn na dad? Neil didn’t speak. Pragya asked him to speak nd shouts to say.Neil says he is in critical stage ,if he doesn’t return to conscious tonyt he will go to coma

Pragya moves back nd says it could not happen nd sees small Ganesh idol nd goes near it

She says plse God save him.I could not see a person dieing bcoz of me. He loves me soo much, after a long tym I got a man who loves me. Don’t seperate me from him.plse. …. take me instead of him nd plse leave him nd cries

The nurse comes out saying ,doctor he is struggling to breathe. .. Nd runs. . Prague goes inside nd sees abhi lying on bed with oxygen mask etc… She sits beside him nd caresses his face in her palms. She says abhi ,plse wake up.I need u. .. I need u man to laugh with u… to fight with u.. to be angry on u… so on.
no change in abhi’s health
The doctors asked her to continue
Pragya says I need to tell onethg to u, u know wats it ,I love you abhi…. I love you sooo much
plse wake up ,I am scared of seeing u lyk tis nd gets up by holding his hands ,there is no change ,she cries ,suddenly she feel a tickling in her palms. She heads up to see nd feels happy tat abhi opened his eyes nd smiles at her. Pragya wipes her tears nd abhi with help of Neil gets up .pragya suddenly hugs him nd says cheater ….

Abhi thinks he is in heaven nd also thinks how many pple get this chance tat even though she lost her memory ,somethg had made her way to me nd hugs

Abhi says so u realy love me ,ryt?
Pragya pushed him nd says no nd gets up.Abhi says u r lying ryt . I am not in a mood to play ,say the truth
Pragya says it’s true ,I don’t want a person to die bcoz of me nd wat i said is just a thg to help u tats it nd leaves. Abhi was shattered

Pragya comes out nd thnks wat hapnd to me? Y I said I just lied nd says ohh God ,show me the ryt path nd leaves

Pragya daily misses abhi as the tent has been removed nd abhi was no more behind her ,she went to her shoot nd comes back .it’s her routine nd lost a person whom she loved nd she didn’t see him nd thought may be he had left to India

On the other hand ,abhi with ishveer ,yaa abhi called ishveer nd they planed a sequence in which pragya got jealous during the fake abhi-ishani ‘s engagement.

Abhi says them to repeat this sequence bcoz in which pragya blurt the truth tat she loves abhi.

He says tat pragya is cmg to her beloved frnd engagement so we hav to do this there nd winks at them.

Ishveer says k bhai nd they all thumbs up…..

Will pragya regain her memory or not. Abhi will marry pragya? Or he leaves her. Keep reading ,intersting truth r gng to reveal.

Sorry guys for short epi nd u all know I am lazy in typing so next will be a long epi… don’t be angry on me.

Thanks for ‘ll

Credit to: naveena

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  1. We r not angry for a short epi but we need the next part by today itself

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  3. Hey naveena no need to be sorry just continue yr u r going on a right track the episode was awesome . 😉

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  5. Plzzzzzzzzzz upload next part today itself… It’s very very very very interesting… Then I don’t even consider whether pragya vl regain her past r not only one thg I need plzzzzz don’t seperate abhigya for more episode…plzzzzz unit them as soon as possible… Today episode s suberb..

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome…… I loved it……..

  7. Nice episode naveena?.. Update the next part soon…

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  9. Yes plzz update next part….& unite them soon….

  10. Your ff was awesome but pragya should have to regain her memory and reunite abhigya please

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  13. Its awesome…. i loved it sooooo much….

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  16. i like ur ff so much naveena pragya will propose to abhi or not

  17. Guys fr sure I will try to update and thanks fr ur comments

  18. Heads off!!! It’s not short, it has many scenes! Naveena you are really doing a great job! Keep going!:)

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