kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 27

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abhi thinks how to get pragya nd she doesnt remember at all nd thinks
pragya in her room was reading a book when she heard a tune
she gets up from bed nd says i heard tis tune befre but where and its also i think close to my heart nd looks out window.
its abhi playing tat tune
pragya thinks its late nyt nd itne cold he is standing here…
nd goes out to spk

abhi stops playing when he sees her nd pragya comes there, abhi asked u remember tis tune, pragya says no… bt i heard tis tune somewhere

abhi says its ur fav tune u usually ask me to play tis tune
pragya says no… i had heard nd lies tat it is not close to her heart and was abt to leave.
abhi holds her nd ask why she is not telling truth
.pragya pushes him nd rans

abhi mets a doc there nd tells abt pragya’s condition ,doc says she can when someone reminds her nd may be any incidence,abhi thinks nd says k doc. bt doc says if pragya gets dizzy plse bring to hospital immediately. maybe she remembers all we try to sort out.
abhi says k nd leaves
he thinks wat to do? nd gets an idea……

next morning pragya gets up ,sees the tym and says ohhh i m late and tday is my imp program nd rushes
she comes down nd eat a banana, ragini ask her to eat bt she leaves.

she comes out and get shocked…
its abhi …. he is constructing a tent outside her house ,opposit to her house.
she was shocked and calls the police ,but the police comes nd says abhi….the rockstar
.we r great fans of u man and says we r migrated from india so we know u nd says to pragya not to hurt him.
pragya gets irked nd neil comes and says leave pragya.
. nd they both left

abhi fnally finshes nd gets inside the tent nd says ,pragya see u hav driven me mad, fr u the rockstar is in tent and says bt i can do anythg fr u baby..

pragya ,neil nd ragini were having food. neil ask ragini to prepare a plate nd ragini does and neil asked pragya to give the plate to abhi as he will be hungry

pragya says but…. neil says beta we dont want anybody in hunger nd pragya heads to go

pragya goes inside the tent nd sees abhi playing guitar ,he stops when pragya comes in.

he says madam pragya had bought me food, pragya its not me, my dad asked to give nd was abt to leave
abhi holds her and turns her tat she faces towards him..she sees his love in his eyes nd could not resist

slowly abhi asked wat u can see in my eyes. pragya says me
abhi says not only in my eyes. my heart also belongs to u. nd they hav an eyelock

pragya pushes him nd says gd nyt.nd runs.abhi says tak care baby because u belongs to me and smiles

next day, pragya sees him he winks at her pragya goes to the studio ,abhi follows her, she asked y he came here? he says to love u more.. pragya ask him to stop bt abhi says y u fear tat u may love me? pragya says fear fr me no ways ,abhi says then challenge .pragya asked wat challenge …
abhi says in ten days u will accept my love nd ur defeat
pragya says challenge accepted

abhi says k lets start the day count from tday nd says tday eve u hav to come with me for the dinner nd pragya says i wil not love u nd u soon will see ur defeat.abhi says lets see who wins

abhi nd pragya in dinner, abhi asked pragya to dance with him, she says y not sure

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  2. super duper naveena i read it 4/5 times

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    It’s Really Interesting……. soooooo cute………..

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