kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 3


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the scene starts with abhi says noo noo dont do tat. pragya cries. bulbul cries dii.. aliya holds her. the goons slowly started to move with pragya,after reaching their car they cut pragya’s wrist and pushes her down. all of them runs and abhi takes in her hands and rushes to hospital. they admits her. the doc checks her and after 20 mins the doc comes out. bulbul goes and ask abt pragya. he says she is fyn and nt to worry. everyone goes inside. pragya gets up to sit bt cant,abhi makes her to sit and alia and bulbul sits beside her. abhi shouts tat i said not to go bt u didnt listen and turns away. pragya gets tears. he says if anythg happens to u then ….. he stops. all saw him he continued then who will make my assignment and laughs. tc chashmish and abhi,purab goes . tanu sits with her.

after a day all gets back to normal. all went to their classes.pragya could not take her eyes from abhi. though he helped her a lot she had a feeling than frndship bt she cant know wat is?
the professur says tat tmrw is the last day to submit the assignments.abhi looks on pragya, she nods ss

in abhi – purab’s room
tanu do’s her assignment,purab,bulbul,aliya begans their chatting and pragya and abhi sit together. pragya fnshes her assignment,helps fr abhi ,he rest her on her shoulder ; pragya smiles on him and atlast she says tat she fnshed and abhi hugs her and says u r the bestie in world. pragya shocked and she says time to leave and asked abhi,purab to leave them in hostel.

next mrng,
pragya was waiting fr abhi though aliya,tanu,bulbul were speaking to them bt she could nt listen she only waits fr abhi to come.
purab comes and pragya asked where is abhi? he says he left mrng bt he didnt reach yet?
finally abhi comes and says suprise and takes them to see his new car. all wishes him and ask fr treat. abhi says come and takes a cake from his car and cuts it. he gves to pragya frst and all says ahmmm…ahmmm… pragya smiles seeing them.

in night
pragya thinks abt abhi and says to her tat she is her frnd tat’s it and says no feelings pragya …..
abhi thinks abt pragya and says wat a new feeling on pragya and says he is a frnd and just a frnd and smiles.

abhi comes to the hostel secretly and calls pragya.
pragya : hello, hey y did u called?
abhi: plse open ur window and cuts the call
pragya goes and opens the window. pragya gets shocked as abhi comes inside. aliya and bulbul were sleeping tightly.
pragya ask r u mad?
abhi says i thought to c u so i came and hugs her. pragya feels comfort and then brokes the hug

pragya says wat u want? abhi says i came to c u and holds her hands he says i dont know, y but u r special fr me and pragya says fr me too.. u r special, they share an eyelock. pragya ask him to go as its time and pushes him abhi says gd nyt and leaves through her window.

precap ; abhi says to purab ohhhh my god i forgt her bday and rushes out.

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Credit to: naveena

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