kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 10


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abhi ask her,if he leaves her and allows to marry another man, she will be happy? pragya looks on. abhi says dont worry, if the groom says i dont like tis girl, ur mom will nt force u na ? pragya ask how? abhi says ” i hav a plan”
he drops pragya in her home and tells the plan. pragya gets happy and says ur plan is good and hugs him.and she leaves to home.

next eve,
pragya gets ready and gets panicks, bulbul asked her nt to worry and pragya tries to smile.

the groom’s family arrived. sarla maa asked bulbul to get pragya to hall, she comes sarla maa ask to sit with groom.frst pragya didnt see him after bulbul insist her, she looks at him. he is a nice bengali guy ,fair and fat. bulbul calls him as uncle. pragya develop courage with her and starts to flirt with the man as abhi ‘s plan. she ask his name, he says parmeet, pragya ji. and says ‘pragya ji u look beautiful. pragya smiles and bulbul,pragya one by one asked parmeet to eat samossa, laddu etc. sarla ask parmeet tat he likes pragya? parmeet says “i like her” and sarla ssk pragya abt it,pragya says i want to know abt him frst ,so i want to spk to him alone and ask him to meet her at caf tmrw, he agrees

after all left,pragya calls abhi and says evrythg. abhi says, good ; its gng by our plan, tmrw is the end day fr this.pragya says maa is cmg and cuts the call

next mrng, in the cafe.

pragya and abhi came there befre an hour to meet parmeet. pragya says she is feeling guilty to hurt him
abhi says” u better marry parmeet” pragya kicks his shoulders and thinks of somethg. after 3 mins ,abhi asked wat she was thnking? pragya says’ i am fnding a place fr honeymoon to go with parmeet’ and abhi gets angry and gets up to leave. pragya burst into laughter and says sry ,just jok.

abhi says to pragya tat he is opposite to her and ask her nt to wry and sats in the opp table with newspaper in his hands covering his face

precap : abhi beats parmeet, pragya ask him to stop and takes him from there.

Credit to: naveena

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  1. wow awesome epi…. gd going….

  2. Short episode:(

  3. wow naveena the precap is a joke

  4. abi and pragya drama was very nice.

  5. richa (titli)


  6. Why he is beating yaar

  7. Nice… Bt y short episode…

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s tooooooo short …..yaaarrrrrrr

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