kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 15


Guys less comments ,u pple didn’t like tis track.
tell me if u don’t ,I will end tis

Pragya looks on abhimanyu and tanu says he is super,hot looking man ya ,pragya asked her to control.abhimanyu comes and sits in the last bench and looked like he doesn’t want to be in the class. After the classes all left,pragya sees abhimanyu standing n the corner with sad face,she excuses from the gang and goes near him from behind. She calls mani. ….

He turns back and sees pragya at the same tym abhi comes to entrance and sees pragya ,mani standing over a long distance from him. He was and to move bt stopped by a man who ask abhi fr selfie and pragya continues to spk to mani.
pragya: mani ??? How did u came here and everything is alriyt na?
Mani didn’t spk fr sometym and begins to spk

He says no pragya ,I am not fyn and I cannot stay here ,I don’t lyk tis clg .
pragya asked wat hapnd? Mani says my dad remarried a veil lady and she came to our house with her 2 daughters ,she wanted to separate me from my dad so tat he will slowly forget me and she don’t want my dad to give my shares.

pragya says I know uncle loves u so much and if he loves u truly nobody can seperate u from ur dad so keep all tis aside and concentrate on studies
Mani says u r my best frnd and I know u could solve it nd thanks pragya .she says it’s k and by the tym abhi comes there and mani says bye to pragya and leaves.

pragya turns and suprised to see abhi and ask him when did he come. Abhi in anger tone ,says just now and ask her to come as it’s late.

Pragya and abhi in car
Abhi thinks to ask pragya abt the man who was spking with and thinks how can she doubt his pragya and thinks he may be her frnd and tries to change his mood by not thinking abt it

League noticed tat abhi was silent and ask him where they were gng ?
Abhi stops the car and turns to pragya and asked her “do I love me” pragya looks on and says ofcourse and asked him y he is asking me lyk tis ? Abhi says ntng , just I asked and now a days I could not spend tym with u … and says sorry
Pragya says it’s k abhi and I don’t want to waste tym with these talks bcoz I could nt know whether I could get tym like tis again.abhi smiles at her and drives to cafe.

Purab and bulbul started to share bet them bcoz purab helped more when pragya got accident an d a relation arrouses between them which is beyond the friendship

At nyt, abhi drops pragya nd goes back to Delhi as he has a program and purab drops bulbul
Aliya knows tat there is smthg bet them and acts to spk with pragya
Aliya says ,di u know in my class one girl wil get lost in all clsses ,,she used to date with her dearones. As bulbul is listening to her blushes and smiles.pragya came to know it’s bulbul nd ask her abt it .bulbul says nthg lyk tat and rid from there.

Next mrng
Anni could not concentrate in his work as he thinks abt tat man and pragya and calls pragya ,bt she didn’t pick up ,hence he decided to go and meet her

In class
Mani and pragya shares their personals and tanu,aliya,purbul also accepted him as their frnd and they decided to go to movie ,to change mani’s kind

At nyt, abhi calls pragya bt she didn’t pick bcoz she was busy in talking with mani
Then abhi calls purab and asked where r them? Nd purab gives the address and abhi says nt to say to pragya tat he is cmg

Abhi comes there and was chatting with each other and goes near them. Puram was frst to see him and goes near to hug him.bt abhi stops him and says “wow ,,u guys r realy enjoying the dinner ,I think I disturbed u guys and says sorry ,purab asked y he is spking lyk tis
abhi sees mani near pragya and says wlcme man ,bcoz of ur presence all forget me even my pragya and looks at her. Pragya looks at him and was abt to spk bt abhi stopped her by saying ,u guys forget me and thought as I bcame a rockstar so tat I can’t come with u na and bangs his wrist in the door.

Purab says it’s not lyk tat and says mani is also out frnd and intr,o’ him
Mani says ,abhi u r wrng ,nobody can fill ur place and says I heard a lot of good things abt I ,don’t mistake ur frnds ,abhi didn’t listen to him and says pragya,I want to speak to u and hold her hand and they leaves

Abhi drags pragya out of the restau and says u can’t even attend my phone na ,u r so busy with spking to tat dammit ,pragya says I don’t even know u called me and takes her phone and sees
Oragya says sorry abhi and tries to control him
Abhi says wats the relation between u and tat mani
Pragya didn’t expect tis frm him and says just frnd and says there is nthg beyond her bcoz I know him fr past 10 yrs
Abhi says so u want to spend ur tym with him ryt. Pragya says u r over reacting and I am not in a mood to spk to u and leaves

Pretty gets sarla’s call nd gets tended ,she cals abhi bt he didn’t pick .pragya goes to kolkata

Credit to: naveena

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  4. Guys I m sry many mistakes its pragya not league and abhi ask her how can he doubt on pragya and he ask pragya tat she lives him
    Sry fr mistakes
    And I typed in mobile ,so mistakes sry guys

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