kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 28


Thanks guys fr much feedbacks nd sowmiya I want to really say ur ff is great tan me

Abhi says so madam pragya plse be ready on tym.pragya says k countdown starts …
nd leaves.

In restaurant
Abhi waits fr pragya nd says girls will wait fr me bt now I m waiting fr a girl ,wats tis abhi. ..

At tat tym pragya comes in white nd pink colured Saree , abhi sees her nd lost in her beauty. Pragya comes nd clears her throat. Abhi realises tat he is out of presence nd says plse sit and makes her to sit

Abhi nd pragya ordered food nd they have. They started to talk abt each other ,abhi in his mind thinks ,pragya didn’t change though she forget all things bt the way she talk,laugh or same.

Pragya says then wat ? Abhi stands up nd pragya asked where he is gng? .Abhi says wait ,nd goes to dj nd says somethg in his ears nd dj agrees

Abhi comes back to pragya and asked shell we dance, pragya says sure y not nd abhi holds her hands

She keeps her hand around his neck nd abhi puts his hand around her waist .they began to dance, pragya thinks though I had acted with many men bt he… Abhi feels different fr me. I am dancing with him fr first tym bt how I feel is I had already danced with him

Music ends ,all claps ,pragya came out of her thoughts nd moved back ,abhi smiles at her.
She ask him to pay the bil nd come , abhi checks his pocket nd says I left my wallet in room itself.
pragya says wat how can u be so careless nd it’s date my foot.. Abhi ask her to pay ,bt pragya says I left my purse at home.

Abhi says u r a model ? Not hav sense of bringing purse .pragya says ohhh yaaa. .. me not bt u, u r a rockstar na ,y u don’t?

Abhi ask her to stop her lecture so tat they can find a way to move out of tis restau nd pragya gets irked

Abhi ,pragya goes to manager ,abhi says sir I forget my wallet ,actually tis girl brings me to ur restau nd says she don’t hav money so u plse excuse us

The manager says wat? U don’t hav money ,looking lyk educated man nd doing lyk tis? Abhi gets angry nd asked wat I know abt me nd pragya says to abhi to calm down nd ask sorry to manager.

The manager doesn’t agree ,abhi says look my frnd ,when manager turns to see abhi holds pragya’s hand nd they comes out nd abhi asked her to take the car nd they leaves

After reaching home ,both pragya nd abhi laughs fr the incident nd pragya ask him to go as there r only 9 days to prove u r wrong .Abhi says let’s see nd pragya asked wats the plan tmrw ,abhi says i wil tel nd leaves saying he but.

Pragya thinks y I m attached with him so much ,is tis love..no … no way nd leaves.
Once she goes inside her room she transfers the money to manager’s account saying sorry

Ragini,Neil comes there ,pragya asks wat hapnd? Ragini says u r happy tday it seems
pragya gets sad nd holds ragini’s hand nd says I went to date with abhi

Ragini looks on Neil ,he says good nd u will be tired so let’s speak later nd they leaves

In hall,ragini says how can we allow pragya to meet abhi ,Neil says she is not our own daughter ,she had to go once she got al things nd consoles ragini

Ragini says our son nd daughter r not there now nd tells when the accident hapns our son is 1 1/2 yes nd our daughter 2 months . They reached to god nd cries

Next day pragya sees through window abhi was not there she cals him bt he didn’t pick up ,so she went to his rent it was empty and she gets sad

She didn’t see him fr half a day ,she thinks y m i thnking abt him nd tries to change her mind bt could nt .finally abhi comes nd ask pragya to come with him. Pragya asked where? Abhi asked her to come and they leaves…

Abhi nd pragya reaches a school. Pragya asked why we hav came here ,abhi asked her to come nd they goes in .

When they goes in principal comes nd takes them to a class. Pragya says y We hav came here?
Abhi says u r gng to teach this students abt values. Pragya says, abhi don’t play I am a model not a teacher nd m afraid to stand befre students…
Abhi ask her to try nd he nd principal sits back

Frst pragya gets feared nd later she started her lectures nd feels comfortable nd lyk she seems herself as a trained teacher.
All claps after her lecture ,bhi says good and salutes her ,pragya says I don’t know I will get feared when I see crowd by now I m happy nd suprised tat I won nd says thanks to abhi. Abhi says it’s k nd thinks pragya is getting back to normal.

Prague nd abhi in car ,abhi thinks it’s lots of days gone I didn’t say anythg abt pragya to our family nd ask pragya can we take selfies?

,pragya says fyn nd they took selfies ,he sent to aliya,dadi ,purab,bulbul nd they drives happily.

Pragya asked abhi y he did lyk tis ? Abhi says bcoz I love u ! I don’t want to see u in pain . Pragya says wats tis? Nd cries . Abhi ask her to say I love u fr one tym … pragya looks on

Credit to: naveena

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