Kumkum Bhagya 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi lifting Pragya in his arms and starts walking. Tanu thinks to steal the money. She gets shocked seeing Abhi bringing Pragya in his arms and questions him. Abhi says he will throw her out of house and asks them. He then falls her on floor. Pragya is angry. Abhi tells I am going somewhere. Pragya asks him to come home fast else he will not get food. Mitali goes to see if the food is ready. Pragya asks Robin to bring ice pack for her and recalls Abhi lifting her. Aaliya checks recipe on internet and cooks food. Mitali laughs on her. Aaliya asks her not to inform anyone than she is watching video to cook food. Mitali tells she is keeping fast on Sunday and goes to take the juice from fridge. Aaliya hopes Tanu does the work well. Tanu thinks Pragya is here at the dining

table and thinks this is the good chance to steal the money. She tells she will have medicine and come. Purab comes to Sarla’s house and greets Jhanki. Jhanki says no one is at home and I am worried. Purab calls Bulbul, but her phone is unreachable. He calls Sarla then and the phone is switched off. He asks Jhanki to inform him when they come home. Dasi stares Pragya. Dadi asks her not to look at her, and says you will get anger looking at her. Dadi tells Pragya that she is talking to her sister. Dasi says whatever Pragya did is right. Dadi acts and speaks against Pragya.

Ronnie keeps eye on Tanu and messages Pragya. Pragya says I will catch her red handed today. Aaliya brings food. Everyone looks at the food with mixed reactions. Aaliya says she will serve them food and serves them. Everyone is shocked to see the uncooked, half boiled food. Raj says he had food already. Dadi says it is tasty. Mitali taunts Tai ji. Aaliya thinks Tanu might be in Pragya’s room. Pragya is here so she will never get to know that Tanu has stolen the money. She thinks to make her busy and serves food. Pragya thanks her and says my tummy is full. She asks do you want to stop me forcibly. Aaliya says no, it is your house. Pragya goes upstairs. Aaliya thinks to alert Tanu and looks for her phone. Aaliya takes Mitali’s phone to message Tanu, but her number is not saved in Mitali’s phone. Aaliya goes upstairs. Dadi smiles.

Tanu searches for the money bag and thinks she will put theft blame on Ronnie. Pragya and Ronnie keep an eye on her. Tanu gets the money bag finally and starts dreaming of her marriage with Abhi. She turns and sees Pragya standing. Aaliya watches her and thinks Tanu is caught. Pragya slaps her hard and says I didn’t know that you will stoop so low. Pragya says I have caught you red handed stealing the money from your husband’s room secretly. She says I asked Ronnie to keep an eye on you. Tanu refuses to steal the money. Pragya asks her to come downstairs and asks Ronnie to bring the bag. Aaliya gets worried thinking Tanu might take her name. Pragya brings Tanu downstairs. Tanu tells I didn’t do any mistake. Dadi asks you brought my to be bahu forcibly. Pragya says I will tell you what she did then you will throw her out.

Pragya tells that she will surprise everyone. Tanu says I will tell everyone what you did? She complains to Dadi and says she has slapped your to-be daughter in law. Dadi asks how dare you give her a tight slap? Tanu says don’t know how much she will torture me? She asks her to call Abhi. Dadi says I will call Abhi. Dasi tells Dadi to ask Pragya, why she did slap Tanu.

Police Inspector asks Pragya to check the bag, before they take Tanu to the Police station after her arrest. Pragya checks the bag and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode, but Abhi drops Pragya in the couch is toooooooooooo baddddddddddd and prgaya feels hurt, atleast some one say Dadi & Dasi should come for rescue and help Pragya, as Pragya is Malkin.

  2. its better to be in a dragging mode… otherwise story will not be interesting anymore….

  3. Hai guyz how is seriel going on it is good

  4. Guys here is new update of new segment which I just saw- Pragya brings abhi out from jail and saved him from going in lockup. But abhi insults praga after reaching the house in front of everyone among the fait members. Full update is here- Police brings abhi to the police station after arresting him. But when abhi reaches with police station with police then pragya comes there on same time to save him. Pragya takes her complain back and says to police officer to leave abhi. Firstly abhi says to police men that after watching pragya that he will not ask her for sorry and he will not go anywhere, I will live here. But police officers leaves him becoz pragya takes her complaints back. So abhi doesn’t have any option to go from there. Pragya sits on the car and waits for abhi to sit in the car but abhi shows attitude and shouts for auto but then he realizes after touching his pockets that he has no money, then he sits in the car. But after reaching in the house, abhi hugs his dadi and starts insulting and taunting pragya in front of his family. He says meet miss pragya Arora. She brings me out from the jail. Becoz I m her all time ATM. Then he says to pragyapragya what kind of a woman u r, don’t u have any shame to put a blame of stealing in a pregnant woman and slap her. Pragya listens his all harsh words silently. She didn’t sshow any expression but deep inside, she gets heart breaking and sad from abhi’s harsh words. Reporter says pragya is trying a lot to improve abhi but abhi is not ready for any improvement. Instead of being thankful for pragya for bringing him out from jail, he is insulting her. Reporter says pragya is not showing upsetness on her face becoz of her plan but she is heart breaking from inside by abhi’s harsh words.

    1. Guysxtgere is little interview too of sriti and shabbir from the same location but on E24 news channel. They r giving very cute and lovely interview. Sriti asked by reporters why pragya helped abhi then she replies full on pyaar hai. Then shabbir says why did u reveal it? Then sriti says Oooo… Khulasa ho gaya. Then she asks to shabbir as pragya do u love me then shabbir replies as abhi I love u too. Then they jokes and laughs and sriti says now fighting is over.

  5. Thanks Nikki for the updates.its takes too long now to reveal the truth.but why?????I’m very tired and disappointed in this track.

  6. nikki really abhi slapped pragya , very bad ….. tanu and aaliya would have enjoyed the scene …..cha so sad for fuggi

    1. No kowsi u r mistaken, he didn’t slap pragya. He was accusing pragya to slapping tanu becoz she is pregnant.

  7. Plz share the link ….

    1. Tina I saw it on TV on saas bahu aur suspense on India TV news channel. I have not any video link for it. That’s why I gave u full detail written update.

      1. Oh ok nikki… thank you very much

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Enough now Abhis insults n meaness!!! Moving on wit Prags real truth n aliya n tunus bull********

  9. oh ok nikki thanks

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