kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 16


Thanks guys fr comments ,I know there ws lots of mistakes in last epi I thought re writing tat epi bt after so much feedbacks I think I Don’t want to write ,hence my exams r cmg may be I can’t update bt sure I will update one more before Monday and HAPPY PONGAL TO ALL

Pragya goes from there angrily and says to al that she is leaving,aliya and bullbul follows her and purab asked abhi wat he did? Abhi says I didn’t do anythg ,I asked who is tat man to her ,she got angry and leaves.it’s not my mistake.

Purab says how can he ? ,and tries to calm himself and asked abhi who is tanu to u?
Abhi asked wat? U don’t know.purab says I need answer only,abhi says my fend ,I mean my best frnd fr past 12 yrs

Purab says lyk tt fr pragya di mani is her best frnd.abhi thinks on. Purab says i want to drop them and leaves. Abhi says to himself ” yes ,I over reacted to her ,she will be hurt and will not speak to me ,he thinks to appology bt lt he thinks to give a big suprise and plans somethg

After two days
Though pragya was angry on him bt she misses him .she thinks ,,he didn’t even call her and says sorry not meet her,she thinks he still hav doubt on me and mani and prays to God to give her strength to handle him

At the tym pragya gets call from sarla
Sarla: beta ,how r u ? U r fyn na?
Pragya says fyn ma, and y u called me?
Sarla says ohhh ! I forget to say,beta u and bulbul cme by tmrw
pragya: maa is everything k
sarla says I am so happy fr u beta, tat u r gng to marry a man who likes u so much
Pragya asked what????..
Sarla says pragya don’t get panicked, he likes u when he saw it photo and agrees to marry u
Pragya says mmaaa but my studies?
Bt it was nt the reason bt it ws her relation with abhi.
sarla ma says ,beta he agreed to marry u after ur studies and also agred tat U can work after marriage
Pragya was shocked ,she could not convince her and cuts the call
She immediately calls abhi ,bt he didn’t pick ,she sent lots of messages bt no reply.
she thought to explain ma when she reaches home. She says to bulbul and both next mrng leaves .before leaving as tanu ,aliya,purab came there to send off them, pragya tells purab to explain her situation and ask him to meet her. Purab says k and aliya says pragya ,we r there ; if there is abt prob cal us

Pragya keeps on calling abhi bt he didn’t pick up and she was tired of calling him as they reached Kolkata

Pragya, bulbul reaches their home sarla maa hugs them and says it’s late and they Also be tired of travelling and ask them to sleep as groom’s family will cme tmrw mrng and leaves

Pragya thinks tat last tym ,he was with her nd they stopped marriage,bt now I am alone and remembers the moments with abhi . And she decides to tel Sarla as soon as she can

In the mrng ,all in pragya ‘s house were preparing except pragya who is sad. Bulbul says let’s see if that man lykes I ,if so it happens we can think a plan later di. .
bt u hav to get ready now and leaves
Pragya was in no mood to see them. As she hears bulbul saying they all came and want to c u,pragya gets panicked.

She slowly walks with bulbul to hall and sees an old lady sitting with her ma and dadi and they were seen happily,pragya thinks not to spoil nd when the old lady spots pragya, she asked her to come and sit ,pragya sits gently with her ,the old lady says u r perfect to my grandson and says she lykes her . Pragya spots a man sitting with a newspaper covered his face ,he was gentle with full sleeves shirt and jeans, she could not say any complaint and the old lady asked if she lyks her grandson.now pragya was not able to control her tears and cries. Sarla ma sits near nd asked wat hapnd beta? League says ,,, maa I don’t want to marry tis guy ,he is good bt I don’t lyk him maa and heads to go to her room. She stops once she heard a voice
” u don’t lyk me then y u proposed me tat day ”
Pragya turns and shocked to see. She sayss u. ….
bt how? ….

Yes it’s her abhi ,the rockstar and she don’t know how to react ,she was in deep shock and speechless ,abhi comes near her and asked , u will not marry me and pragya with tears in her eyes hugged him tightly. Abhi says it’s k my baby ,I am sorry fr hurting u and hugs her back.
then bulbul says hmmmm,pragya pushes abhi back and ask him how did he came here and convinced dadi,maa.

Abhi smiles and ask Sarla can he take pragya out? Bcoz she will feel uncomfortable when u old ladies r here,dadi asked wat? Abhi says oh i mean gold ladies.sarla nods yes and abhi holds pragya’s hand and leaves. Bulbul shouts hav a nice day

I hop u al love tis track and don’t tynk abhigya will marry soon bcoz it will fail and many more twist r there ,stay tuned to abhigya forever

Credit to: naveena

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