kumkum bhagya abhigya forever 2 Episode 2


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In the morning…
pragya gets up and sees aaradhya sleeping peacefully holding her Scooby doll …pragya kisses on her forehead and was about to leave but aaradhya holds her and says I love you ma..pragya says it seems someone had waken up..aaradhya gets up and says arey…we are going to India na..pragya feels pain and makes aaradhya to sit on her lap and says …my sweet princess ..and kisses on her cheeks.pragya says before leaving I have to say many things to you..you should not talk more to a new person…should be a good girl. .aaradhya says ha…ma…and hugs her…pragya says come let’s go and get ready…..

Abhi was sleeping im his room…the screens were moved..and the rays are falling on his face..Abhi says arey pragya..let me sleep for sometime. .robin says sir …abhi says sorry and thinks why pragya you left me…without you I am incomplete….
purab comes and says hey good news abhi…the concert is not cancelled…actually it was about to call off…due to absence of designer but to a suprise we got a famous designer from America..I think she is a lady. ..and she is cmg tmrw…Abhi thinks why I am continuously feeling that someone is going to come back to me….

rashi waves bye to pragya and aaradhya…the flight take off……

pragya and aaradhya lands ……purab was waiting for them…pragya comes there…( actually pragya called bulbul and told that she and aaradhya are cmg)..

purab sees pragya and hugged her saying di. …we missed you a lot…and where is my princess….aaradhya though wants to talk…but afraid…pragya says arey you pampered to come to India..and want to see them ..now what happened..purab says she is just seeing me for the first time na..and gives her chocolate…aaradhya says chocolate and says thank u….purab says welcome and takes her in his arms…

dadi says to abhi…Diwali is nearing ….but without bahu I don’t want to celebrate. ..but for family members we have to arrange na..Abhi says don’t worry dadi …I will take care..

purab brings both to sarla’s home..he called bulbul…bulbul says kya…
and was stunned to see pragya and runs to hug her…both cries a little and pragya asked how are you…bulbul says fyn di..
she then sees aaradhya behind pragya and goes near her…hello my little princess…what’s ur name..she says aaradhya…bulbul says oh…so sweet di like jihu…..pragya gets anger and says aaradhya come let’s go and see nani …

as pragya enters…Sarla gets up and forwards her hand..pragya runs and hugs her..aaradhya comes and Sarla kissed her forehead. ..meri bet i…

pragya says ma take rest and leaves. ..

bulbul thinks it’s right time to join abhi jiju and pragya and makes plan with aliya,purab…..

Credit to: naveena

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