Kumkum Bhagya 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya hiding from Abhi and thinks he shall not see her. Abhi catches her and asks are you seeing me. Pragya says no. Abhi asks her to help him and answer for his question being his fan. He asks did I get married? Did you know about my marriage. Pragya says no, and says there was no news publicly, but you might have married by eloping or simple marriage. Abhi asks if I am a college going guy and asks am I mad. Pragya argues with him and says you are born with the boxing gloves. She asks about his lipstick color. Abhi asks are you joking? Pragya says something is stuck on your lips. Abhi takes her dupatta and wipes it off. He says don’t know who have seen me like this. Pragya says people will say it is rockstar trend. Purab comes back. Pragya hides. Abhi tells Purab that

Nikita, his true fan and friend was here. While they are in the car, Aaliya tells Abhi and Purab that she was locked in the washroom for 30 mins and doubts on Purab. Purab and Abhi laugh on her. Pragya thinks it is good that she met Abhi today….She comes home. Sarla asks did you bring the stuff. Pragya says I forgot, and says I will go now. Beeji asks Pragya to sit and asks Janki to go and bring those things. Janki goes. Abhi does exercise and thinks it is boring to sit at home. He gets Mr. Sethi’s call who informs him that 2-3 songs are pending and says your sister talked much. Abhi says this is my insult and assures that he will record the songs.

Purab thinks he shall call Pragya and asks if she met Abhi. Pragya says she has seen Abhi from far and asks where was he? Purab says I was with Aaliya and had locked her in washroom. Aaliya asks Robin about Abhi. Robin says he has messed up his room and says he think that he will not go to work today. Aaliya thinks to talk to Pragya. She goes to office and sees Pragya cleaning Abhi’s poster. She insults her. She says you will be shocked after knowing this. She says Tanu is different and beautiful, and Bhai wants to stay with her and spend life with her. She says Bhai and Tanu went on a holiday, and your reverse countdown have started. Pragya smiles at her lie. Abhi comes out just then from inside and apologizes to Aaliya for not informing her that he came to work. He tells her that he came to fulfill his promise and records the song. He asks Pragya to send his coffee after 15 mins.

Pragya asks Aaliya what you was saying? She says he had so much fun that he got fed up with Tanu and returned. She says your dreams will not come true and Abhi will come walking towards her. She gives her tissue papers and says your plot, conspiracy will be fail. She says you got so much scared and says I think I have to meet you at mental hospital, and asks her to keep flowers with herself. Aaliya asks her to shut up and asks her to get out of her sight. Abhi comes and asks why you are shouting at her. Aaliya cries and says she talked to me very rudely infront of everyone. Abhi looks on surprised.

Abhi says you are my fan and should know that I can’t bear my sister’s insult. Saira says Aaliya is saying wrong and says she was shouting on her. Everyone gives statement against Aaliya. Abhi asks Aaliya to think about her image and asks her not to shout at receptionist. He asks her to go home and says I will meet you in the evening. He asks everyone to go. Pragya seems angry with her. Abhi picks the bouquet and apologizes to her on Aaliya’s behalf. He tells her that Aaliya is stubborn and spoiled because of him. He says you hears my order and asks her to bring coffee. He says I will make you hear my song. Pragya thinks Abhi is so good, and Aaliya don’t have his 1 percent of goodness. Aaliya thinks to do something big and says their love story will be incomplete only.

Some couples dance during the celebrations.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hi virews good news aliya nose cut superb I enjoyed a lot seeing that plus reading these update nice to read. Writer of kkb pls unite abigya soon I am waiting for Tom updates happy ganesha chaturthi for all…

  2. All the fans really want tanu n aaliya out of the show u must give maximum bad comments about serial on youtube kumkum bhagya – saas bahu saazish, kumkum bhagya -saas bahu beti betiyaan, kumkum bhagya – telefever which lead to low the trp level of serial because no none notice the comments n what the fan want in serial in telly update but youtube is only way listening to the fan likes n dislike especially saas bahu saazish saas bahu betiyaan , telefever video because their team notice what the viewer like n dislike n ask the question directly to the cast of serial. Telly update is just the Web page where fans share their comment with each other.

    1. krishu shetty

      best is to post comment on zee official site ozee.com … definatley they would look on to it

  3. Abhigya’s scenes are nice as usual…but I don’t know why pragya is not informing about her meeting with abhi to purab…he will also help her if he knows that abhi is not affected by pragya’s presence…thank god abhi told about nikita to purab and not to aaliya.. as expected, pragya has not revealed the truth… Now I am waiting for tabhi’s date…what about you guys????

  4. As expected, Pragya didn’t reveal the truth.. Why she hides her meeting with abhi, from my purab??? Superb bulb to alia ?????. Today Than abhigya I liked, alia and Pragya ‘s conversations..

    1. hi shobana..
      hw r u dear..
      long time.. hw is our friends..
      prathiksha, gowtham.. hope all are doing gud..
      iam surprised only 20 comments..
      thats why nw the story is gud.. but kkb lost the fans.. but still die hard fans like u r thr shobana.. hats off to u ppl..

      1. Hai brintha sis. ..I am missing your comments. ..comedy queen. ..how are you akka

      2. Hi ? brindha what a surprise… Happy to see you here… I’m gud. And all our friends too doing good. I think, prathiksha sahithi, gowtham is busy with their works..
        How are you???
        I m missing you and your comic comments very much ??
        Hope you will comment herethen..???

    2. Hi brintha eppadi irukeenga ??..naa super ah irukken !Pathingala neenga unga kutty ya marandhuteenga !!???.Work ellam eppadi poguthu !..School workla konjam busy aagiten athan comment panna mudiyala !!..And Quarterly exam aarambichuduchu !!..So romba bayama irukku !!???..

  5. hi gus can i join ur group iam bg fan fan of kkb

    1. Hi ? faha, sure you can. There is no need to ask permission. You are most welcome ??

    2. Hi Faha !..Welcome to this comment section !..You should not ask permission for this !.Of course you can join in this group !How r u ??

  6. I bet Pragya would give anything to be able to take Aalyia’s eyes out of her head so she could see herself eat crow. There spurting lies and running off her mouth about Abhi and Tanu and Abhi coming out and spoil her tactics. That was a riot of laughs. And again when she was trying to make Pragya look mean in front of Abhi. Nice defence Saira and team. Egg on face for Aalyia once again. It was such a lovely “embarrass yourself day” for Aalyia. So so much fun for us viewers.
    Is Aalyia’s next plan now to try to once again kill Pragya? Is it time to bring back Nikhil in the show? Can’t bear it….too soon.
    I feel this party is going to suck for Pragya. Sorry guys. But Aalyia is going to once again bring Tanu in the pic. Though Abhi might invite Pragya and she’ll be happy about it, he going to be hanging around Tanu, thanks to Aalyia pushing him on her and his image.
    Still In the end it’s going to end with Abhi and Pragya which will tick Aalyia off.
    Getting ahead of myself. Let’s see what the writers are up to for this scene.

  7. One nice episode for this week thank u cvs

  8. Why the hell that brainless pragya is not telling anything to purab about she met and talked with abi…
    What he il do against it..
    Such nonsense writers and actors..

  9. This show is boring now. Can u just reunite abi and pragya and ley aliya and tanu pay. This on going scenes are boring and makes no sense. I use to look forward to watch this program but it doesnt make sense. Almost 2 months and we back to pragya battling to win abhi. Let abi and pragya reuniyw and let them cheat azliya and tanu.

  10. Hiiii guys yesterday epi was good hey reji i ve also did my exams well n best of luck for ur further exams according to epi nice nose cut for that evil aliya (semma bulb) i dont know y but i think that abhi’memory is back coz we all know abt our rs he cant tolerate his sister’s insult even if she did wrong but y abhi took pragya side he will always believe his sister n live like a puppet but how this miracle can happen one more thing is y should a rs should say sorry to a receptionist we all know that abhi is a big egoistic he wont say sorry much easily may be my guess may go wrong but after watching d pic something should defenitly happened may be spoilers r half right after get back memory abhi can fake his ml n there is onemore that abhi is gng to reveal his truth to his fuggy in ganesh utsav is this true?????one more thing y should a rs wants to clean his face with a girl duppata y he cant use tissue at all n while in room he when puurab cracked joke also hw was deeply thought abt something i wish my guess should become true.prathikaha sahithi shobana reji hency vinodhini n all other others what u guys think abt my guess????,n prathiksha if this deva shree ganesha will be like last yr witk kkb spl episode or be like normal celeberation plzzz tell me

    1. I also agree in what you say… because there is a change in his behavior compared to season 1… and I am very sure that he will fake once he gets his memory back because the motive of cvs is to drag.. if abhi revealed his fake drama, taaliya will be punished,then this serial would come to an end.. I really don’t know when they will bring back bulbul and purvi… it’s a big question mark?? I think cvs had forgot them…

    2. I agree with you dr and as vinodhini said y they are not making purvi and bulbul to re enter the show…

    3. Hi Aishwarya i am fine how r u ?..I also did my exams well !..Thank a lot for your wishes !..All the best for your exams !!..And aama aliyavukku semma bulb !Semma mokka vanguna ! I had more fun by a watching that scene Jolly ah irundhuchu !??..And i agree with all your guesses !Abhi trust aliya more than him y he believed pragya ?..why he took pragya’s duppatta to wipe his face instead of using a handkerchief or tissue ? Why he was so normal with purab !!.? These questions are very logical !!You know na Cvs Are very famous for illogical !?????.. And ya i too got that spoiler that abhi is going to reveal his ml drama to pragya !But i don’t think that is true becoz if CVS took a track means surely they will run that track to some years so may be this is also will runs year !But track bore adikaama irundha saridhaan !???…And this time’s DSG is will be like last time’s spl episode !..As we all want to know how abhi and pragya and other stars r celebrating Ganesh chathurthi together !..and in the promo they put the name as abhi and pragya for sriti and shabbir y they didnt put their real name ?..So i think this is a kkb spl episode with some performances !..??

    4. I agree with all you guys, aishu, your question is 100% right.. But CVs wont follow any logic..only we have to knock our head..

      1. Sry for commenting late..today held with work in home ( cleaning work) . Just now thought to have a break for sometime..

  11. why isnt pragya telling purab anything?is she afraid that purab is going to tell dadi or dsnt she trust purab?this is the only thing that is tooo ridiculous presently in he show praya wantedly hiding things from purab even after she knws dat he is going to do anything for her

    1. hey Aradhana evn i dintt lykk pragya hiding from purab rey……mayb we will come to knw abt it late and dnt worry yaaar evn if these ppl dont rply u i will..they only rply to those who ask them permission to join this convo rey take it lightly and ya am also new here they dont rply to evrybdy dnt feel bad or take it to ur heart in the previous episodes comments i saw ur commnt dat these ppl dnt rply u bolke u tld na itsok am there 🙂

  12. kumkum bhagya

    last episode mein aliya ka expression dekhne layak tha i was really enjoyed that itne dino baad kuch acha hua

  13. kumkum bhagya

    last episode mein aliya ka expression dekhne layak tha i was really enjoyed that itne dino baad kuch acha hua iss serial mein

  14. Hi reji. ..how are you. ..hope you are enjoying your school life
    ..I am missing my school life

    1. Hi hency ! I am super dooper fine !!How r u ? ya i am just enjoying my school life !..It is going so smoothly !!Unga college life eppadi poguthu !??

      1. Nanum nalla clg life enjoy panren reji ..new friends and new place. .feeling good…

  15. Hi pratiksha, thanks a lot for your prompt response. so from what you say, we cant expect anything good on ganesh utsav, somewhere i read he is going to reveal his fake ML drama to pragya, so waste of time watching this crap… anyways will just continue reading the comments, that’s more than enough for the current track….

  16. The way abhi started getting flashes.. I bet he will remember his marriage with tannu ( got Interrupted by pragya) before he remembers his n pragya’s.

  17. Hi guys !!..I completed my today’s exam !!..Monday easy exam only so i am little bit free !!..How r u all ???..I saw yesterday’s episode ! as we expected Pragya didn’t say the truth to him !..Guys i have a doubt !!..In that coffee shop many peoples r surrounded why didn’t any one person say hello Mr & Mrs Abhi !..Then abhi would come to know the truth This thought many times came into my mind !!..And today aliyaku semma bulb !..I enjoyed and got more fun in that scene !!..?? !..And guys we got another promo for DSG !..Abhigya r superb !..

    PROMO GANESH UTSAV: Second Version
    Abhi and Pragya are shown hugging each other and then being lifted by a group of dancers.Dance performances of Aham and Krystle from Brahmarakshas and some other performances r shown ! Voiceover says to welcome Bappa, Abhigya have invited TV’s biggest stars ; Deva Shree Ganesha , Sunday at 6:30PM IST .

    Promo link – https://www.instagram.com/p/BKKjI-iDzLX/?taken-by=tsvidzz

    1. Reji, is deva shree ganesha, is part of the show… Or just they are celebrating ganesh chaturthi?????

  18. There are no one is accept me in the group. I’m leaving from here and this is my second comment only. thanks for u guys

    1. Hey Deepisri !..why suddenly you are leaving ??!!..I think i replied u !! But all may be had some works so only cant comment !..Don’t get sad for this !..my exams also started !.So only i also cant comment more !.Be happy keep commenting !?????

    2. Deepisri what happened to you. ..think all here as ur friends. ..may be some couldn’t have noticed ur comments
      …all the friends here r so nice members. ..u r also included in this family
      ..u know one thing even I also said like this only but now see…I have many friends like shobana sis,reji,Aishwarya, kutty,swetha,sahiti,gowtham bro,karthika etc..OK introduce yourself. ..

      1. Thank u frnd. Thank for ur hope. I always respect the relationship of friends.

        Thanks for joining with me.

    3. Deepasri, we all welcomed you in last update itself…. I think you didn’t see it….
      And don’t say like that ma.. We were little busy..
      You need not to ask permission to koi this group… All are most welcome.. And you can join with us in comment section..

      1. Im sry for my mistake pa. Thanks for ur reply.

        How are u?

    4. Hi Deepisri you are most welcome to this telly update group.

      1. Thanks for ur welcomes Vaishu. How are you?

  19. New segment update- Abhigya’s dance performance in ” Deva shree Ganesha” special episode. Abhigya performs on “O karam khudaya hai”, last bit on “Allah wariyaan” and pragya’s one solo performance on “Agar tum saath ho”. Link for the segments-
    SBB https://youtu.be/sJYvAvopqH8

    SBAS https://youtu.be/dyZXttfAu0Q

    1. Hi Pratiksha you done a good job. And im sry for my mistake frnd. How are you?

  20. Guys today new segment-abhigya romantic performence in deva shree ganesha:
    Abhi n pragya performing in white dress which were we saw in promo for tere sang yaara song then abhi changed to jacket pragya in same dress n they performed for allah waariyan then pragya make solo performence for d song tum sath ho no interviews were shown n abhigya was looking awesome

  21. Hi guys today we had SBAS and SBB segment !They showed only performances !..And abhigya’s performance was superb !They both r in white and looking like two white doves !!.3 songs were played in background Tere sang yaara ,Allah waariyan and Sanam re ..Don’t know which song they r dancing ..But all the 3 are awesome ..In the 1st performance abhi was wearing white kurta and pragya in white deep frock .again in the 2nd performance abhi was in his rock star getup i mean he wearing a grey black mixed jacket and black jeans pant pragya was in her same white frock ..They showed some performances of other jodis !..SBB considered Abhigya as jodi no 1 ?.

    Link to the segments :-

    SBB – https://youtu.be/sJYvAvopqH8

    SBAS – https://youtu.be/dyZXttfAu0Q

    Guys don’t know i gave updates like pratiksha becoz her updates will be perfect !..I tried my best to update like her !

    Now coming to the segments :-
    as we saw abhi was dancing in both dresses so i think one the performance is a dream sequence !!..What do u think guys ?

    1. HI guys. hope you all remember me. we had met almost a week ago. sorry for not commenting. got stuck in school works. think i will not be able to cmnt for a week or so.but surely i will catch up with u all if my exams are over.
      Hi reji and aishu all the best for your next exams. Best of luck…do well.
      Thanks for the link – Pratiksha and Reji.
      coming To the show, i believe that half the spoilers will be true where…may be abhi might confirm that he is faking his ML only to Pragya. One of the dance might be a dream sequence…like the one we had in the holy spl epi and the other where Abhi was in RS getup might be a small performance given. but i am sure smthng gud is gonna happen.
      And yaa… aaliya dug her own pit today(i mean ystrday). she got a very big insult…semma bulb ??? and i too got this doubt abhi was so free with nikitha and he used her duppatta as his tissue, then he left aliya’s side for some third person like pragya(something he wud never evn think of doing), & after she went he is again sticking on to his coffee made by Pragya. if that was our old RS Abhi he wud have killed ??? everyone for making his all time gud. perfect and wonderful sissy cry…also i dont get one thing. why is pragya hiding the truth from purab? he will be the most happiest person if he comes to know that his di is able to be with her love. i hate pragya for doing this silly thng. And again aliya will be back with her plottings, may be tanu will also join her ???? 🙁 again we will have to tolerate tanu. After a long time i convinced myself that abhi isn’t faking ML, but now again episodes are confusing. Please guys clear my doubts.
      And do reply guys…so that i can confirm that you all remember me ? ?

      1. Yup ani, remember you pretty well..
        Abhi is faking with memory loss or not is a question mark… Which can be answered only by CVS. Yes while watching some scenes , we believe that he has lost his memory and while watching some scenes, we believe that he is faking. This particular thing is creating hype among all the viewers. Which in turn increased the trp too. Actually, this track is quite confusing.. To get a clear view of it, still we have to wait. But if we wait also we won’t get a logical answer that’s a different thing..

      2. oh i am so happy shobana sis…happy to see that u replied 🙂 🙂
        And ur comment is 100% true. Don’t know for how long they will confuse us.
        Truely there won’t be any logic. we shudn’t be expecting that from this show 😀

  22. Hi guys,

    First i’m sorry to all for my above comment.
    Truely i didn’t wrote that comment, just my was wrote that for play with me when i was going to delete the comment, by her mistake it was posted.
    I’m sorry, sorry, sorry if it hurt you all guys. pls accept my apologize

    Im really sorry guys.

    Thank you so much for accept me in your group. Thank you Pratiksha, Regi, Shobana, Vinodhini all of you.

    Im fine here. How are you guys Pratiksha, shobana, reji, vino, sahithi, aishu?????

    Im very happy to see ur replies.

    Yesterday episode was nice to see abigya’s scenes. And i also have a doubt, why pragya hiding her meetings with abhi to purab even he will ready to do anything for her. It’s irritating me, Oh my poor purab….. pls cvs bring back bulbul and purvi.

    1. Hi deepisri… I am fine.. how are you????

      1. Im fine frnd.

    2. It’s ok Deepisri ! Don’t feel sorry I felt a little upset that you are leaving but you didn’t post that comment !..Thank God !..I think your friend is naughty and posted this comment ??..Ok i am fine my frnd how r u ??…Happy that u r back !..Keep commenting !..??

      1. Thank u Reji. Im fine. I feel so happy for have you all.

  23. Sorry i missed. My friend was wrote that comment. I’m happy to have u all as my friends. Thanks guys.

  24. Hey guys did u all saw d pic in fb that abhi went with his whole family to ekta’s house for ganapati bappa celeberation so cute family shabir kanchi azai ivvar so sweet n cute kids abhi is in formal dress white shirt n his wife wear a simple chudi both kida r like cutieee pieeee lovely family

    1. Ya aishwarya !..I saw that one Ahluwalias were looking awesome formal and normal !!..Ya they went to EK’s house for ganpati bappa celebrations !!..and junior ahluwalias r really cutie pie rockstars !!..

      1. Hey reji prathiksha shobana r u guys r in facebook plzz tell account name if u dont mind

      2. Aishu, I have said this many times here. Honestly I am not in any social networking sites… Since, my mom doesn’t like it. So I am sorry dear. Hope you got my point right.

  25. Frnds.. plz any one can tell me 2mmoro in which time they going to telecast kkb deve sree ganasha spl…

    1. Hi risha, deva shree ganesha will telecasted by Tomorrow 6:30pm on Zee tv

    2. Risha yes today we r going to see deva shree ganesha ! I mean 11th Sept Sunday 6:30 IST on Zee tv ..eagerly waiting !!

  26. hi shobana pratiksha reji how are you?? all going good? and wat a surprise… aftr a long time i am viewing brintha msg….. how arr you brintha sis? and how is our kkb? i am unable t follow most….. but missing u all….

    1. Hi gowtham ? how r u? I m gud and what I say about the show, just enjoying until it is enjoyable. What is happening in the story so far, if u want full update so u can read it in above update given by Hasan and I m here too to give new updates. But if u want to know in short so abhigya’s meetings r still going on. Otherside, pragya vs aliya too continue and further it could b pragya vs taaliya too. That’s it. Tomorrow there will b deva saree ganesh special episode of kkb from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. Abhigya will perform along with other Zee actors. Guest appearance will b of jeetendra ji and Ritesh deshmukh and nargis fakri.

    2. Hi gowtham I m good. I hope you too doing good. Kkb is going on……like a never ending tale. Sometimes feeling bored. Sometimes its good to watch. Really don’t know when I am going to fed up with this story. Just watching for the sake of abhigya.

    3. to be frank i dnt get time to watch kkb… i am juz following pratikshas update.. and shobana, why kawach telecasted in vijay athum daily ne hour….. its bcoz vijay tv s getting low trp?? coz 7 pm is a prime slot…

      1. Yes tas true .. already vijay is doing kmkv with ekta .. so to get back to his form ita telecasting tat one Already sun tv is with naagin.. hope u know .. recent weeks trps of Tamil TVs wer.. sun tv no 1 n .. no 2 is zee then ktv n vijay n polimer .. so vijay is trying to come back to its 2 and position .. long back polimer was in 2 and position I mean balh kkb adhellam polimee la irundhapo polimer waa 2nd bt polimer ipo pavum ?

    4. Hi gowtham bro !!How r u ? Work eppadi poguthu ! ..Exams started Anna so after studying only trying to comment !..like shobana said kumkum bhagya is a never ending tale !So Ellam abhigyavuk kaagadhan ! Then coming to kawach .First itself I told na ? Now all r watching only dubbing serials more !So trickily sun tv and zee tamil took the most top hindi shows of ekta It is naagin and kkb !So now they r no 1 and 2 ..And like razia said already Vijay tv is doing yhm’s remake that is kmkv so to keep up their position they r taking kawach don’t know it will lift their trp and polimer now is in 5th position ellam iru malargal ponnadhu naala dhaan !..

  27. Just saw a video on instagram posted by Shikha from kkb’s onlocation. It seems from the video that Setup has arranged for another concert or abhi’s new album’s launch by love life music company where Pragya is working as receptionist . It will b just next after ganesh mahotsav special episode. Location r same where they shot for Ganesh special episode, only some changes has done for giving it the setup for abhi’s concert or album’s launch party. Manager saira was too behind aliya. Place were surrounded with abhi’s large posters, dj and crew members. Some Offscreen pics too has posted by some fans and staffy ( saira) with abhi and pragya from same location. Pragya is in same red suit which she wore in Ganesh special episode, only difference is that her hairstyle has changed. In Ganesh special episode, she is carrying a Jooda for hairstyle but for this sequence of abhi’s concert or album’s launch party, she is in open hairs like always. Abhi just changed her inner vest but rest of his jacket and jeans r same like Ganesh special episode.

    1. Prathiksha, I have a doubt.. Please clear me….
      Is Deva shree Ganesha is part of the show or just celebrating ganesh chathurthi??? Is it related to the show ????

      And I think in this concert, abhi will sing that fuggi cookie song…..

      1. Shobhna don’t know exactly. We have to wait until it’s telecast. By it’s starting, we will get to know if it is a part of the show or just a celebration?

      2. Thank you prathiksha, I will wait till evening to know about it…

    2. Link for the video posted by shikha singh, about which I gave update-

  28. i dnt understand..that abhi can remember evrything except pragya!
    hows that possible?

  29. Ya Pratiksha !! You are ryt ! ..Actually today we r going to have Sbs segment that as you said Pragya was in open hair but same red chudi she was wearing .Abhi also changed his inner vest ..The location was DSG stage .Abhi gave a chance to pragya to sing in his album launch and he himself brought her to the stage ! Pragya starts to sing a song and Abhi is just mesmerized by her voice !.Eagerly waiting for this segment ..And here is the segment preview link

    segment preview link – https://www.instagram.com/p/BKNRlgoh1ua/?hl=en

  30. Ya Pratiksha !! You are ryt ! ..Actually today we r going to have Sbs segment that as you said Pragya was in open hair but same red chudi she was wearing .Abhi also changed his inner vest ..The location was DSG stage .Abhi gave a chance to pragya to sing in his album launch and he himself brought her to the stage ! Pragya starts to sing a song and Abhi is just mesmerized by her voice !.Eagerly waiting for this segment ..And here is the segment preview link

    segment preview link – https://www.instagram.com/p/BKNRlgoh1ua/?hl=en

  31. Hi guys !! Sorry for commenting late !..Shobana I replied you but telly updates failed to post my comment ! Like pratiksha said we can’t say exactly ! But last time’s deva shree ganesha they showed it’s a part of kkb so this time also I think it’s part of kkb but not very sure !

  32. Hi guys and iniya vanakkam to tamil guys ! Actually English pesi boreadikuthu ! So konjam tamil pesalama ?Naa paadhi tamizhachi paadhi hindi aana tamil na romba pudikum ! Ok at First we have been speaking about Iru malargal !!Now how many you r continuing to watch iru malargal ! Naa padhi paakuradhe vittuten becoz konjam bore adichuchu 2days munnadi paathen they shown killer Vijay in abhi’s house ! Ivlo scenes odiduchu !!eppadi guys irundhuchu razia shobana gowtham Anna neenga pathingala ??

    1. Reji, I’m not watching anyshow other than kkb, in Tamil also I don’t watch any programs. In fact, gowtham has asked about, vijay TV…,I was blinking, since it’s been days, I have watched that channel. And reg IM, I might have seen it hardly, once or twice in Tamil after it has changed to Zee tamil….

    2. Naanum iru malargal la pakkaratha vituten because of tanu’s pregnancy track… athu mudincathukaparam marupadiyum iru malargal pakka aranbituduven… athoda ennaku CA exam November la varudhu.. so my parents are not allowing me to watch tv often… avunga vidala solla mudiyadhu, naanum paakarathulla.I will watch only kkb.. fulla padippu ne moozhikiten.. indha 2 months nalla padichutta, next 2 months full free naanu.. after Nov 15, going to enjoy my holidays… atha holidays nu solla mudiyadhu, 2 months kazhichuthan result varum.. athataan na holidays nu solren..

  33. New segment update –

    Abhi will be launching his song/album during the Ganesh Utsav. Abhi brings Pragya on stage and introduces as his FAN NO.1 & announces that she’ll get the opportunity to perform with him.

    Pragya is shown singing ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho’ on stage. Abhi seems impressed and joins her. AbhiGya’s duet happens

    Pragya is given the responsibility to play Abhi’s new song CD during the event. Abhi requests for his song to be played but instead of his song a Bhojpuri song is played. Audiences starts laughing. Abhi covers up the malfunction by saying it was a planned little prank to make everyone laugh.

    Reporter mentions about Alia being behind this song malfunction. She’s done it to downgrade Pragya in Abhi’s eyes. Will Abhi take out his anger on Pragya?

    Offsreen INT, Sriti: Sriti shares how Pragya has stage-fright & is scared of singing in front of a lot of people. Abhi gets to know about it and wants to help Pragya & how Pragya doesn’t get to spend much time with Abhi so she looks forward to these opportunities & how Abhi being with her gave her confidence.

    SBAS http://youtu.be/LfVms3wUOaA

    SBB http://youtu.be/oNua_8lJoiM

    1. Srit says about the mistake that she was also shocked as CD’s responsibility was on her but she couldn’t do it well. Reporter says that becoz responsibility was on pragya so pragya could face abhi’s anger becoz of this misunderstanding and mistake of CD’s change.

      1. Guys when i saw that video posted by shikha, and I saw leena’s pics on instagram from her holiday tour, at that time I was thinking it guys that aliya could do something on this occasion to make pragya away from abhi. And see, it happened. Becoz Leena is on vacation so aliya will use other way to make pragya away from abhi and she will definetly do something like this, becoz of which misunderstandings creates between abhigya and then aliya could separate them again. I was thinking to share it with u all but before it , it got clear. Now let’s see what will b it’s result? Logically, abhi shouldn’t misunderstood pragya as he himself has been seen her love and care towards him and he himself has been declared her as his fan number-1. But let’s see what happens?

      2. i missed todays deva sree ganesha programme can u plz provide the written update

  34. Guys today we got SBS segment ! ..The segment was same as preview with some interviews !

    Update of SBAS and SBS segment :-
    • Abhi will be launching his song/album during the Ganesh Utsav. Abhi brings Pragya on stage and introduces as his FAN NO.1 & announces that she’ll get the opportunity to perform with him.

    • Pragya is shown singing ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho’ on stage. Abhi seems impressed and joins her. AbhiGya’s duet happens Embarrassed

    • Pragya is given the responsibility to play Abhi’s new song CD during the event. Abhi requests for his song to be played but instead of his song a Bhojpuri song is played. Audiences starts laughing. Abhi covers up the malfunction by saying it was a planned little prank to make everyone laugh.

    • Reporter mentions about Alia being behind this song malfunction. She’s done it to downgrade Pragya in Abhi’s eyes. Will Abhi take out his anger on Pragya?

    Offsreen INT, Sriti: Sriti shares how Pragya has stage-fright & is scared of singing in front of a lot of people. Abhi gets to know about it and wants to help Pragya & how Pragya doesn’t get to spend much time with Abhi so she looks forward to these opportunities & how Abhi being with her gave her confidence.

    SBAS – http://youtu.be/LfVms3wUOaA

    SBB – http://youtu.be/oNua_8lJoiM

  35. This show has lost its way. Even writers are not being able to keep up with the BS that they have created. They think that as long as they continue showing romance without any story, the show will do good. I think the writers are right in one way, there are many stupid people who still watches the show which does not have any future!! It is old wine in new bottle! Congrats to all losers who still likes the show.

  36. Today’s Deva Shree Ganesha’s event written update ;-

    Event started and they give us a precap of all the perfomances.
    Pragya boss thanks Abhi for completing Album.
    Abhi says he did it for himself as he wants to complete it on time.
    Boss wants to do Utsav and launch together but Abhi refuses as he doesnt believe in god.
    Abhi accepts when he is offered 20 L
    Alia is angry and throws water on robin face for not knowing Abhi went to recording studio.
    She calls Tanu but she is unavialble.
    Alia thinks everyone are useless.
    Pragya is waiting to go home and Abhi offers her lift and says he wants to talk to her.
    Pragya accepts.
    Abhigya driving. Abhi offers water, Pragya says no..
    he is about to open the bottle with mouth, Pragya helps him.
    Abhi asks Pragya about ganapathi..
    Pragya tells a lot about Ganapathi being her fav festival..
    Abhi asks her to stop and asks her to tell about ganapthi not festival..
    pragya says it all god and he only made her meet him.
    Abhi stops car and asks her to get down and asks god to send plane.
    Abhi asks her to change her opinion on god or not be his fan.
    He leaves and comes back and tells her to call maa and dadi.
    Pragya says they are belivers of god more than her
    Abhi stops auto and aks auto man to leave Pragya in temple.
    he leaves and pragya laugh..
    Abhi tells about event and family is shocked.
    Tayiji and mithali ask Abhi to tell Alia to give money for new clothes.
    Aalia comes and says you dont trust god and he tells about OFFER.

    Aalia thinks Pragya will come there and if Dadi knows Abhi doesnt have prob after meeting Pragya she will start planning to join them.
    she thinks to do something.

    Arora ladies discussing about vegetables

    Pragya is thinking how to tell them about Abhi inviting for event.
    She tells them about event.
    she tells them about Abhi invitation for launch.
    janki and dadi get excited but maa worried about Abhi family.
    Pragya says i will go and if they are there u dont come, if they arent there you come.
    P thinks Alia will stop family.

    Abhi is leaving and asks everyone to come on time.
    Family leave to get ready.
    Alia stops them and says they are not ccoming for event,
    Dadi asks why?
    Alia says because i am saying
    Dadi scolds her saying Abhi dont know her truth and that is why he is listening to you.
    Aaalu says about previous event and A can remember stuff and get stress attack.
    she stops them. Purab is also there and they agree for Abhi’s health.

    D fangirling looking at Abhi pic in paper.
    Pragya calls Purab and Pu tells pragya about alia stopping family.
    Pragya gets shocked and feels sad. Purab tells even he cannot come.
    Purab worries about Abhi anger if he doesnt come.
    Pragya tells family. maa worried about Alia
    Dadi asks her to stay at home and they will go and see what alia bhat does
    Abhi mocks Pragya dressing sense.
    Indu dasi tells Dadi Aalu is upto something.
    InduDasi tells Dadi about Tanu starting modelling again.
    Dadi says she is upset and wants to meet Pragya family.

    They thinksaliais cunning and she may be trying to meet him and T.

    Event starts.
    Pragya is praying and Abhi COMES THERE.
    Both look at each other and laugh.
    Pragya is lonely and thinks what to do?
    She sees him and he thinks why is hawa Hawai alone and thinks may be she is sad because her family dint come.
    He tries to go to her, Alia stops him and introduces him to someone.

    Purab is there and Abhi is happy.
    Purab says he never misses Abhi event and A bhiasks about family.

    Purab looks at Alia. Pragya is hiding.
    Abhi holds her hand and pragya says Pu and stops lol

    He says pujya Abhisheik Mehra.

    He asks if she is stealing and why is she hiding like thief.
    She say no..

    He says she is hiding from Abhi as Abhi said he will prove Abhi is better than God.

    Pragya in tension accepts A is bigger than God.

    Abhi asks her to tell Abhi ki Jai Ho..

    He forces her to.

    Purab is there and Abhi introduces Hawai alias Nikita to Purab.

    Pragya tried to hide but Purab saw her.

    Abhi is called by someone and Abhi leaves asking him to give company to pragya.

    Purab questions about AbhiGya meet.
    Pragya tells him everything after apologising.

    Pragya tells she realised Abhi will be fine even after meeting Pragya.

    Purab says he is happy but why didn’t u tell me

    Pragya says she knows she will not meet him after album release and that is why she didnt tell him.

    Pragya says I left him that time and now he will leave.

    Purab says y will u go far if he is fine after meeting.

    Purab wants to tell Dadi.

    Pragya says Alia will not let that happen and says after going there I will get Kushi kam and tension zyada.

    Pandit says Abhi should do puja as couple.
    Abhi says he is not married.

    Pandit tells they need some one who is great bhakt, he sees Pragyaand thinks who can be better bhakt than her.

    Abhi calls pragya and Tells He got money for it.He brings pragya and says she is fan number 1 and bhakt number 1 and mocks saying pragya has direct link with god.

    They want to start puja but Abhi stops for special guest.
    Jeetuji comes and Pragya welcomed him and thanks him for coming.

    Jeetuji is abhi fan too.

    Aabhi takes his blessing and Ritesh comes there.

    He takes jeetuji blessings and He wishes him.

    Arthi happens.

    Aliacomes there and sees Them.
    She gets angry.

    She thinks Pragya will not leave any chances and thinks her Himmat is increasing.

    Pragya calls mehek and asks for secret recipe of modak.

    Pragya thanks her.

    Abbirab on stage and Purab says he is lucky to perform in front of Bappa and his album is getting launched.

    Ritesh and Abhi hug.
    Ritesh introduces the boys as ur devar to the heroine (Nargis Fakhri).

    Ritesh says did we ever think we will perform in such a stage when we were poor.

    Abhi says it’s all hard work and Ritesh says and God.

    Perfomance start with an intro voiceover.

    Ritesh perfomance

    Maa and Dadi is about to leave.
    Dadi and Dasi come there.

    They ask if they are going somewhere.
    Dasi says we will come someother time.

    Maa tell no and they ask about Pragya.
    Dadi tells Pragya is working and she is there in a event.

    Ek tha raja perfomance.

    Purab stops Alia and tells he knows why you stopped family.
    Alia is silent and Purab scolds her.

    Alia says this event is imp for Abhi and i dont want anything bad to happen and if you know the truth i dont mind.
    Purab says she is insecure and scared and that is shown on her face.
    Purab says Abhi is happy meeting Pragyaand soon he will know the truth once he knows he will know who loves him really.

    Alia says he will not let them come together and Pragya doesnt have much place in Abhi life and she will leave his life like Hawai.

    (alia darling a person cannot live without hawai)
    Aalia leaves and purab is worried.
    Dasi and Dadi enjoying arora food.
    Abhi calls Dadi to know where they are.
    Dadi says dasi health is bad and she got high sugar.
    Abhi asks about others and Dadi says she doesnt know.

    Abhi asks Dadi to take care of dassi and thinks what happened to dassi and family.
    He sees P ragya asks about family.
    she thinks how much he cares for my family even if he doesnt remember.
    she thinks his heart is pure
    saira gives Abhi’s cd to Pragya and says she is responsible and she trust her.
    Aalia eavesdrop.
    Pragya puts the CD in her bag.
    Abhi calls Pragya and she leaves her bag.
    Aalu thinks its a good chance to Prove she is right to Purab.
    she thinks Abhi loves his fans but cannot tolerate event getting spoilt.
    she changes Cd and thinks Abhi will insult Pragya.

    Purab asks Pragyato leave as Alia is plotting.
    Pragya has trust on Abhi and says nothing will happen.
    Pragya calls maa and Dadi talk emotionally.
    Dadi cries and Dasi says they will go to ganesh darshan together.
    Pragya’s duppata gets struck to Abhi’s watch.

    Abhi blames her for following and later for stealing Watch.,
    she says i wanted to remove dupatta.
    A asks in front of bappa

    Abhi is about to say sorry, pragya stops him.,
    she is about to fall while walking behind looking at him.
    he holds her. and she sits on his knee and he is on the ground sitting on his other knee she gets up and he shouts ganapathi bappa. Purab comes and teases Abhi about alag hi event going.
    purab asks about the girl and Abhi says she is not his type. Purab teases Abhi.
    Dadi’s and Maa going to darshan.
    Maa and dadi fight on the route.

    Driver annoyed
    Saira and pragya talk about perfomance.

    Pragya says she is scared of performing in front of everyone.

    Pragya says she wants to but her feet shivers.
    Saira jokes don’t worry it will look like a Dance.

    Saira says Abhi will be doing the best perfomance.

    Abhi agrees.

    Abhi heard and thinks how can pragyahave stage fear being his fan.

    Alia comes and asks what happened?

    Saira first doesn’t tell and later tells about pragya’s stage fear
    Alia mocks her middle class and how they get scared and they can never be equal to them

    Everybody support Alia and Pragyafeels bad.
    Alia says Pragya must have danced in previous years Ganapathi event in chawls( I think so )

    Aalia leave and Saira asks pragyato not feel bad.
    Abhi brings Pragya on stage.
    She is getting scared.
    Abhi asks you are my fan and you are getting scared.
    A bhiasks her to be like him.
    she says she doesnt want to.
    He holds her face and asks if she trust him?
    she says more than herself.
    he says give ur hand in my hand i will not let anything to happent to u.
    pragya gives hand. Eyelock
    Abhi is bringing Pragya to stage and Alia stops everyone from taking pics.
    She threatens photographers.
    Purab comes and mocks her she cannot seperate AbhiGya.
    Purab suggest her to change using this as a opportunity.
    Abhi announces Pragya will perform with him after thanking them.
    He says Pragya will sing.

    Abhi asks her to forget she is on stage infront of people and think she is with him in his room and ask her to think of him and sing to impress him.

    she starts singing. He is impressed and he sings along.
    Everybody cheer for them.Pragya starts to sing Tum hi ho song ..Abhi is just mesmerized by her voice and he joins saying Zindagi ab tum hi ho (it was lovely)
    Everybody clap.Pragya closes her eyes and imagines the white outfits dance.Abhigya danes on Tere sang yaara ..
    he leaves and pragya dances alone for the song Agar tum saath ho… Abhi enters while Pragya is performing and everyone run to him.Allah waariyaan plays (Must watch it so lovely)
    AbhiGya infront of each other. Abhi is in his previous outfit.They both hug each other Allah waariyaan continues ..
    Back to reality. Everybody clap for Pragya.

    episode ends with Pragya searching for Abhi standing on the stage.

    Msg from Team: Thank you.

    1. Reji nice dr u were done a good job n plzz tell me d meaning of hawa hawai n abhigya performence was just awesome mindblowing dancers they both love so now everything is clear to purab so hide n seek game was came to an end yesterday also abhi behaviour was confusing why a rs should take her in his car then he leaves her in road but he didnt go y a rs should concern for his fan n her family this much n y a rs should perform with a fan on stage .dont understand anything everything n every reactions of abhi was so confusing sometimes i thougt he is acting n sometimes feels that he actually lost his memory n yesterday when he ask her if she has trust on him at that time he behaves like our fuggy’s rockstar plzz prathiksha sahithi reji shobana hency vinodhini anyone clear my doubt

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