kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 21


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As pragya leaves with tat man abhi follows them.pragya gets in car and abhi in his car following. Abhi thinks if pragya had got into another relation…. and says no. . The car stops in front of pragya’s home and they goes in.
Abhi stops the car and decides to wait till they return

And after an hour finally the man with pragya,Sarla ,bulbul comes out ,he hugs pragya and bulbul and gets blessings from sarla and leaves.
Now abhi could not imagine how jealous nor angry he is with pragya
Slowly all went inside and abhi goes to his home .
He was roaming in his room thinking if he is her fiancee, she got engaged ,how can she do tis to me , I will not leave her even though she leave her. Wait and watch pragya I m cmg ,he says to himself

Next day as clge is off, her frnd neha asked pragya to come with her as she is nervous to date with abhi. Pragya says to herself I hate him ,neha asked wat ,pragya says nthg nd they leaves

Pragya nd neha waiting for him , abhi comes there and says sorry lovely ladies pragya looks angry ,abhi asked y she is angry and he says only lovely ladies not anythg .pragya looks away from him

In restau a man comes with Mike and says guys tmrw is Valentine’s day and many pple may be in relation and many may broken bt tday is gng to be enjoyable day who can create new love or one can repair their relation
Abhi ,pragya looks at each other

The man comes near abhi and says rockstar ,ok we can begin with him.sir I know u hav lots of fans and I want to know r u In relation.
Abhi looks at pragya and says no now I am not! The man ask then u hav been in relation ryt. Abhi says yes . The man ask does he loves her now also.Abhi looks on pragya ,pragya in her mind say yes abhi…..
Abhi says I …. now…… i now to love her. Bt I dnt want to disturb her and says yaa tmrw is Valentine’s day so be happy.

The man ask him to dance ,pragya looks at abhi bt abhi asked neha, to dance with him,she got happy nd leaves.

They dances bt most of tym abhi looks at pragya ,she got tears in her eyes ,

And there is a game of exchanging jodi’s within them.
Suddenly pragya goes nd hugs the man whom abhi saw with her and the man takes pragya out.
Abhi fumes in anger and goes behind them

He holds pragya’s hand, the man ,pragya both r shocked ,pragya takes her hands after several attempts bt he holds her again.
The man was abt to speak bt pragya stops him

Abhi takes pragya aside and ask wat she thinks of her ,how can she cheat him and how can she marriage someone , pragya ask him to mind his language bt abhi asked who he is ?
Prague says it’s none of ur business and ask him to enjoy the party and leaves.

.the man and pragya in car

The man asked y u didn’t say the truth. Pragya says it’s not imp fr him .the man ask now too u love abhi .pragya looks on and says don’t know

By the tym aliya comes to home with mani and tanu and abhi was not interested to listen to her bt she says tanu and mani loves each other.
Abhi was shocked and gets happy and hugs them
He ask tanu to cal pragya fr her togethr now

All were assembled in club except pragya ,abhi was searching fr her finally she comes .
Prague hugs tanu be Nikki and says she is happy for them and aliya wrongly gives drinks rather than juice to pragya ,none of them noticed and after a drink pragya asks fr another , abhi looks at her glass nd ask how she drinks ,pragya ask him to be silent and ask for another drink abhi says no… pragya says k come let’s dance and drags abhi to floor. They dances whenever pragya was abt to fall abhi holds her and pragya says ,u r the best man in the world and says I love u …..
Abhi was shocked and ask her wat did she say ? Pragya says I love u man….I love u….
Abhi takes her in his hands and gets happy aliya tooks a snap to show to abhi nd pragya and unfortunately the tym also stucks 12 0 clock and hence it’s Valentine’s day.

Soon pragya gained her conciousness nd ask did she tel anythg ? All nods no nd abhi smiles at her ,she ask y he is smiling and abhi gives the video which mani shoots ,she sees ,she telling I love u too abhi. She then gives camera to mani and with tears in her eyes and says it’s nthg lyk tat I didn’t mean..
Abhi was anngry and ask her to leave aliya says bhai.. Abhi says let her leave ,pragya gets up and leaves ,she was crying and some drunken man starts to tease her and started to touch her ,mani gets angry and was abt to get up ,tanu ask him to sit and watch the movie ,she winks at him and he gets to know it’s her plan
as pragya was not steady she was abt to slip bt abhi holds her ,he beats them and takes her outside

He shouts y she is hurting him ,if she is with him nor away u hurt me ,just I don’t want to c u again plse leave and turns , pragya runs towards him and hugs him .saying I will leave u Abhi don’t worry … I will not come before u and runs …. Abhi calls pragya bt she runs….

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Credit to: naveena

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