kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 23


Guys after a long tym, I am writing . And I think there r more ff are being posted and I am happy fr tat I too enjoi reading and guess I receive only less comments ,y guys

Pragya says to ranveer ,let’s go and leaves . Abhi cries seeing pragya moving away from him
RANVEER and pragya in car ,ranveer ask pragya ,y di u r not forgvng abhi. Pragya says I don’t want to broke again.RANVEER silently watched the tear escaped from pragya’s eyes. He thinks y she is complicating and hurting herself and thinks to solve

He drops her ,pragya ask him to cme in bt he says I hav imp work and leaves.bulbul comes shouting ranveer bt he goes
Bulbul asked wat hapnd ,pragya says dono

Abhi comes inside mm and sees dadi nd aliya siting in hall.he asked they didn’t sleep,aliya says bhai where u went, we were waiting fr u
Abhi sees dadi and runs towards her. Dadi asked wat hapnd? Abhi says I did a mistake dadi ,I lost pragya and I can’t live without her nd cries
Dadi says beta precious things is not easy to get so plse wait till pragya completely forgves I

Abhi says k nd leaves.
RANVEER comes to restaurant and smiles seeing a fair lady . He go’s nd hugs her ,it’s ishani ,ranveer’s frnd

He sits with her ,ishani asked wat hapnd ? .rv says everythg and says i want to unite them. ISHANI says I hav an idea nd says to him.te says super and says I will go to pragya di nd say wat u said now

RANVEER goes to pragya’s house ,he sees fr Sarla maa bt she went out with bulbul .there is nobody in house

Pragya says ranveer wat hapnd?
RANVEER says that diii how can he do this?
Prgya asked wat hapnd?
.rv says di Abhi the rockstar is gng to marry nd the girl is my frnd ,it’s not been officially infrmed nd there is a party tmrw . Pragya says so wat ? Bt ranveer could see hurt in pragya’s eyes
RANVEER says di how can u?
Pragya says it’s his life and it’s good he loves on
.rv says u r lying ,if not prove it. Pragya says how can I prove. ,rv asked her to come with him tmrw to party ,pragya says no ,but he insist and leaves saying be ready tmrw

RANVEER goes to abhi ‘a house sees abhi and hugs him
Meanwhile tanu ,mani came y he called them .aliya too comes they shares a plan with her and all says k

.next day at party
RANVEER and pragya comes ,pragya to herself says he calm pragya and they sees abhi standing rv hugs him and abhi asked them to come in as they r waiting fr then

There was aliya ,tanu ,mani and their college mates .rv cmes to centre and he says tat he is happy tat his frnd is gng to marry a rockstar nd he points at abhi nd winks at him. Abhi smiles
RANVEER says here the girl cmes ,pragya turns to c ,its ISHANI in black gown ,she comes and hugs abhi

Abhi ask wat r u dng? ,u want to join us or separate .
ishani says don’t worry abhi nd breaks the hug
pragya bcomes jealous bt she controlled
Abhi holds ishani’s hands . Pragya says to her calm down ,,ur normal …rv ask them to dance ,abhi and ishani dances ,pragya looks on…

Credit to: naveena

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  1. Divya Chandru

    Cute , but episode is too short

  2. Awesome yr u r just awesome I have no words I am speechless 😀

  3. Navee I was waiting for ur ff until then I was breaking my head so nice really do exams well a and also ur ff till now its rocking different and just making fans happy enjoy excite

  4. Really it’s super started with serious but ended with excitement… when abhi asked ishaani that u want us to b unite r separate was really a laughing dialogue ya.. it was after late update but it is short update also..

  5. Naveena dnt feel bad for less comment yar… actually I want to say this to all writer’s who r right now writing on abhigya fiction… in previous month thr was very less seriously less than 3 r 4 ff only thr but getting good response but by this year more than 15 is on track now for al wat happened I dnt everyone started the ff by little similar to each other like someone started of college students abhigya, somebody of present track of kkb at a time al r started updating really it’s very hard to read us…which story we r reading & which story we r continue reading very whr we were confused so pls guys who r planning for new story pls wait for some time of atleast any one track will get to end… By this way u all writer’s also get a good response & encouraging..

  6. it’s just my opinion & suggestion dnt mind yar..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Oh…Pragya gets jealous….. Superb yaar…….Update the next one soonnnnnnnnn…….

  8. Thanks rasha fr saying ur opinion nd ofcourse it’s short bcoz u pple know I am very lazy to type so bt from my next epi i.e., I hav posted one bt it’s by updated after tat it will be long, nd thanks fr all who spends ur valuable tym to comment thanks all

  9. It’s very awesome please update next episode soon

  10. semma hit… plz update nxt episode soon… am waiting…

  11. Superb n soooooo cute jealous on pragya I love it…plzzzz update next part as soon as possible u can….. Plzzzzzzzzz

  12. super next episode update soon

  13. Super….

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