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Pragya does all the works correct ,bulbul helps her as she is her student in last year and pragya’s frnd called her tat chief guest hav been arrived. Pragya goes there and was shocked to c abhi . She can’t speak a word and abhi too suprised nd he was frst to come out of shock.

Soon they heard a little voice Abhi. ……..
all turned and camera’s were turned towards tat smal kid.
The kid ask abhi ,”now also u left me alone na ” abhi says no and takes him. He is 4 yrs old boy looking like rockstar,the media asked abhi abt tat boy bt befre abhi could spk he says I m little rockstar and hugs abhi. They went in

Pragya was broken down ,she thought ohh abhi got married bt how could he?
How can he marry and can cheat her.at the tym principal asked pragya to take care of abhi

She goes to the guest room where abhi and the kid was there ,abhi looked at her and broker the eyelock and says aadi …. and holds him.
aadi says leave me abhi.i want to play. And who is tis abhi? Abhi says it’s pragya aunty ,say hi To her. Adi looks at pragya nd says hi and says u look beautiful.. pragya smiles at him

Soon abhi gets a call… hello… ya he is here … playing …. u want to speak …hold on…
abhi calls adi and says mumma want to speak .
Adi speaks and gves to abhi ,he says tk care I will be there soon .

Pragya looks on she could not speak bt smiles tat abhi is settled and says I will come and leaves

The function starts nd when abhi went to stage ,adi gets patch up with pragya,he starts feeling comfort with her and when abhi comes down and finally the function gets over ,abhi ask adi to come with him bt adi says he will go with pragya . Pragya says u r a good boy na go with him and tmrw onwards he will come to our college and we can meet ,adi says promise.pragya promises him and leaves .

Pragya thinks abt adi and hopes to c him tmrw
next mrng,
pragya waits fr abhi,adi to come,principal says abhi will not come nd train our students ,pragya asked y ,he says don’t know
Pragya cals abhi and abhi says adi has fever nd we r leaving to Mumbai ,pragya says she will come and goes there to c adi
adi gets up on cing pragya and hugs her. She checks temperature nd made adi to eat good,medicine and made him to sleep

Abhi and pragya was in living room.
After a few mins silence,pragya asked how adi got fever,abhi says the climate is not well as well as he misses his mom.

Pragya turns away from him and wipes her tears . Abhi asked if she is crying and turns her. Pragya nods no bt abhi lift her chin and and look into her eyes. He ask why she is crying ? And says it hurts him
Pragya says finally u got a woman whom I loves and says congrats ,abhi says hold on ,wat u say I m married ,my child . Ohhhh pragya no I am not married and adi. … adi is my brother’s son . As dadi is not well bcoz I broke our marriage and i didn’t agree to marry other girl ,now she is fighting with her fate and my brother akash nd his wife is looking care of dadi and so I took adi with me.
Pragya gets tears on hearing to abhi and leaves from there.

Pragya feels guilty fr thinking abhi cheated her and cries hard.
Abhi remembers how he met pragya and how he falls in love

Precap. Adi comes running towards pragya,she took him in her hands and abhi looks

Credit to: naveena

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