kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 12


guys y less feedbacks. do u guys lyk tis track or i hav to change.

pragya ask them to leave her alone and start thinking of abhi. all leaves from there. bulbul cries tat she could not see her sufferings and she also says tat , its frst tym, di loved abhi, bt how could tis happen and now pragya di is broken down
purab consoles her, aliya tries to speak bt bulbul doesnt respond to her.
tanu says its late, i hav a shoot tmrw, so i am leaving. all says bye to her and purab says i am too leaving and asked bulbul not to worry

after sometym bulbul and aliya enters into room seeing pragya lying on couch

she was sleeping tightly so they went to bed without disturbing her.

in the morning
aliya and bulbul gets ready fr clge bt pragya didnt get ready. bulbul says to aliya tat pragya will not absent herself fr the class bt tday? .
bulbul asked pragya to get ready fr clge, pragya says tday i am gng to tak leave. u guys go fr clge. bulbul, aliya looked confused. pragya says i am fyn and ask them to leave

in the clge.
abhi comes with ritu as her father asked him to take her as she is new to tat clge and feels annoyed and searches fr pragya
he asked ritu to go to class and searches fr pragya, he asked tanu, purab bt they didnt say anythg.

fnally he went to bulbul and asked her fr pragya. she says pragya dii didnt came to clge and befre he could ask she leaves.

abhi was totally bored tat day without pragya and was fumed fr presence of ritu. he could nt do nthg with her and gets angry on him fr proposing her long back ago

next day
pragya,purab,aliya,tanu,bulbul were sitting in canteen. they shocked tat pragya was acting normal. they thought tat she forgived abhi. pragya was so casual and preparing notes.

abhi comes with ritu ,she says gm to all and sees pragya. she says hi pragya and hugs her. pragya, instead of getting anger hugs her with smile.
abhi was staring at pragya and he is sure tat pragya is angry on him as she didnt look into his eyes.and hence he knows tat she will be angry at him fr wat he had done on day bfre yesterday.

pragya leaves by saying tat she is gng to library and abhi thinks tat now pragya is alone and he can speak to her. abhi goez with her as following and pragya asked him y he is following her and ask him to leave. abhi holds her hands tat makes her stop and she took her hands away . abhi sees pragya’s eyes with tears and he hurted her and turns pragya’s face towards him and pragya could not hide her tears, she begans to cry.
she holds abhi’s collar and asked i am really a frnd to u? then y u came to my hostel at late nyts? y u solved a prob tat hurts me? say abhi….. and cries by placing her head on his shoulders. abhi looks on of her sudden reaction and just he her tight.
pragya breaks the hug and was abt to leave
abhi held her hands and went close to her. pragya could see abhi ‘s eyes with tears. bt she was no more ready to fall in love.abhi says sorry pragya…..i am really sorry. i know i love u so much than anythg in this world and tat ritu she was torturing me everyday and i could nt tolerate her. fr her parents and says if u leave me i will die
pragya places her hands on his mouth and nods no ..they hug. allah wariyan plays.

they both return to canteen in hands together
all were happy fr them. at tat tym abhi gets a call and attends and was speechless. all asked him wat hapnd ,pragya asked him to say, he says i got an offer from big company. they had selected me. i hav to attend the function tmrw
everyone says congrats and abhi says to pragya tat when she returned to him, he got a big offer and hugs her. pragya says congrats.

abhi thinks pragya as his lucky charm and he was happy fr it.
pragya feels happy fr him and all asked him fr party

precap : in the party abhi : ritu dances fr a romantic song….. pragya gets an accident and admitted in hospital

Credit to: naveena

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