kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 30


Guys sorry for updating late ,as I am enjoying others ff nd hands off to sowmiya nd tisha ,good story line ,keep it up guys . Nd thanks fr all who comment

The epi begins with pragya in her room thinking how to give suprise to abhi . Nd she gets an idea

Abhi as usual went to tent nd fall asleep.
as the clock stucks 12 someone with black dress nd covered face with black shawl entered abhi’s tent nd called him to get up.
Abhi was shocked nd feared nd shouted ghost ….. ohh help me…. nd asked it to go away from him
Pragya throws the shawl aside and says abhi it’s me… pragya. ..
Abhi says u… wat r u dng here?
Pragya says I came here bcoz I want to wish u happy bday nd takes a cake nd placed it on the table. Abhi says wow and pragya asked him to make a wish nd then cut the cake. Abhi wishes pragya to come back soon nd cuts the cake nd pragya puts the cake into his mouth nd cheeks nd says happy bday …Abhi says thanks for making tis bday a memorable one .
pragya asks abt the cake ,abhi says yaaa it’s too disgusting ,pragya gets sad , abhi asked wat hapnd? Pragya says sorry ,I did this cake . Nd gets sad. Abhi says I was joking yaar it’s Good nd asked abt his gift .pragya says oh I forget abt it nd takes a box nd ask him to open.
Abhi opens nd finds a watch. Abhi says “it’s watch” with little unsatisfaction.
Pragya ties it in his hand nd takes his hand towards his ears . Abhi was shocked as he could hear lubbb … dubb….
Abhi asked if u bought tis for me. Pragya says no I thought it will suit u tats it.
Abhi asked how it will suit to me?
Pragya says however u gonna lose in our bet for my rememberence in u I bought tis gift .Abhi gets angry ,pragya sees it nd smiles.

Abhi says leave it nd ask her if u want return gift? Pragya says return gift ?????? Abhi says s kiss nd goes near her. Pragya pushed him nd says I don’t need a return gift nd rans out of tent.
To her suprise it was raining.
she opens her two hands wide nd began to enjoy in rain.
Abhi who heard her voice goes out nd sees her be ask her to go otherwise she may be sick.
pragya asked y u r so concerned nd ask him to enjoy the rain.Abhi sees pragya happily dancing in rain nd gets a smile. She ask him to come ,he drags her into her house nd ask her to sleep nd tells her to come to restaurant in tym.
pragya says bye nd leaves

Next day ,in restaurant
Abhi was waiting fr pragya .he says to himself tt in India girls will be waiting for me nd here I hav to wait fr a girl .at the tym he sees pragya coming in black jean nd blue tops ,abhi states at her.
she was blocked at the enterance by the fans nd started to take selfies , abhi waits for half n hour nd gets angry nd heads near pragya, he says ex cuses us nd drags her aside. .
He says how can she take selfies cooly as I am waiting for u? Nd u think I hav no work ? My foot !I left my passion, my carrier, my house,my dadi ,my sister, my country fr u bt u?
Pragya was abt to speak bt abhi says enough go to home tday .I am not in a mood to talk .pragya rans from there.

Pragya thinks y I m hurted when he hurts me . Is tis means love bt how can I ???
Abhi thinks i had hurted her much tday ,May be she will be angry at me nd follows her

Pragya walks speedly ,abhi shouted pragya nd ask her to move but she didn’t as a lorry comes fast and was abt to hit pragya bt abhi pushes her a side nd it dashes him

Pragya turns back nd sees abhi in blood pool.
she runs towards him nd places his head on her lap nd cries nd asked y had he hurted himself nd bhi asked r u okay ? Pragya nods yes nd ask y he is dng lyk tis,? Wat he wants to prove?
Abhi says I love u ,I love u sooo much tan others in tis world nd u don’t want to see tears in ur eyes ,it hurts me .Abhi asked her to say I love u as it was his last wish . Pragya closed his mouth with her hands nd cries .Abhi closes his eyes.
Pragya shouts abhi….

Hope u all love tis story nd i want to speak to u pple. Nd frst thanks to all who takes their valuable tym to post comnents ,pple lyk sriti,regi,sowmiya, madhu etc ….. nd wants to thank all the silent readers nd big thanks to all.
nd one thg true love never ends nd we all want two pples who love to be together .nd don’t think the couple’s who r happy is living peacefully not the couple’s who don’t may live a hard life .it’s wrong the pole who can’t be together will be together in respect to their heart .in my story too. Abhigya loves each other nd want to cherish their love . So always accept nd be happy in ur life .

Thanks all readers fr supporting me a lot till now nd encouraged me soo muchh .thanks yaar

Credit to: naveena

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