kumkum bhagya abhigya forever 2 Episode 5

Guys I want to thanks for all supporting me till now…I am going to end….ha…no abhigya forever or any more….bcoz I am not getting comments. ..I tried hard to write well but I couldn’t….so just I am simply quiting ….and yes….tisha,sowmiya,reji,ammu,queen,surbhi. …all are very good in writing…and ha I will not miss your episodes….I will surely read and comment….

Ok moving on…I am here to express what I feel ….the ongoing track. ..I don’t know what will happen but it’s just my imagination ..

Abhi comes to hall and announced…may I have your attention please
…pragya, tauji,taiji ,akash ,rachna ,purab,tanu,dasi,dasi,mitali comes….abhi says I want to share my happiness with you all…Tami asked what

.abhi says such much….and smiles at her..and says I gonna marry tanu in one week…pragya gets shocked…dadi,akash, rachna ,purab too was shocked. …abhi says let’s start preparation. .tanu says thanks abhi and hugs him.
.pragya leaves from there with dadi and purab ,rachna…..

In room,

Dadi says we have to do somethg…as the situation is bcomg worst ..purab says pragya di don’t worry…we will do somethg

.pragya says whats there more. .let him marry….Dadi ,purab,rachna was shocked…Dadi asked what did you say….pragya looks at them and laughs…..Dadi says why are you laughing. ..are you gone mad
..pragya says come inside na…how long I will do solo performance. ..the trio looked at door…it’s abhi who walked in…Dadi says abhi…pragya says dadi don’t panick it’s plan …..

Flash back shown. …
PRAGYA comes to room and sees abhi sitting on bed
..she goes near him and says I want TO tell uno thg to u…abhi says ha…pragya says I am failed…I tried to expose her in front of u but I could not…abhi asked who…pragya says tanu.. .abhi says now what about her…pragya says she is not caring your child it’s someone….and says I don’t have proofs..pragya says I think you know I am the one who fought against all and want you both to marry …but when I get to know about this I decided not to give back. ..and tells everythg….abhi says I have trust in you …and we will do together….pragya hugs abhi…

Fb ends…..

Abhi says ya dadi don’t worry
..Dadi says sorry beta for not telling truth. .Bhi says it’s ok…..

Next day…abhi fixes camera in tanu’s room…and moniters her …she gets a call from nikil…she cursed him for calling her…and keeps the mobile on bed and leaves to washroom..Ronnie comes and copies the no on his phone and leaves…he gives to abhi…on dialing he sees nikil as he is saved on his mobile…he goes to tanu ‘sroom and shouts at her …and was about to slap ..but pragya stopped him…abhi asked her to get out of house….

Hope you all loved this…

Ok guys a big bye …Tata to all…….

If I hurted you people anywhere sorry …..enjoy reading …

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  1. Hi Naveen pls continue ur ff iam a silent reader but I love ur ff a loot pls don’t stop it in half pls do continue it… 🙂

  2. bye bye

  3. Plz countinue the story with aaradhya. We r waiting. Plz don’t quit. I am a silent reader but today I had to comment on behalf of all the silent readers. Pls don’t quit. I want to find out about aaradhya. Then at least do that and join the three of them together happily and tell us why pragya left Abhi.

  4. naveena pls dont end urs na its awesome pls pls pls continue the story with aaradhya na there are many silent readers pls dont quit urs its awesome

  5. hey what u r doing….we liked ur episodes..why u r quitting…plscontinue witj abigya and aaradya ….pls..

  6. Naveeva plz don’t quit…
    Plz continue the story with aaradhya
    .we r waiting.. Don’t do like this… Plz plz ….

  7. Naveeva plz don’t quit…
    Plz continue the story with aaradhya
    .we r waiting.. Don’t do like this… Plz plz ….

  8. What happened naveena… I will waiting for ur episode only but u quit the ff…

  9. Hey.. sry I’m a silent reader from srilanka.. thanks for ur ff and my best wishes for your next progress.

  10. i am the silent reader of ur ff. pls continue dear. ur episode nice and awesome.

  11. What s tz yaar y u suddenly take tz decision wat happen plzzzzzzzzzzz continue with ur ff tz one s one of my fav ff yaar… Plzzzzzzzzzzz don’t thk to stop it yaar atleast for the sake of person who loved ur ff sooooo plzzzzzz continue I’m just waiting tat u will change ur mind n continue n also I’m waiting for ur ff thn I’m just to read ur ff I have 100% confidence tat u vl surely write… Bt plzzzzzz don’t break my confidence…

  12. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    What’s this ?
    U suddenly changed the whole story.
    Where’s arradhya ?
    U juz can’t stop like this !
    Think about ur SINCERE ff readers.
    U r juz giving up on them.
    I’m truly disappointed on u.

  13. Please continue naveena .

  14. Hey I’m the silent reader and pls continue u r ff

  15. Oh wow so ppl who comment here.. Cant u see them??? For their sake u cud write!

  16. Pls continue

  17. Naveena what happened yaar y u stopped ur ff we all waiting for ur ff but u stopped ur ff its not fair yaar atleast for us u have to start a new ff pls yaar I am ur huge fan of ur ff pls continue this storyline or start a fresh one plssssssssss take it as a request a continue ur writing and drop the idea of ending ur ff…

  18. Naveena please continue yr…. if you are stopping ur ff just because you are not getting comments the I should have do it with mine earlier due to less comments but I am writing for those who read it and u should also write till one person is reading at least someone is there na to appreciate you please don’t stop yr its my humble request to you -_-

  19. Aiyooo…….Wat hapnd??
    Y is there a sudden change of story…Pls continue ur ff…not this one….It’s a request

  20. Naveena I always have been a silent reader.
    U should continue with this
    There are lot of silent readers too
    So don’t feel bad about not getting enough comment
    Plz don’t stop this

  21. naveena I liked ur ff so much.. .
    plzzzz continue writing…
    plzz don’t stop it..

  22. naveena, i’m a silent reader of ur.. fan fictions…they r really good… i’m very eager to read ur fiction..and waiting for them every day….. plz naveena…there r lots of silent readers to…plz don’t feel for less comments… we r always with u..plz continue this fiction…

  23. hey naveena di plz cntnu all exam r there that is why I think noone is commenting plz cntnu with aaradhya & why abhigya separated aur bina suspence khole huye tum ff end nhi kar sakti

  24. naveena pls continue ur fanfic with aaradhya and plss reveal the cause for separation of abigya u can’t end like this we all love ur fanfic plss don’t stop if u r busy plss update after somedays but don’t stop plss <3

  25. Naveena pls start writing.we need your story not your comments.you are an awesome writer.think about ur passion not about comments. You are improving yourself. So pls continue.

  26. Pls naveena its awesome don’t end and I love the off with aaradhya

  27. y naveena u r ending ur ff?? pls cuntnu yaar it’s my humble requset many silent readers r there evrybdy like ur ff …. and i love ur ff very much pls don’t end …pls

  28. This is not done naveena.what the held u r doing.u should not do like this.u have disappointed almost every reader of ur ff.

  29. what is this … this is not fair.. i am waiting for ur ff… with lot of suspenses how can u stop like this.. plz come back

  30. Naveena plzzzzzzZz update it next n continue with our ff yaar… PlzzzzzzZz don’t do lk tz… tz s not fair… Y u r doing lk tz… U considering abt how many comments u got tats it ah u won’t consider how we feel nu it vl hurt 4 those who commenting ur ff n each n every person… Then those who r reading ur ff I mean fans of ur ff r not just reading they r feel ur ff tats y they giving comments at least 4 the sake of fans u have to comment after reading tz much comment also u r not continue ur ff then u r just hurting a loads of hrts tats it… Here after ur wish then I just said my feeling tats it if anythg which s I suppose not to say r u thk I don’t have tat much rights to say tz to u Na I apologies to u I’m sry…ur wish to continue r not s ur wish…

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