kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 22


thanks guys fr support, i think its my last epi as i hav exams

pragya rans from there and abhi thinks not to follow her and leaves inside,pragya sees the beach full of pple celebrating valentine’s day, she goes near the sea and says nobody likes me,nobody truly loves me, they all hate me and i will not live anymore ,let abhi will know how worth am i after my death and walks towards water as a big wave was abt to hit her ,a man pulls her and slaps, pragya sees him and hugs him crying ,i am no more …. he doesnt want to see me, the man consoles her

the man comes aside and calls abhi, he says tat ur beloved girl was abt to suicide but i saved her ,i will msg the address plse come and take her

abhi was shocked and leaves in car
he comes to beach and sees pragya sitting and goes and pullz her into hug
pragya hugs him and started to cry and says how can u say to me lyk tis ? abhi says, i am sorry and pragya says i was abt to go but he saves me, abhi asked who and sees the man standing. he brokes the hug and was abt to leave but the man holds his hand. abhi sees him and asked wat? he says to take pragya? abhi asked pragya who he is? pragya says its…

RANVEER, my brother. abhi was shocked and asked ur bro? she says my dad married another woman and their son he is! abhi asked how sarla ma accepted? peagya says frst she didnt but later when she came to know tat dad abd lady was dead, she accepted

abhi feels guilty fr questioning pragya, he holds her hand and says i m sorry and plse give me a change

pragya looks on him and takes her hand from his and azked ranveer to come
abhi cries

precap : ranveer says to ishani tat they hav to unite abhi and pragya, ishani says i hav a plan

i know all will curse me as i intro ranveer bcoz i dont want to mak more complicated and sorry guys fr small epi
i think next epi will be post on friday.
and u pple wait fr entry of ishani she is gng to bring abhigya together and i want to know u guys want abhigya to marry or continue as such, i hav thoughts of both bt i want ur suggestion

Credit to: naveena

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  1. Don’t end the ff… But continue after ur exams !

  2. Anything u do is ok for me naveena cuz I know it would be correct

  3. awesome & all the best for exam

  4. Do as u wish naveena I know that u vl give best episode in any one of the both twist bt only one request plzzzzzz don’t end ur ff just continue whenever time gets atleast 1 episode for a week if not possible give a break n continue aft ur exam sooooo plzzzz don’t end it I want ur ff to continue plzzzz… Thn all the best for ur exam

  5. thank u sooo much ma love u all

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    plz don’t end ur ff…..continue it…..after ur exams……Its gng Awesome……. & Also don’t separate ABHIGYA for so much time……Unite them after some nok – jhok…….& ALL THE BEST… for ur exams………

  7. All the best naveena for your exams and plzzzzz continue the episode after exams as today’s episode was awsomeeeeee

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