kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 11


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pragya gets tensed tensed on seeing parmeet walking towards her. abhi keeps an eye on both of them

pragya just wished him hi bt he pulled her into hug
abhi was shocked as he hugs her bt he controls himself. pragya breaks the hug and sits and parmeet sits on the opp chair.
parmeet ask her wat she want to talk and he speaks endlessly without knowing pragya was listening to him or not.
then he slowly picked pragya’s hand in his and says i decided tat we can go to goa fr our honneymoon and smiles at her. pragya was at deep shock. abhi comes there and he beats by throwing him on floor forcily and saying u want to go fr honeymoon? bt befre tat u will go to hell fr touching my pragya’s hands and he beats. parmeet asked ur pragya????? pragya ji wat is this? bt befre he could fnsh he got a punch near his mouth. pragya drags abhi and says tat enough abhi! ! dont beat him and takes him from there
abhi gets in and pragya follows him and sits in the car.
pragya asked y he beats him lyk tis and abhi shouts how can he touch u as u belongs to me only. anyways pragya, his chapter is fnshed. pragya says how it cme fnshed? u beaten him.then he will go to my house and says evrythg. wats tis abhi? she turns to look at window. abhi says yes, i forget abt tat and turns the car towards the cafe. both of them sees parmeet sitting with ice bag
he shouts ” no ji she is ur pragya dont beat me plse. ” abhi sits near him and says good boy, bt u shd nt say abt this to sarla aunty ,he nods his head ..and says to pragya tat she is a lucky girl to hav abhi as her love. abhi says no i am lucky to hav pragya as my love and winks at her. they waved bye to parmeet and walks towards the car in hands in hands.

abhi says” so madam ur prob is fnshed and u hav to return somethg fr helping u like kiss etc
he comes near her but pragya pushes him saying stop! he says k bt there is only two days fr college reopening ,u shd cme to hostel one day befre k” pragya says k and they leaves.

as the day goes pragya comes in, the family members are sad except bulbul. sarla says he didnt know abt our pragya, he is unlucky person in world and curses him. pragya slowly says ,ma its good. i hav to complete my degree and i got more days to stay with my family and hugs sarla.

as per the plan pragya,aliya,bulbul comes to hostel and abhi, purab, tanu picks them and they had a great day. abhi spend most of his tym by admirring at pragya. the day wents on

college reopens
the whole college is waiting fr imvite the freshers. pragya,abhi,bulbul,tanu,aliya, purab were never interested in ragging others . they were chating as usual tat day. a young fair lady looking more modern closes abhi’s eyes from behind. abhi was quite puzzled and takes the hands from his eyes and turns to see who is tat? abhi was shocked to see ritu ( a new character i introduced ) . she hugs him saying, how r u my baby.? pragya starts getting angry on seeing both of them. ritu says i am sry baby, i missed u when u leave me alone. bt i am now happy to see u and hugs him ..abhi brokes the hug and says i will intro all and says as u know aliya is my sister and tanu is our classmate since from kids. ritu says how can i forget tanu and hugs her. he intro purab,bulbul as frnds and at last he says ” tis is pragya ……. my…..”

all were waiting fr his answer and he says my………friend

pragya gets tears bt tried to smile. later she calls tanu and ask abt ritu as she was her classmate
tanu says” u dont know, how many fans does ritu hav ,and one amoung them is our abhi. he proposed her in the centre of campus, bt she rejects her. slowly he forget her bt now she is back, i think u hav to speak to abhi abt wat he feels befre somethg happens wrng and hugs her and says tmrw is our abhi’s bday. better u wish him frst and win his heart before ritu. pragya was arranging all thngs fr party and gves work fr all of them..

pragya says to aliya to call abhi at 11:30 pm so he wil reach at 11:50 and at sharp 12 all burst the fireworks like rocket etc
all were gng by plan, as aliya thinks bhai will not cme soon if i say tat we r hav get together and gets an idea

at sharp 11:30.
aliya calls abhi, abhi picks and ask her wat hapnd? why did she called at tis tym. ? aliya says” bhai! bhai! pragya diii got accident, plse come to our near by highway and cuts the call. abhi gets panicked and rushed to the highway. all r standing at the side of highway filled with trees and abhi could not see them tat they r hiding

abhi comes there, seeing nobody in road, he shouts pragya!pragya! and it was dark and tym is 11:58 pm.

pragya slowly comes with candle befre she could reach him, ritu comes from behind saying happy bday abhi, and others didnt know abt ritu they burst crackers and came out of the bush. and shocked. pragya runs from there, abhi calls her bt she didnt stop to hide her tears from him. bulbul says i will take care and leaves.
abhi asked ritu to go home as it is late and she says k.
after she left, abhi asked wat hapnd? purab says pragya dii planned to wish u frst bt all fails and says i am gng to see her and aliya, tanu says we r also cmg and leaves. abhi feels all alone in road.
he thinks tis is the worst bday of his life and turns towards the car
pragya cries hardly,bulbul hugs her and consoles her purab, aliya tanu trying to change her mind bt failed.

precap : in the college, abhi was searching fr pragya,abhi asked tanu ,she says dont know, he asked bulbul ,she says” pragya dii didnt come to college” and leaves. abhi was shocked.

Credit to: naveena

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