kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 19


guys, i hav created a fan page , “kumkum bhagya fan fiction ” plse lyk tat page ,i thought of gvg a gift to abhigya for entertaining us so i want to help me my lyking tis page and u can post pics,stories etc plse guys lyk it and share with ur frnds

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pragya gets ready and goes to college, she sees adi running towards her, she gets him pragya ask how r u beta? adi says i will not spk to u pragya! pragya ask y my baby? adi says u left me yesterday after i slept! y pragya? abhi says adi to call her aunty not by name
pragya says its k and says sorry my baby, wat i hav to do now to make my adi happy

adi says pragya ,shall we go to beach? plse!! pragya says but i hav classes adi abhi says plse come otherwise he will break my head and says i will spk to principal
pragya agreez and they get into car and leaves to beach

adi runs on seeing beach, pragya ask him to come, abhi says leave he is so smart and also he wil not listen to u
pragya says but ,at the tym adi comes and ask pragya to come
she says i am feared bt adi says hold abhi ‘s hand bcoz i used to do in my small ages

pragya says he already left her hand and abhi looks on her
adi ask wat, pragya says nthg i dont want any help,come lets go

adi and pragya was not inside the water but the water level is till their kneez

as they were playing abhi looks on them and while they playing pragya lost her control and fall inside ,adi looks for pragya and calls abhi and runs towards him and abhi ask wat hapnd? adi says pragya ….pragya.

abhi makes adi to stand there and searches for pragya, abhi could not find her and shouts pragya ,he sees her dupatta floating in water and picks it up and shouts pragya to come. he seez her, run towards her and picks her and they reaches to abhi’s place

abhi calls doc and takes care of pragya, adi says sorry abhi,abhi hugs him and says its k and they sit beside pragya

guys i know its short epi bt i am working for fb page so … and wish me best of luck also

Credit to: naveena

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  1. This one is awesome naveena…. And sure ur fb gonna get more likes… 🙂

  2. best of luck naveena and i pls upload the next part soon

  3. ok.sure i will like your page

  4. Divya chandru

    cute episode , all the best

  5. So good can u give me link of the website

  6. awsome but make abhi realize his mistake and don’t forgive him for that so easily pls

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Of course ,Best of luck NAVEENA…..I will surely like ur new fan page…And my frndzzzzzz also…..Anyway, The episode is Awesome….. Go ahead……

  8. Nice episode yaar… Today’s episode s simple n sweet…

  9. All the best for ur fb… Then I’m damn sure u vl give ur best in that too n u vl rock in that once again all the best for ur fb n wish u get more likes

  10. princess sparkie

    Best of luck ur fb gonna get 1000 of likes and update another epi long..

  11. i had also created a grp guys kumkum bhagya fan fic stories especially fr u guys in fb, plse join

  12. I liked that page 🙂

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