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Abhi and Pragya was in car,pragya could not believe wat had hapnd so far,abhi ask her is she fyn? Pragya came out of her thoughts and asked abhi to stop the car. Abhi stops the car and pragya says ,abhi is tis real or I am dreaming. Abhi says it’s true and pragya asked abhi how did he explained abt their love. Abhi says ohh it’s big story and I don’t want to spoil my mood,pragya says plse…. abhi says k

Fb starts
abhi felt worried fr hurting pragya and planned to suprise her. He gets her address from bulbul nd reaches to Kolkata ,he goes to Sarla, Sarla says rockstar… pragya’s dadi says she is her fan and they started to talk. Finally abhi says i want to marry pragya ,maa. Sarla gts shocked. Sarla asked how he knows her daughter,abhi asked her to listen bt she ask him to go.
Abhi says ,ma plse listen to me,I lyk pragya very much than everything ,she too lykes me bt the prob is she is feared to say to her ,and plse ma don’t mistake her and says without pragya in my life I am not here ,bcoz of her I am a rockstar now and cries. Sarla says k beta but ur family… abhi says don’t worry abt them and I want ur ans ma. Sarla sees dadi ,she shakes her head and abhi smiles and ask them not to say her and leaves

He goes to dadi and says abt pragya ,frst she got angry on him bt after she came to know tat without pragya,abhi could not live and agrees

Fb ends

Pragya cries and hugs him .pragya says u hav done a lot fr me ,bt I didn’t…. abhi says ,pragya ,y u r spking lyk tis and hugs her.
he ask her to get down and pragya ask where we r ? Abhi closes her eyes from behind and ask her to come with him

He ask her to open her eyes,pragya opens…
it’s dark and abhi was no where…. she says abhi where r u? .plse come I am scared! Abhi says say I love u ,I will be infront of u. Pragya says I love u and he switches on lights ,it’s new mansion.decorated with flowers, and abhi says suprise!!!!! Pragya says u bought it fr us ,abhi says s and says u, me,dadi,aliya r gng to live…

Pragya says super ,and they share some romantic moments,abhi says let’s leave

In pragya’s house ,Sarla ask pragya is she k tomarry abhi. Pragya says s nd abhi’s dadi hugs Sarla ma.

Dadi says day after tmrw is engagement and ask Sarla it’s k ?she says s and abhi says call bulbul,purab,tanu ,aliya to come . Pragya blushes and they leave

Pragya calls bulbul and says all thgs and she gets happy and they got ready to come to Kolkata tmrw

Next day ,all were busy to leave to abhi’s new mansion and bulbul teases pragya and on other side purab,aliya teases abhi.
Sarla’s family arrives, Dadi says tat they came and abhi rushes down to c pragya and was disappointed when dadi says she left to her room and all laughs at him

Next day In engagement,

All were enjoying and bulbul says may I hav ur attention plse and says before abhi jiju and pragya di exchange their rings they should enjoi the last moment of their bachelor’s life and says abhi to dance with tanu and pragya to dance with mani. Prague says no bt bulbul drags her and mani too ask her dance ,she looks on abhi who is angry and dances with mani. Abhi too dances with tanu bt abhi looks on pragya and the dance gets over.

Pragya sees abhi walking outside the mansion and follows him
Abhi stands there angry and when pragya comes and touches him he frst didn’t respond bt pragya cries to c him .
Abhi says it’s k nd pragya ask him to come as it’s tym to exchange rings ,abhi says wait ,I hav to say u onethg tday is our engagement and after one month our marriage and we r leaving to America bcoz I hav an imp dealing which will last fr 1 yr.is it k ? Pragya says but my ambition ,abhi says u can continue In us. Pragya says I can’t leave my maa and bulbul . Abhi says I know u will tell like tis ,bcoz u won’t trust me nd u trust only tat mani. Pragya asked y u comparing ur prob with mani . Abhi ask her she will come or not? Pragya says no and abhi says k let’s call off and leaves

Abhi comes in followed by pragya, he says I am sorry fr inconvenience and me ,pragya not in mood to marry so we thought to call off and I am very sorry. All looked shock

Pragya falls down in floor bulbul,purab holds her ,aliya was abt to go near her bt abhi says let’s go and takes dadi and aliya with him

One year later……..

Bullbul calls diii, where r u ? It’s tym fr clge . If the prof itself is late then how wil students come and starts the scooty. Pragya comes and says sorry ,they leave .

In college,
the principal calls pragya and says tat tmrw in our clge ,there is a program fr our students nd I should take care of al arrangements and guest too
Pragya nods k and leaves

Pragya’s frnd says tat the guest has arrived,pragya went to receive them and shocks to c …. it’s abhi. Abhi was also shocked.

Hope u guys love it

Credit to: naveena

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